We students, regardless of our age, still need someone who will motivate us. Students there will agree with me. I should know.

It is not bad to demand that everyone who surrounds us must encourage and persuade us that we can do the things we thought are impossible. However, if you are one of the people who don’t want to, just please don’t make us feel hopeless.

I hope everyone knows that mistakes are inevitable because essentially, mistakes pop up in our way for us to know what’s needed to be improved. Most often to always, people treat mistakes as 'mere mistakes'. These are situations that need to be rectified instead of being seen as plain grounds for pulling down someone. 

Mistakes cannot be corrected by insults, comparisons and belittling the capacity of an individual who is no capable of reaching anyone’s standards. Internal pain serves no age, and this is miserable. In fact, we, the college students are the ones who deeply need the support of people in our lives and those who shape our lives. And sometimes the simplest form of negative and offensive criticism, no matter to whose mouth it came from, can completely ruin us mentally and emotionally, like a fragile baby toy.

Another thing, I think the hardest part of being in this stage is the struggle of carrying not the school works, but the weight of expectations, pressure and fear. That is an uncontrollable fact that no one can avoid and the only way to lessen it, if not eradicate, is a constant reception of some sorts of encouragement and hope from others. Do not make us feel that you are disappointed at us. It is far from making us the better version of ourselves.

Lastly, the most distressing reality is that sometimes, those people whom we thought are capable of inspiring and helping us reach are goals are the ones who are actually pulling us down. Ooops, I can imagine some thumbs up there. *winks* Intentional or unintentional, the words and the actions can still create real deep and long lasting wounds.

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