Hej på bloggen, det var ett tag sedan jag skrev. De senaste dagarna har jag funderat på att börja blogga igen, känner att jag behöver skriva av mig och det är väl aldrig fel att ventilera lite. Jag har alltid älskat att skriva. Jag mår bra av utav det och jag tror även att det är något som skulle vara bra för mig, men pga personliga skäll så har jag undvikt att göra det.

Jag kan redan nu säga att detta inte kommer vara någon perfekt blogg. Jag kommer helt enkelt blogga när jag känner för det och detta kommer att vara en blogg där jag kan vara mig själv. Vi får se vart det leder. Jag reflekterar väldigt mycket och känner att vi lever i en ytlig värld, så jag vill mer än gärna ta upp lite mer jordnära ämnen och inte bara saker som handlar om smink, kläder, nöjen osv. Har mycket på tankarna som jag har velat skriva om, både bra och dåligt. 

Min blogg använder jag mest som en dagbok, främst för min egen skull men ser att folk kommer och kikar in så därför vill jag även fråga vad vill ni se mer av i bloggen?



Hey dolls! A few days ago my beloved hair straightener broke, so I thought I'd do a review since I moved blog and got a brand new one yesterday. A friend of mine told me that if I bought it in Peter Marks that I could get an exchange as there is a 2 year guarantee. This is the best hair straightener I've ever used and hands down it's one of the best investments I've ever made. When I first used the eclipse, I fell in love with it instantly.

What makes it so special? First just let me say, if you have hair that fits into the challenging category; frizzy, thick, curly, kinky, coarse, medium/long thick hair then this is the perfect hair straightener for you. According to Ghd challenging hair types absorb much more heat, causing the plates to lose their temperature more rapidly. The Ghd eclipse features tri-zone technology, with 6 sensors in the plates to ensure that they remain at 185 degrees across the entire plate while most stylers only have one sensor. Sounds to good to be true? (Click here) to see it in action.

Awesome features: It takes 30 seconds to heat up and turns off automatically after 30 minutes without use. (This is great in case your in a hurry & forget to switch it off).  The outside doesn't get hot so you can grip the straightener without burning yourself. I don't own a curler but I find that this gives me gorgeous curls! 

Limited Edition Rose Gold Roll Mat: I love the design because it's so chic and I think this its perfect for travelling! The roll bag is a heat resistant mat and is presented in stylish black with rose gold accents. You can take of the little bag and place the straightener on the mat to cool down, this makes a great storage place for hot stylers.

Price: €185 at Peter Marks. I'm not going to sugar coat it as it is quite pricey but the eclipse has changed my experience offering me faster and smoother styling leaving me with amazing results.

What are your thoughts? Have you used any Ghd stylers/products?



I'm in love with Nars cosmetics. 😍 My collection is finally starting to grow and I love the quality that these products offer! Their products have a luxurious feel to it and I definetly notice a huge difference when using it. Another thing I really like is the packaging, it just looks so sleek and thats always a plus.

Nars illuminator laguna: it is brown and has a golden shimmer to it. When applied correctly an illuminator can add that perfect touch to your makeup, whether it's high defined killer cheekbones or flawless glowing skin. For those who don't know what an illuminator is, it can be applied all over the face or mixed with a foundation/primer to give a nice dewy look or glow to the skin. It can be worn under and over (but i recommend under as it can start to slide around) I mainly like to use this on my cheekbones at it can also be used as an highlighter to enhance them with or without makeup. Costs €30 in Brown Thomas.

Nars tinted moisturizer: Tinted moisturizers are perfect for hot days or when you don't want to wear heavy foundation. The colour i use is in Polynesia dark and it retails at €38 in Brown Thomas. It feels amazing on the skin as it has a nice creamy texture. It gives a sheer coverage and is buildable. It also smells nice and includes SP15. What I really adore with this product is the coverage and that it is so light that it feels like im wearing nothing.

Nars satin lip pencil: I recently phurchased this, but so far its my new favourite nude! It's very pigmented and rich in colour and i find it to be quite moisturizing. It is now one of my new faves along with my first nude lipstick ever which is from mac called Touch. For girls with a darker skin tone it's hard to find nudes and also because if worn on its own, it can look strange and come out quite ashy looking. Therefor it's recommended to use a lipliner when wearing nudes. (I'll go more into depth about this in another blog post) This can be used for lining or all over the lip, but I personally prefer to use this all over my lip along with a Iip liner from Mac called chestnut. Available to phurchase at Brown thomas for €26.

Mac pro palette: The day I bougth this I was the happiest girl ever (literally) and I still can't believe I own a Mac pro palette! 😍🎨 With a pro palette you get to personalise the colours yourself. I'm not much for crazy colours but as an aspiring makeup artist, I think it's important to be open to try new things so that you know what you like and don't like but also to expand your knowledge. I constantly want to learn and experiment and I can't wait to save up for my next one. The colors are super pigmented and that is also one of the main reasons I buy my eyeshadow from Mac. I don't have all of the names for each eyeshadow but if there is any paticular colour your interested in just drop a comment below. I'll find out all the name so that I can post a blogpost with a list of the colours. €10 per colour and €18 for the palette itself in Brown Thomas.

Mac mineralize skinfinish natural: I really like this powder becasue it goes on so smoothly. Blends in well without looking powdery leaving a natural finnish. Although it's meant to leave a natural matt finnish which many powders tend to do, it really does live up to its name. This is not so pigmented that it would change the color of the foundation or your skin, but it does provide a bit of additional coverage. It can be used to set and fix your foundation (by fixing I mean it can be used to diffuse any misstakes made). The only thing I don't like is that is that it does not come with a sponge.. like why add mirror then? But hey lets look on the bright side, theres always retractable kubuki brushes. But the less baggage the better because I'm one of thoose girls that ends up carrying everything in my handbag anyways haha. 😂 I have this in the color "Dark Deep" and it costs €30 in Brown Thomas,

Left: Flashtrack | Right: Hidden Motive

The makeup artist assisting me was very helpful and made by day by being so kind! She was nice to give me these two for free and on top of that she gave me 4 free samples! 2 Concealers and 2 prep + prime radiance (Yellow). There were a few colors that I wanted in my palette that werent available eitheir because they were limited edition or you can only buy them in a pot. Such lovely colors, they have a really nice shimmer to them! I haven't had the chance to play with these two yet but worry my time will come. 🙅 €16.50 each at Brown Thomas

I'll always be a makeup junkie and want anything that i see although I know I certainly can't afford it and us girls know how expensive makeup can get. Instead you end up finding a cheaper version of something that you want/need and your a bit sceptical on whether it will work just as good as the more pricier one.. so you decide to go ahead and buy it anyways and couldnt be happier that you did! Well, Can we take a moment & think back to those happy moments?) 🙌 I've now decided that I'll do a "Beauty Budget" blogpost cause it's bringing home the small beauty supplies in life that make us beauty addicts happy 💁

W7 Power Puff: This beauty blender cost me only €5.00! I've never used the original beauty blender as they are quite expensive and only available online/overseas. Beauty blenders are perfect for blending and leave you with really good results. For me this does the job and I like to use it for contouring. Instead of weting it with water I like to spray it with my Mac fix +.

Primark Brush cleaner: I love the bottle it's so girly & cute. It only costs €2.50 and believe me it does an excellent job I was so impressed.

I hope you enjoyed this makeup haul and I'll try to do one every month. If any of you have tried these products or have any questions don't hesitate to comment as I'd love to hear what any of my readers have to say! X



Hey dolls! I'm so excited to try out the new Bobbi Brown skin smoothing pore perfector. Luickly I don't have many issues with my skin, apart from the fact that I have combination skin so at times my T-zone area tends to get a little shiny but I can live with that.  My main issue is the pores! I think alot of people can relate to this and I will eventually write a post in more depth about what causes them and different tips & tricks etc. I haven't actually used this yet but I will be trying it out today. Since the product is only new, there is not alot of reviews out there.. so I will be doing one and whether I recommend it or not. I have never used any Benefit cosmetics before, so I was stuck between this one or the Beneft porefessional as I have only heard good reviews. But i decided to stick with BB as I really do adore Bobbi brown, I find her to be a very inpsiring & succesful makeup artist and any products from Bobbi Brown that I have ever used, I have never been let down.

About the product according to Bobbi Brown website : Formulated with Algae Extract, Glucosamine and a unique blend of powders, Skin Smoothing Pore Perfector blurs the look of pores and controls excess oil instantly, while working over time to reduce pore size and smooth skin's texture. Lightweight and comfortable, it layers seamlessly with skincare and makeup for skin that looks even and feels natural and fresh. Who is it for? Suited for all skin types.

The lady in the counter also gave me free samples of there foundation stick and I absolutley love samples cause they last you a good while! So i cant wait try them out because I'm on the search for a new foundation 😍

If anyone has tried out the skin smoothing pore perfector please let me know what you think as I'm always interested to hear other peoples opinions! x



I absolutely love this product! I highly recommend it as this product can be used in different ways. The fix + can be sprayed on to the face before application of foundation to achieve a more smooth and flawless look.

It can also be used when you have completed your makeup to help keep foundation and powder to stay in place. By using the fix + it eliminates the "cakeyness/powdery kinda look or if your after a more dewy look rather then a matte finish. One thing I love the most is that when you spray it feels very light as well as it deeply hyrdrates the skin. After a long tiring day it can be used as refreshing spray that makes your skin feel cooler and refreshed. The fix + is also perfect for pigments (eye shadow). Just simply spray on to the brush and mix it with with any pigments/ loose eye shadow, this will give a more vibrant appearance as well as it makes it easier to work it. This bottle comes in 100ml for €20 and I personally think it's worth every single penny as it works wonders and can be used for several things!