She told me that nothing is impossible, we can make it
i want to believe that too, but we gotta face it
we been ttrough too much shit and drama
no one can comeback from this like karma


its time to do something, i can't take it anymore
i stood there, quietly while her tears met the floor
her throat was soar, her hands was cold
she was askin for my help, my baby felt alone
i don't care how strong you are cuz when you girl is cryin
you feel all weak and helpless homie i aint lyin
but i can't pretend to be nice, she cheated on my twice
she hid behind the lies so why should i be polite?
so i told her how i felt, and stepped to the left
i was just tryin to do the right thing, so i left
looked at her once, with pain on my chest
she had her face in her hands, man i made a mess
i wanted to go back, believe me, i really did
but she've done this so many times, how do i know if its real?
so while she was down on her knees, cryin please baby please
i packed my bags and told her the best thing is for me to leave


back in my momz house, i get a phone call
enoch come quick quick, your girl is gone
whatchu mean about gone i said with a weak voice
she've been missin since last week boi
she is prolly in her new friends house, i said
no, man she left you a letter next to her bed
i hanged up went to my car, drove to her place
after some minutes of arguin, the police let me in, safe
straight to her bed, picked up the letter quick
it was already open, and it red something like this

hello enoch,its me your angel
i know me doin this is more than u can handle
but i realise that i hurt the only real friend i ever had
and without you, i can only get crazy and mad

i can't tell u the rest of the letter but let me summerise
she told me that after that letter, she will take her life
Man, did she know how to make a grown man cry
i fell on my knees, picturin her suiced

they found her body, she is really dead
she died in pain, bleedin from her head
if i only didn't leave her that night
if i only been with her and stopped the fight
if i only stayed with her in the dark, bein her light
if i'd only relised this quicker and saved her life
if , if ...yeah thats all i can say
my life is over, my girl is dead
you dont know how much people mean to you, until they gone
now im sittin her rememberin her smile, alone
no sister, no brothers she only had me
why the fuck did i not see or believe
her, listen to my baby girl
she was all i had in this world
if you love your girl, show her you love her
if she treat you bad, treat her like your mother
if she make you mad, make sure that you talk
cuz you dont want her to end up bein lost
believe me, i know, yeah.. i know
someone is knockin on my dorr , brb gotta go
i open the dorr, someone stood there with a firearm
you killed my girl, and you deserve to die, BRAAAAAAAP






"Doesn't matter what bus goes past me, If I've missed the one that takes me home", Enoch Andjadiumi


hahah Jarro ennu en gammal graij jag skrev typ borjan av 09.. lr va det slutet av 08?... hmmm

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Mr Andjadiumi (&) || M.O.B.| säger:
whata fuck do you know bout Enoch
dat dude dat fuks wit football, fanta and hiphop
is dat it, i mean, is dat all you know bout me
i hate 2 say it but, you aint no shit bout him
don't let the smile fool you G'
smiling is my mask, its off now see
ain't nobody smiling, ain't nobody hidin'
did i say i'm fine?, i guess i was lyin
i'm about 2 lose my mind, please hold me down
before i do something i'm not allowed
2 do, man i dont feel right
my life's so wrong, i dont know whats right
im stuck in the darkness, where da fuck is my light
i've seemed 2 have lost my ways, and i aint even high
bumpin dat Reload music, yes imma living nightmare
if ya'll really knew me, you'd be amazed
i always look girls in da eye when they walk past me
because i wish they could read my eyes and ask me
cuz even doe i got my dawgs, noone hear me barkin
so here i am, crying out loud
feeling be flying around but i aint no cloud
im more like a clown, hidden behind a mask
help me man, is that 2 much 2 ask?

(skrev det i msn ett tag sen som ni nog ser :P hehe)



My first girlfriend told me that she loved me
but changed her mind as soon as she came back home from Turkey
no hard feelings though, we are great friends
but my first taste of love was kinda lame


my second girl, well, what can I say
the relationship was immortal, but I ended up dead
long distance thing didn't work, so I put my heart in a grave
when she left, my heart just went up in flames

I don't blame the girls, I blame myself
I decided to put myself in this love thing called hell
I mean, one girl told me she was feeling alone
so when I went back to Sweden, I visited her home
the day after that, she'd ditched her boy
I was the reason for her decision, but I ain't gon' moan
I told her what i feel before I went back
Yes, I was happy to hear shed and her boy was back on track
I did say I'll never love again, heart was dead and buried
but it must have tought I was planting, cause it started growing

The other day, I told a girl I had feelings for her
but forgot that she had a man that also had feelings for her
she told me she was feeling the same
so she called her boyfriend and call it a day
but just when i tought I was back in the game
she told me she wish i never told her how I felt

My Dawg Hasan asked me about the girls I said FUCK EM', literally
I always make them cry like the sadness is-in-me

I never usually curse but I do feel cursed
I feel like love locked me down like Kanyes purse
I mean Kanyes bag, Bag of misery
I bet you, when people read this, they'll say "Enoch Is Selfish"
don't call me egoistic, cause I did say I LOVE YOU
I still say: Fuck me, Hate me as long as you're cool
I do feel like a fool cause i've been driven by my "tool"
you told me you dont want this shit again like de-ja-vu

So before you tell poeple you love them
make sure it's true, so you dont hurt them
Cause I've been stabbed thousand times, and I'm getting sick of
this thing called love, thats why I'm gon' switch off

If you wondering why, just look at the profile of the main guy
You'll understand that Imma mother fucking Animal BYE


gammal gammal gammal :P :D



The day began with her questioning me
Asking why I’m late and where I’ve been
But her eyes told me something was wrong
Cuz recently all she could do was moan
I went: girl was going on?
She looked out of the window and told me she’s alone
She told me she’s pregnant and confused
I was like baby, that’s great news
Badnews was that, the daddy was her ex from school
Maaayn, did I feel like a fool
The girl was pregnant so I had to play it smooth
Why did you do this, please tell me
She said: I don’t know, was drunk and shit b


Drunk and shit? What’s that suppose 2 mean?
If im drunk should I run out and make babies
I ain’t gon’ lose my mind, imma winner
So I loaded my gun and asked her, where is that ni99a
She tried to take the gun from me, and the sh!t went off
There was I, standing and bleeding from the heart
There was nothing I could do, felt like a slave
That’s when my daughter woke me up from the nightmare



gammalt men helt okaij :D... lr vad tycker du?



Ignorans, hon vet inte ens att jag finns
kan du fatta att hon va anledningen jag inte tog mitt liv
forstor ni min smerta, kenner du mina kenslor
sitter och skriver om henne i bussen som d e faking lexor
jag treffa po hennes lil syrra heromdan i stan
fan vad hon liknar sin syrra mer for varje dag
eller kanske e det jag som hallicunerar
kniven i hjertat har gjort mig so jevla deprimerad
dem sejer att marijuana for dig glomma all problem
men 4 monader i fengelset sejer att det blev mkt varre
so der sitter man i samma sal som massa mordare
aldrig komma tillbaks hit, e vad jag lerde mig
forsta dan ute treffar jag po mitt ex o hennes snubbe
tyngt, kallblodig men uppe med huvet
hon ville hjelpa mig, med pengarna i deras hender
jag kolla po henne, skratta och stack mot mina terränger


dem har fott en son, han hetter Javier
det sjukaste e att det e jag som kom po namnet
men ash, livet e tufft, so jag onskade dem lycka till
nesta dag okte jag till london for att borja om po nytt



ennu en gammal grej jag skrev norra monader sen :D



Please, va arlig och saij vad ni tycker...skrev en liten vers/dikt/text nyss lite snabbt samtidigt som ja lyssna po den (lil wayne keyshia cole - i love you)


so der stor jag och kollar henne i ogonen
hennes torar sejer till mig att hon pallar inte mer
jag tar hennes hand och froga vf
jah har endras babe, du vet sj att ja fersoker
bli en bettre man, en arlig man
men manligheten forsvann for torarna dem rann
fan, aldrig trodde jag du skulle fo mig grota
och hur fan ska jag fungera ner du e borta
Vem e det?, Vem e han andra?
hon bah: det e ingen, vill bara inte stanna
men vad har jag gjort do, vad e det som hender
hennes hender dem skaka och hon mordar sin lever
Sluta dricka!, snella snacka med mig
hon legger ner glaset, suckar och sejer okaij
Enoch,elskar dig men sanningen e
jag e gravid med min ex

mitt hjerta sluta slo, ja va tvunget att kolla bort
jag fick en flashback av alla oren som har gott
mina hender bloder av den krosade glaset po bordet
jag lemmnade byggnaden utan ett ord ut fron munnen




gammal grej jag skrev erhm...nogra monader sen :D ;P



Yea... Yea



I'm a Call This One... Real Rap

Cause This Rap Is Real... Ya Know?

I Hope You Ain't Too Tired To Cry
And I Hope You Know You Ain't Never To Live To Die

I Grew Up Where Them People Called Them People On Us
Think We Slingin, But We Just Got Beepers On Us
Grindin All Day Like We Got Sleep Insomnia
Livin Like The Videos Write A Treatment On Us
Stuck In The Hood Like They Poured Semen On Us
Ghetto Birds Still Shittin On Us, Government Still Quittin On Us
Lost A Few Homies And The Grief Still Sittin On Us
So We Got The Names Written On Us, White Folks Still Spittin On Us
And Them Bitch Ass Police K-9's Teeth Still Grittin On Us
But We Smoke, Ashes Still Gettin On Us
Older Bitches Still Hittin On Us
I Remember Well, Beezy Roll The L
Beezy Ain't Here... Wheres Beezy At?... Beezy Got Killed
And That Was My Nigga, I Go Way Back For My Nigga
But I Know That's How It Happend My Nigga,
Shit Is Much Deeper Than This Rappin My Nigga
But Now They All Rappin My Niggas, So Now I Must Make It Happen
So I'm a Play The Captain, Sail Boat Flappin My Nigga
No Fingers I'm Snappin, Happy For My Nigga Lil Taggers
Cause Even Tho We Couldnt, The Lord Saved Him
Last Time We Seen Him Was When Katrina Hated
Found His Body Like A Month Later, Rest In Peace Boy
He Was A East Boy, And So Was Wesy Wes He Was A Good Nigga, So I Know He Blessed
And His Daughter Is A Princess, This Shit Is Harder Than A Bench Press
But I'm a Keep Goin, And I Swear I Got A Lump In My Throat
But I'm a Keep On Pumpin The Flow,
So If I Cry Don't Stop The Beat, I Feel Like My Heart Just Stopped The Beat
My Nigga Lil Derek Is Quick To Cop A Key, Either That Or Load The Gat And Go Pop A G
And Because Of That Hes Just A Name In A Rhyme Of Mine
I Pray His Family And His Mama Is Fine
So Much Shit Just Sit On This Mind Of Mine
I Think About It All The Time
I Drink About It All The Time
I Smoke Back To Back
Cause If My Thoughts Got To Me Id Be In This Rap
Or Id Be In The Can, Thank God I Had Dreams Of Being The Man
Yea And Fuck A Man With A Badge Cause He Ain't Shit To A Man On The Edge
The Five O Killed Naughty Good Boy Dead
Man You Woulda Thought They Killed Corn Bread
Shot Em Up Face Down On The Lawn
Not To Mention With His Handcuffs On
Not To Mention They Had Plain Clothes On
And The Complain Goes On
But No Body Do Nothin Bout It
The Jail House And The Morgue Is Too Fuckin Crowded
And Haters At An All Time High
Everybody Got Their Hatas Like A Fuckin Ipod
Shit And They Tried To Burn My Phantom Up, But I Got My Gun License
I Got My Hammers Up, I'm Ready To Shoot Like A Camera
Stay Still Mothafucka I'm a Have To Write My Will This Summer
Cause If They Don't Kill Me, I'm a Kill This Summer
And You Can Put That On My Late Father Or My Late Grandmother
Ms. Mercedes Carter
Or My Grandfather Larry Bosock The Old Man Hustle Till His Heart Stopped
And All I Know Of My Real Pops Is That He Had Money
No Bank Account, That Brown Paper Bag Money
Yea He Might Hit Me Off With A Little Brag Money
But The Nigga Still Wouldnt Be A Dad For Me
But Look How I Turned Out I Hope He Glad For Me
But That's Why When I See Him I Act Mad Funny Cause Hes A Joke To Me
Don't Message, Don't Call, Don't Talk To Me
It's Just Me And My Moma How It's Suppose To Be
And I Make Sure She Paid Like She Wrote For Me
And I Know She Gets All Hope For Me
And I Don't Ever Want To See Her Mope For Me
Hopefully But Truthfully There Is A Day That's Due For Me
But We Gone Pray That It's As Far As The Future Sees
Your Listenin To The Future Weezy F. Baby


kanske det djupaste little weezy nogonsin varit.... 
linken finns po min press ifall ni skulle vilja lyssna po den... :) , thanks




Hellu Tellus

Detta e  en freestyle graij jag gjorde nyss lite so snabbt.. det mesta e sanning.. lite pohitt dok

det borja med min brush bad mig om hjelp
han sa han har sett sin drom tjej
han sa det va ett litet problem med det
hon som han gillar va kusin med mitt ex


erhm erhm

jag sa det gor inget, jag ska hjelpa dig min bror
du ska fo henne och ert forhollande ska bli stort
so ut stack jag med brushorna, min ex och hennes kusin
ja sa: gor allt for att fo se hennes flin
lotsas som hon redan e din
behandla henne som en beauty queen


jag va ung du vet, precis slutat nian
jag minns fortfarande ner jag tappa min tia
haha fan jag borja nestan grina
att tenka po det nu, for min fan att flina



jag fick ensam stund med henne, jag beretta om min kompis
bara hoga ord om honom som om han var poppis
fersokte selja honom som om jag jobba i loppis
HAN E DET BESTA DU KAN FO, och plus so e han gratis


det var nogot anorlunda med henne, settet hon svara
typ som om gommde nogot fron mig... gor inte att forklara
so jag bad henne att ge honom en chans
hon sa hon ska fundera po det, for hon e ur balans
mitt ex undra sakert vad vi snacka om
so jag beretta allt vi sa till henne po telefon
eller va det msn..ash... shitsamma
jag sa som det var, so vi borde vara hjelpsamma
min besta kompis verka ha hittat sin prinsessa
so vf inte ta med din kusin i hans kerleks resa?


hennes kusin va bosatt i danmark
men upvext i sverige, so svenska hon fatta
vad gjorde vi med dem, spela boll, villka blattar
efter der gick vi runt i gresmattan och bara vandra
men so hende det jag minns annade, hon kom fram till mig
och beretta att hon har endrat sig
jag froga henne vad hon menade
hon sa hon ska forklara det senare


so framfor datan jag sitter, ventar po hennes svar
hon tog sin tid, kenndes som flera dar
men hon logga in till sist, antligen
Hon:"Enoch jag vill prata med dig lilla vennen"
Jag:"so liten e jag inte. men aijt vad hender?"
Hon:"jag vill inte ha din kompis lr dina venner"
Jag:" men hallo, det kunde du fan sagt direkt"
Hon" nej, nej for jag vill vara med dig"


jag har varit tsm med hennes kusin, men inte nog med det
inte kan jag svika min broder, det handlar ju om respekt
so jag bestemde mig for att gora det retta
yes jag hade kenslor for henne, men va tvungen att beretta
jag sa till min brush, min ex och till henne
skillnaded mellan mig och andra so hatar jag svika mina venner

Enoch vad Hende??

mitt ex sa till mig att jag borde folja mitt hjerta
och det skulle svida, men tiden laker hennes smerta
Min brush sa go till henne, ditt hjerta har hon vunnit
och det enda han ville e att se henne lycklig...


Jag gjorde det jag kende va rett
efter ha funderat, sa jag ti henne som det e
jag har kenslor for dig, yes yes det e sant
men frogan e om jag ska ge detta ett chans??


did I or did i not?

[Insperation : Jay-Z - A Million and One Questions (Instrumental)]


:P hehe tack for ni palla lesa, Bless <3



Hon behovde hjelp, jag va der direkt
Hennes torar borja rinna, jag va hennes servett
Hon sa alla behandla henne fel, so jag behandla henne rett
Hon sa att alla glommer henne, jag gjorde henne min nummer ett

Enoch E Egoist!!

Ner ingen visa henne respekt, gav jag henne kerlek
ner alla omkring henne var som pojkar, var jag mannen
ner ingen trodde po henne, kalla jag henne sanningen
jag var alltid po plats, utan att ens veta handligen

Fyfan Enoch Typiskt killar


Hon gjorde slut med sin kille, gissa vem som var der?
Allt jag ville e att se henne lycklig jag sver
jag oppna min famn, tog emot hennes hand
och sa till henne i mig har du en riktig man
Trots mina personliga problem som bara vexte
var jag tvungen att hjelpa henne, kan shi se henne ledsen

Killar vill bara en sak


Problem efter problem, kan inte lotsas lengre
jag hjelper folk, ner jag sjelv inte mor bettre
mitt liv faller ihop, bit for bit
hur ska jag ta mig till med mitt liv?
jag endrades, ignorera folken omkring
Stort hjerta, men jag kenner ingenting

Ring Oprah Enoch!!


Hon sa att jag har endras och blivit kall
Jag sa jag e ok, men problemen var mitt fall
hon ville hejlpa mig, men jag vegra ge henne min hand
Jag sa jag behover ingen hjelp, jag e ju en man
vende ryggen och borja vandra
sen sa hon att jag e precis som alla andra

oj oj oj Enoch



Spenderar all min tid for att hjelpa folk
forventar mig inget tibax, vill gora dem stolt
ner jag behover en hjelpande hand
naij do e jag typiskt kille, som alla andra

han e ute efter sex, han e en hjerkrossare
go inte till han, han kommer bara blosa dig

pratar inte om mina problem, for folken dem bah sviker
plus so har jag inte tid och allt handlar ju om dej


hahahah jag vet inte vad jag har skrivit erligt.. men allt detta e bara bullshit.. kommer med bettre shit sen lovar detta va lite blandat fram och tillbaka.. allt detta va bara typ freestyle.... skrev det typ nyss nyss bah so lite snabbt so det finns massa massa stavfel och kanske vissa meningar som e lite typ...erhm komplicerade lr nogot men men... sej vad ni tycker.... lovar att komma med bettre stuff senare ... PEACE!!