It’s about how to make a snare sound using Sytrus.

There’s no text boxes this time, I’m just showing you how to.

The method is simple: I’m using Sytrus with two Operators. OP1 is for snap and body, OP2 for noise.

In the effect chain I’m using:

Fruity Fast Dist for distortionPEQ2 for cutting lows and boosting some fundamental partsSoundgoodizer for additional excitementAnother PEQ2 for cutting low frequencies even more after Soundgoodizer (plus some minor tweaking in the mid/high area)Transient Processor for sharpening the attack part of the snare.

I also show you how the snare works in a simple mix (i.e in a ‘context’).


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Justin Bieber In India: Concert Done. Inside The Pop Singer's All-Day Itinerary

Justin Bieber visited the slums of Mumbai (courtesyJBCrewTour)

Story Highlights

Justin Bieber wrapped his concert with a performance to 'Sorry'In the day, Bieber visited underprivileged children in Mumbai slumsBieber had arrived at Mumbai's Kalina airport via chartered plane

Justin Bieber wrapped the much-awaited Mumbai concertwith a power-packed performance to one of his most popular tracks,Sorry, and with the promise to be back in India. Wednesday's Bieber concert was his debut gig in India, about which the 23-year-old singer made a confession - "Tonight's turning out to be one of the best nights of my life." The pop sensation arrived in India in the dark of Tuesday night and followed a jam-packed schedule throughout the day. He was always spotted with Salman Khan's chief aide Shera, who was in charge of his security in India. Fans also kept a close watch on the star's whereabouts and shared pictures on social media. TheBaby singer was truly left impressed with a taste of the Bieber-Fever in India.


Justin Bieber checked-in at Mumbai's Kalina airport at 1:30 am on Wednesday with Shera helping him navigate the VIP lounge at the airport. Dressed in signature style, Bieber was spotted in a pink hoodie and shorts, holding a bouquet of flowers at the private terminal. Almost immediately, Bieber was welcomed by a cheering crowd waiting outside for a glimpse of the pop sensation. He was driven to St Regis in Lower Parel, in his favourite vehicle, a Rolls Royce, where a customised suite awaited his arrival. Bieber's 100-plus member entourage were stationed in two hotels with the floors occupied by them being off-limits for other guests. Dubai was his last stop before Mumbai.




The Launchpad is one of the most famous controllers in the world. It has become an essential tool for playing live in concert but also for composing in the studio. A lot of DJs use it regularly during concerts and live performances. We can mention examples, like Conte or Madeon who are using the Launchpad as a scene object. The success of the Launchpad comes from these artists who have known how to use creativity and talent to get the best out of this tool. Madeon is mainly responsible for the democratization of the Launchpad when he released Pop Culture in 2011, a mashup of 39 musical compositions, played live on a Launchpad (his video reached 30 millions views on YouTube).

Many people have discovered the Launchpad, because of the live performances from artists like Madeon, M4SONIC or Nev. The advantage of the Launchpad is that the simplistic look makes producing more affordable (after all it has just buttons). Even amateur musicians like to use it. While it’s true that the Launchpad can be used in a very simplistic way, it is still a real challenge to control all its aspects. That is the whole purpose of this book.

The Launchpad has several characteristics that make it a great controller. But what makes it unique above all is that the possibilities of creations and musical performances are endless.

At first, the Launchpad is a simple grid of backlit buttons. But its real strength is that it was designed especially for Ableton Live, music production software that is well known for its robustness and its unique Session mode. The way to play music is totally rethought.

The classic way to produce music is thinking horizontally, as a superposition of layers, each layer generally representing an instrument. But with the Ableton Live Session mode, you can produce your music in a vertical vision, i.e. as a succession of sounds in time, some can be looped, others stopped at any time. Rather than designing the entire song, you can organize your set by simply creating the building blocks of sounds you want to use. Then you are free to play with these bricks without interrupting live music, which can be extremely powerful to improvise and create a live session, hence the session view. You can also save your live  performance at any time and even come back to it later, in the arrangement view to improve it.

Another big advantage of the Launchpad is that it allows you to have a visual feedback of the sounds you are hearing. The classic way to use these lights is to illuminate a key of the Launchpad when the sound associated with it is played.

You can also create more complex effects by varying the rhythm, colors... you can even create sequences of lights. These effects greatly enhance the live performance but it also provides a better understanding of the music.



Whether you want to take over DJ duties at your next party or create a good mix to listen to while you work out, there are a few tricks of the playlist trade. 

1  Select a music program that allows you to create a playlist.
Making a playlist will depend on what software you're using to play music, whether online, on a mobile device, or on your computer. Making a playlist usually involves a simple drag-and-drop style of moving songs into the list, or you can select individual song files, right-click, and send them to the list. Start by making a blank list, then filling it with music you might like to include in a playlist to learn how it works.

Programs like Spotify and iTunesmake creating playlists an easy and almost essential part of the music-listening experience. Project Playlist, Take 40, Windows Media Player, Grooveshark are also all good programs for managing your music.

Pandora and other Internet radio stations let you create channels, but not specific playlists of songs.

2 Upload Music to Work With.
Get music by typing the name of any song, band or artist you like. You can also search just general types of music or artists to find new music or check out what your friends or other users on the site are listening to.

If you're using iTunes, you can either select music that's already in your library, which you own, or you can search the store and download any song you find for a price.

If you've got iTunes, but no music, you can also upload your CDs into iTunes to "rip" the music directly. Going to the public library and loading the music into your iTunes library can be a great way of acquiring songs to make playlists on the cheap.

3 Make a Playlist on the go.
Mobile devices also allow you to create playlists instantaneously, by selecting songs and sending them to a playlist, or selecting "Play next," making you an instant DJ. You don't need to make playlists ahead of time, you just need to go with the flow.



Shirts and jeans are two crucial cornerstones to any man’s wardrobe and, when combined properly, offer a failsafe partnership that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re on a first date, heading to the pub, or it’s casual Friday at work, shirts and jeans offer a put together look that’s perfect for casual and smart-casual occasions.

It’s easy to think that there are only a few options for you to play around with but you’d be wrong. With the huge range of styles on offer for jeans and shirts, there’s a load of possible outfits for you. So, no matter what your style or the occasion is, there’s a match made in sartorial heaven just around the corner.

A well-ironed shirt is a staple in any formal situation. You can’t complete a tuxedo without it. Shirts are so important that there are hundreds of rules on how they should fit around your gut, what length they should be, and what colours you should wear when paired with your tailored suit. However we’re not talking suits here, and it can be a little harder to achieve a smart look with a pair of jeans. However it is achievable, and it just requires the rightcombination of colours and textures.