to begin, you should know that i never capitalize sentences. i hate capitals. the only time i capitalize in sentences is when i'm messaging a teacher or my boss lmao. i just hate it.


i really do not know what i am doing, or if i will even upload this. will anyone but me, and maybe some russian hackers trying to get into my account and find out my credit card information, ever read this?? probably not.

but honestly it's something i've always wanted to do. i already do journalling, so why not try this? even if the target audience is literally myself in 15 years looking back on it.

i should probably start by introducing myself. my name is julie, and i am 17 years old. i have 1 year left of high school, and while i'm excited for it to be done, i can't wait for senior year. it's crazy how fast time goes damn.

i love photography. i live in a tiny house in a big city where it's hard to get from place to place, so i don't get to take as spectacular pictures that i would like to. i want to travel, but i care more about the experience than i do the location. i haven't been out of north america, so i haven't experienced crazy travelling moments or even jet lag, but that's something i'd like to do. i am not going to dedicate my life to travelling, but it's something i would like to do on the side. i've been to florida, and the culture was nowhere near as rich or pure as in Quebec, only a short ways away. i live in canada's capital, and i hate it here. every political inch of this place. all that to say, i don't need to travel far to experience the feeling i want to experience. it's not about the location, it's about discovering a new culture and getting a break from life. getting back home and forgetting what it was like to live my everyday life, that's the feeling I love most.

i also love music. i know everybody does, but it is probably my number one passion. i taught myself the ukulele when i was 12, and have continued to love playing it and learning music. i recently taught myself the guitar. both instruments mean so much to me, and i have this vision of myself being in a band when i'm older. i do sing, but mostly alone. i don't really have that kind of confidence, but i hope someday i will. some of my favourite musical influences are bruno mars, michael buble and billy joel. my all time favourite song in the world is "for the longest time" by billy joel and i do not think i will ever get tired of it.

in a few days, I will be travelling back to Saguenay where I stayed last summer. it's going to be so bittersweet going back there. I am extremely excited for it though and I really think i'll fall in love with the town all over again.

I will hopefully be writing during those days, so stay tuned for that, my audience of literally nobody!