​Hello guys! 

How are you? I hope you're better than me right now because I'm sick. I had to go home early from school today because I have the worst headache in history of headaches (I wonder if there is a history of headaches that excists...). Anyways, I literally, almost died earlier today and now I'm on my third painkiller-pill for today. I'm feeling pretty high :P. No I'm just kidding, I'm not high, but I have been taking three painkillers today, that's true. I think I almost passed out earlier today. I was just walking and I felt how everything just got black for a second but I managed to stay standing and not falling to the floor lol. But it was hella' scary. 

I hate being sick... It's painful and boring! And I should be doing something more important with my life than sleeping and eating. On top of that I feel a little bad in my stomach which mean I can't eat really much before I feel bad. SOOOOOOO I'm complaining because I'm having a bad day...I just hope you guys are better, if there's anyone out there who is actually reading this. In that case, I love you!

And from something boring to something funny! I have a new obsession over a song. I've been listening to it before and it's not really "new" and I've had it on my phone for a long time but recently I started listening to it more and more. And I think I've actually listened to it ten times today...oooops. But it's just so good and I just love it so much all of a sudden. I don't know why that happens but sometimes you listen to a song a little now and then and you like it, of course becasue you're listening to it. But then one day you listen to that song that you liked and all of a sudden you LOVE it more than ever! That's what happened for me. And the song I'm talking about is a k-pop song called "Hold me tight" by Loco feat. Crush. I'll link it for you guys down below:

(This link is to a lyrics video with eng sub + Romanization + Hangul)

Hold me tight - Loco feat. Crush 

That's all I have to say today because I'm tired and I have a headache...

I'll see you guys around! <3

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Hey guys! Long time no see, it seems like... And I'm sorry for that. Haven't been the best at updating here because I've been quite busy and I'm lazy.

Anyways! Spring is finally getting to Sweden and I'm super excited. Spring and summer are my favourite times of the year because I can wear all my favourite clothes without freezing to death. As you may know, I live in Sweden which is also a very cold country (just in case you didn't know) so when the weather is getting a little bit warmer than usual, it's a big deal for us okay! The sun is shining more and more and it's getting warmer and warmer. I get much more positive and happy as soon as the weather is better. The sun makes me happy haha :P I'll put some ugly photos here for you to see:

​And I have some other exciting news for all the anime and kpop nerds out there! I just bought tickets to NärCon summer 2016! I'm really happy and I look forwards to it. Anyone of you that's going to the convention? Please let me know in that case! 

Love you all and I'll see you guys around <3 



Hello guys!

I'm sorry for not posting anything in a while but to be honest I didn't have the energy to do it becasue I'm a lazy b*tch lol...

Anyways, I hope you're all doing well and by well I mean better than me. Because I'm a stupid human being I fell in love with a guy who completely played me...yeah. I know what you're all thinking, "why are youso stupid?" "How could I not realise he was playing you?" "You shouldn't trust people that easily." AND I KNOW I WAS STUPID OKAY SO DON'T JUDGE ME PLEASE WHILE I'M TELLING YOU THIS STORY. Here's how it all went through:

We started talking on an app and we became friends. We started talking more and more and more and one day we met up for a short while. Not long after that I traveled to Japan for two weeks. So we decided that when I came home we would meet up again. So he came home to my place and we got closer and yeah things happened (I'm talking about kissing, making out, sex...) yeah... And the thing was at that moment we were both attracted to each other and I was the girl that he liked and everything was too good to be truth...and it was. Because the next week we decided to meet on the sunday (because he lives in another city and we both go to school we could only meet up on weekends). And everything was good that week. I was happy, I actually started to like someone again and he liked me back, it seemed amazing. But, then the saturday came and he asked me to call him once I got home (because I was away skiing with my school) and I was like "okay so he wants to talk on the phone, that's nice" and we had spoken over phone before of course so I wasn't worried really. So I called him when I got home and we spoke like normal. But then, out of nowhere he said "If I were to say that we could be just friends, what would you say?" and I got really shocked for a second but I said "ehmm, I guess we could be friends..." and then he f*cked up my mind even more by saying "we dont have to be friends if you don't want to". And at that moment I didn't really know how to react so I didn't really give him an answer. So after that call I went over to his city and to his home. And he acted like that phonecall had never happened. He held my hand while we were walking, he hugged me and kissed me and I thought, maybe he changed his mind, maybe he wanted to be more than friends after all. So I was okay with him kissing me because I'm so stupid... And we had sex once again. A while after that he said "I think this thing between us should be over." and I got so surprised. I didn't know what to say. and he said "Can we be just friends?" and I was just like frozen but said "Is that what you want?" and he just nodded and at that moment I didn't really know what to do. I didn't really give him an answer either and he just thought that it was all okay and that I was okay with being freinds. About one hour later he told me the real reason to why he wanted to be just friends with me... Because this was the case, the day after he was at my place he was going to meet up with his ex girlfriend for the first time as friends and he told me that and I said that I'm okay with him meeting up with her as a friend because that doesn't bother me really, if he has a girl as friend that doesn't matter to me really. But he explained to me that after meeting up with her she had told him that she still liked himand apparently he didn't know if he still had feelings for her. And they had planned together that he was going to tell me all this when I was there at his place so he was writing with her the whole time as I was there. So now he said that they were going to "try again" and see if it worked out. So he basically left me for his ex... As I was standing there with him I didn't know what to say or do because I just felt like I wanted to cry but I didn't. One part of me really wanted to punch him in the face, but I didn't. Then he said "But we're still friends, right?" and hugged me and even gave me a kiss which I did not feel comfortable with. But that hug really wanted to make me cry, but I refused to cry in front of him because I just had a feeling he would laugh if I did. So I just kept everything inside. Then we went out and I went home... And that was it. Everything was gone, just like that. And I think the reason that he still wanted to be friends with me after that was because if it didn't work out between him and his ex, he would come crawling back to me. But I can tell you this, I don't think I ever want to be with a guy that hurt me so much and that made me cry like hell when I came home. Because I'm going to be honest, I was really into him, he ment a lot to me and I actually thought that I meant a lot to him as well...but apparently, I was just another girl he f*cked...

Okay Now I'm crying because I just wrote down this whole story so now I need to get my shit together and try to move on with my life. 

! See you guys around !



Teenagers, there's so many of us. We will always be on this planet and be annoying and annoying and annoying. We will cry, check out facebook, eat, check out snapchat, study, eat, check out Twitter, get mad, study, check out Instagram, get sad, study, sleep, check out tumblr, eat, chat with friends, be sad and sleep. And that's just a normal day (just add a little listening to music and watch series or movies parts a little here and there and you'll have the ultimate day of a normal teenager)!
We teenagers complain a lot about our "big" problems in life and how complicated life is... I'm well aware of that and things in my age are probably not as complicated as I think they are. But hey, I'm a teenager, if it's something that I'm good at, it's complaining about my life. That's what teenagers do. We feel sorry for ourselves and there's nothing that we can do about that really except for telling ourselves to grow up and stop acting like we're either 8-10 or in some cases 25-30 years old. You know what I'm talking about. We either act like we're really childish and stupid, or we act like we're 30 and pretends we know everything about life. But the truth is, we're neither 10 or 25, we're teenagers, in the ages 13-19 (personally I'm turning 16), so we shouldn't act like we're all grown up/down. And another fact for that matter is, not all 30 year olds have their life solved out yet, and I would say that about 100% of all the 30 year olds still have a lot of things to experience in life so...stop acting like a 30 year old (unless you're 30, then go ahead).
Teenagers have also always complained about how elderly people judge us for being teenagers...well...we can't blame them really.
They grew up in a whole different world than us. They lived without cellphones, which made you go outside to be able to talk to your friends or meet your soulmate...so of course they will judge us for only looking down in our phones all the time instead of meeting with people in real life and communicate without a screen in front of us.
They also probably did a lot more housework than you've ever done in your life because they didn't always have things like good electricity or vacuum cleaners for that matter and they did not always have washing machines and dishwashers soooooo, accept the fact that you're a lazy ass shit that only pushes buttons on machines to do stuff for you...and I know it's hard and you're probably going through a lot right now (if you're a teenager)...but...you can freaking clean your room once a week if your mom asks you to. Be a human and do your chores... Unless you can get away somehow, then it's 110% worth not cleaning your room. Go watch the fifth season of that new serie you're watching instead. #100%worthit
Elders also complain about our fashion. Well I don't blame them, I mean, what do a normal girl in my age wear? Probably tight, tight, tight jeans that are not very comfortable, and a pair of a little too expensive shoes that are probably just black or white sneakers, but we choose to pay 1200kr (120€/146$) for it because "it's the newest thing". Also every girl would love to wear a pretty shirt and it doesn't really matter how it looks like (but it has to be a little sexy and revealing), but as long as there's a logo on the front for an expensive brand like GANT, Lacoste, Odd Molly, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and Fitch etc. And we are ready to pay A LOT of money because these shirts are important! (But I can actually say that I don't own anything from any of those clothing brands to be honest so, of course this doesn't refer to everyone but you know I'm just trying to make a point so please don't hate me!). Of course elders react badly on that. They grew up in a world where the fashion was completely different. You know when you watch an old movie and you realise how ugly the clothes they are wearing are, that's probably what your outfit that you're wearing today is going to look like in your eyes fifteen years from now so...let the elders complain.

I could go on and write about this forever but I don't have the energy to and I really should sleep right now, but there is one thing that we should just take in for a moment... All the hate that we've received by elderly people should be forgotten and we should now in front of them because people... They grew up without the f*cking internet! I mean what would we teenagers be without our phones, without the internet, without the social medias and the biggest thing of all...what would we be without Google?! We would be stupid human beings with expensive clothes and makeup. Or we would be really much more smarter and wiser, just like elderly people...
~There you have something to think about~

My personal question is, why are teenagers so weird anyways? I mean, what the hell? We're first of all stupid, lazy and freaky, that's for sure... But...Why can't we just act like normal human beings? Well...probably because we have those hormones exploding in our bodies...lol...Never mind~

~See you around people~



So today I've been at home from school because, yeah, I have headache problems. I really hate it, it ruins my life on a whole new level. I mean I've had troubles with headache for a while and I'm just asking my body, when will you consider to stop?! I'm dying in headache here! Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
But another thing, that's far more interesting than my headache problems... GOT7 (a kpop group) recently released their new MV for their new song "Fly". So today I checked it out. It's a little bit different, but I like it. It's good.
If you don't know the k-pop (Korean pop) group GOT7, then I recommend you to check them out. It's a pretty new group, they debuted in 2014 with the song "Girls, Girls, Girls" and it's a very cute group if you ask me. I would describe GOT7 as a cute group in general.
I will put a few links down below so that you can check out their MV's if you're interested.
If you ask me, my personal favourite songs/MV's with GOT7 is "Stop, Stop it"(mv), "Just right"(mv), "Good tonight" & "If you do"(mv).

And if you're already a GOT7 fan, what did you think of their new comeback? And who's your GOT7 bias(es)? My bias(es) are Jackson, BamBam and JB!

That's all for today, see you guys around ~
Check out GOT7 below!

GOT7 (debut song) - Girls, Girls, Girls

GOT7 - Stop, Stop it

GOT7 - Just Right

GOT7 - If you do

GOT7 - Fly



Soo, this is my first post and I don't have the energy for any introduction of myself or something like that because I'm lazy lol.
I'm right now sitting alone at Espresso House and right now I'm a little tired. Because I was going to Gothenburg (Göteborg) to meet up with my friend and the train was supposed to leave 09:59 am... But of course the train that I was going to take was cancelled and I have to wait until 11:21 am for the next one to take me there. Wow...this day is going great, right? I'm really excited to see him because it's been a week since I saw him the last time and of course something was going to ruin that huh... Classic! So now I'm sitting here. Have to wait for another 40 minutes before the train leaves...but at least I have a big ice chai-latte to drink and the sun is shining and I will be able to meet up with my friend (just a little bit later than expected), so hopefully this day will get better soon, haha. I also have figureskating practice this evening so I hope I'll survive that without a headache (I have some problems with headache and shit, don't have the energy to write all about it now. I'll write about it another time) and I'll be happy.
Okay now I gotta get out of here soon and go to the train station. See you guys around ~