Playful Kiss was one of my first Kdramas that I watched, it was when i started to like and listen to Kpop. Kdrama was something different what I have ever seen. So I fell in love with it, the excitement, the love and the 10 episodes, each 1 hour long, before someone kisses someone. And that is why i also started to love South Korean traditions, style and food.

Playful kiss was soooo sweet drama. Ha Ni liked Seung-jo so much that she did everything to be next to him. Even when he moved or was with another girl and worked with her so Ha Ni always tride to be with him. Seung-jo was so cold to Ha Ni but he got small feelings for her, the more she botherd him. The most shocked part was when Seung-jo said that he wanted to marry Ha Ni. Seung-jo's mother wa sooo happy beacuse that's what she ever wanted. And she knew that Ha Ni liked Seung-jo, so she did everything she could to get those togheter.

If I need to rate it 1 - 10. It is a 10. Because it was so sad sometimes but also so sweet. So I really recommend this drama and you can watch it on :D