My 2016 summer was spent in Turkey with my marvelous family <3. Pieces of our hearts are left in the antique areas of Turkey, boat rides, beaches and more. We lived in a house in Antalya for a couple of days and then lived in an apartment in Istanbul the last few days before we took the flight back to Sweden. Both the house and the apartment were from Aribnb. Everything was perfect, except the fact that it was so warm sometimes and that we had to "Buy" water all the time!

Everyday was an adventure for all of us. I remember how my dad pulled out his camera and stopped the family for a group picture all the time and sadly me and my sister got a bit agitated over that haha. To be honest, now we don't regret that dad took pictures all the time, because now I have thousands of pictures and millions of stories saved for myself in each. Now I have something to look back to and remember each second of the vacation that I spent with them. But maybe we could have enjoyed the moments a bit more instead of focusing on "Saving" them in the camera. Another con is how it hurts me to remember so much as well, considering each time I look at the pictures my heart melts a bit more to not be there right now. Anyways, I already miss my dad and I can't wait until I meet him again. By the way, he also broke his ankle....unlucky... :(

Now now, back to the good memories. My dad and my mom played backgammon every night and I must say, that was one of the most fun memory I have from the whole vacation. I could hear both of their voices all the time, laughing, screaming (one probably lost or one mocked the other haha). Those moments were the ones I felt closest to the family, even if I would be upstairs in my room. Me and my sister have a lot of amazing memories together as well. One night we went on a long walk all the way to the beach and back while we deep talked about random stuff <3, I miss that too.

Oh yeah haha, something that was also pretty funny was how in every corner we found a "Friend" haha. I have never heard as many "My friend, my friends come here" in my whole life. People tried to sell things to us, thus they had to be extra kind and friendly to us lol. Many of the sellers told funny stories about themselves while they tried to sell us cold tea haha. Dad played a trick on one of them and got 500g of tea powder very cheap and he was so happy over that haha, our trickster <3. I was not a trickster during the vacation but a little brat as usual....*sigh* says my family haha. I climbed walls and I thought I was so cool because I didn't listen to my mom and dad how dangerous it might be, damn it Yas! Behave!

There are so many more stories to tell from the vacation, but I have to sadly end it here and go read some history. So I will end it by saying thank you to my family for all the amazing memories I have now. Time truly does fly by fast and so I am eager to make more family memories with the short time I have left. 

Love, Yas