​You watch all these YouTube clips and you see people fitting and commenting on the performance of their car and you wonder how much money they have been paid. You know what I mean: company pays individual and individual makes own video boosting the brilliance and ease of a certain product.  Well, time has come to see if the words they speak are the truth for myself.

I bought my complete HID conversion kits from XenonPro.  The reviews on the site seemed pretty good and I was keen to see if the customer service was as fanatical as they suggested.  I thoroughly expected someone on the end of a phone line chanting my name as I successfully fitted the lights and “TOUCHDOWN!” Whoop Whoop! OK, OK, I didn’t really expect this… but, it would have been amazing.

So, the box arrives – pretty promptly – so good shipping.  Experience 1, tick.  The box is surprisingly small.  Not sure what I expected – something the size of the front of my car, maybe.  But it is light and pretty compact.  Inside there is a bulb, a ballast for each bulb and wires.  And, a set of instructions that seem pretty short.  It all looks pretty professional – no spliced wires – no obvious solder points.  Experience 2, tick.

So, here comes the real test: the installation.  I was drawn to the phrase “plug and play” and I was hoping it was as simple as open up the hood and plugging in the bulb.  Of course, being male, I decided I didn’t need the instructions and went with staring at the parts from my HID headlights Pro kit for long periods of time.

I then decided I should check out what the step by step instructions might have to offer.  Well, first I was surprised I needed to wear surgical gloves… apparently these quartz bulbs are pretty sensitive.  So, important to read the instructions for this alone I guess.  After this it is pretty straightforward.  Open the casement, remove the halogen bulb fitting, slot in the new bulb, connect the leads where you took the old ones out.  Test and there you have it! As simple as that.

It took me forty minutes to change the lights.  But, I have to admit it took me 20 minutes of staring at the parts before I decided to take a look at the instructions.  It was the wife shaking her head at me to back down.  I didn’t need the website or the fanatical support from a lovely online chatter – this left me a little sad – everyone needs a little cheering on at times!

I took some further advice from reviews though and attached some dull covering over the reflective casing.  I was told that the reflective casement is needed for a halogen bulb with a small glow area but with the HID bulbs this can cause glare.  I didn’t want to be one of those of people who blinded on coming drivers!

All in all – a top experience.  Glad I went for Xenonpro and trusted the reviews.