I am obsessed with sweatpants, and I think everyone else should be as well!

The humble joggers bottoms get a pretty bad rap, and I for one really don’t think it’s very fair!

Ladies, what do you look for in a pair of pants?

NUMBER 1 - Comfort is a must

NUMBER 2 - They need to fit well

NUMBER 3 - They need to be long lasting and hard wearing.

Et voila- Jogging bottoms.

Sweatpants fit all of the above people!

While they were originally created solely for people to workout in, they're way more than just that these days. They are typically, comfortable, lightweight, and made from a cosy soft cotton material. Despite the bad rep they’ve endured over the years, given their “chavvy” connotations joggers have garnered increasing popularity in recent seasons, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Joggers are a key component in the ever-prevalent sportswear trend,  and everyone from high street brands to high-end designers cashing in on the action. This once sportswear staple has undergone a transformation, creating a name for itself as a casual and contemporary must-have.

While at first glance there doesn’t seem to be a lot of variety to this on-trend item, it’s actually way more versatile than you might think, and there are a lot of different styles you can go for.

These days, no gals or guys wardrobe is complete without a sports luxe tracksuit. Men’s fitted tracksuits offer a stylish and comfortable go-to outfit and the modern tailored fit means they’re not just a casual option anymore. While the easiest way to wear joggers is of course how they were originally intended to be styled – casually, this isn’t the only way. If you are going casual, grabbing yourself a slim fit, crew cut T-shirt and throwing it on with a pair of nude joggers is an effortless and stylish look that you can mix up at will.

The effortless simplicity of them makes tailored joggers a must have. If you’re going for a more fancy look, select sweatpants that are made of the highest quality, luxury materials.

ALL HAIL the humble jogger... I love you even if no one else will.

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While the athleisure trend can be great for your style game, some gym clothes are better than others. By taking a closer look at the details in your activewear you can make sure you’re finding the right workout clothes for your activity level.

Compression apparel for example is a performance apparel is designed to support muscles by providing a snug fit that helps increase blood circulation. Compression clothing can be worn as a baselayer or by itself and is available in arm and leg sleeves, tops, pants and more. Check out the Totum Fitness for their Crossfit Clothing, specialist apparel engineered for athletes who don’t quit.

Other things to condsider include :

Moisture Wicking

It’s important to stay cool and dry while working out. That’s why moisture-wicking materials are a must! They help pull sweat away from the body and to the surface of the fabric, which helps reduce chafing and irritation as you move.


Looking for another great way to keep cool? Get gym clothes that offer built-in ventilation, including mesh panels, strappy and open-back styles and cutouts. Breathable workout clothes are especially popular with runners, yogis and outdoor athletes.

Cool & Warm Tech

Many brands offer their own version of climate-minded technologies. Some styles are even built with advanced tech that keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. There are also wind-resistant and water-resistant clothes to protect you when the weather gets rough.


Waffle knits and thermal layers can keep you warm and comfortable when temperatures drop. Invest in thermal underwear for that extra layer of insulation for your cold-weather workouts.

Antimicrobial & Anti-Odour

Antimicrobial apparel helps reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria, which can keep you and your gym clothes smelling fresher, longer.



Staying stylish as you do your weekly workout may not be at the top of your priorities, but it should be. Did you know that studies have shown that if you feel like you look good when you're working out, you can perform up to 10 times harder. Physiologically when you look good, you feel good, and so you're more likely to put in 100% effort at the gym.

Here are a few ways you can stay on trend in the gym, and perhaps enhance you performance...

Wearing a gym jackets always a great workout choice. You can feel comfortable whilst you work up and really work up a sweat in the process. Getting to optimum fat burning temperature can be a massive the goal, so anything that can help you get to that is great. A good jacket can really help to tie your whole outfit together and can make you feel more comfortable to work out.


Compression leggings and track pants are everywhere at the moment, and both sexes are benefiting from them. Not only do these leggings look cool as they are always available in 100's of different colours and patterns, but the compression from the leggings is actually designed to assist and enhance your performance!

Taking over from more classic gym joggers , workout leggings will keep you on trend as you work out.


There are so many different shoe styles to choose from and it really is important that you consider the training you like to do and choose a shoe that will assist you. If you enjoy running and do a lot of cardio, then a shoe that is lightweight and can take a lot of impact and can protect your feet is the perfect choice – there are so many different brands, colours and styles that you are bound to find a pair that you like. Again, if you’re into high-intensity training, then find a flat solid shoe that won’t compress over time.

To summarise..

Obviously, when you go to the gym or for a workout, the clothes you wear isn't the top priority. With this said, there are always so many excuses and reason to avoid a workout that if the clothes you wear will make you go more, it is worth a try. If looking fresh at the gym will make us work harder, we'll get shopping!



Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to find total peace and quiet? Even if you live deep in the countryside away from aircraft routes, traffic and building work, you’ll probably find some evidence of sound somewhere. This noise isn’t just annoying, there is increasing evidence that long-term environmental noise above a certain level can have a negative influence on your health.

These effects can be physical, mental and possibly even disrupt children’s learning, and if you live close to a excessive sound pollution, it could be damaging to your health. There are certain measures that airports and companies with building producing high levels of noise need to take. Implementing industrial soundproofing for example with acoustic louvres or booths may be required by law if such noise pollution is created.

If such measures aren’t taken, how much are you damaging your health?


A recent study uncovered that noise such as road traffic and aircraft sounds can increase the risk of high blood pressure, especially noise exposure at night. The study of aircraft noise around London’s Heathrow airport found that high levels of aircraft noise was associated with increased risks of hospital admission and death for stroke, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular disease in the nearby area…


Your emotional response to noise pollution can also be significant, so much so that it has a specific name: noise annoyance. This describes the negative feelings noise can create such as disturbance, irritation, dissatisfaction and nuisance, as well as a feeling of having one’s privacy invaded.


Another important area of noise research is the effects on children’s learning. A number of large scale studies have found effects of either aircraft or road traffic noise on children’s reading abilities and long-term memory. In the UK, reading age was delayed by up to two months for a five decibel average increase in aircraft noise exposure.

Industrial noise pollution is inevitably tied to the production of air pollution but researchers usually take this into account when studying the problem. And there are probably separate reasons why noise and air pollution can impact our health. If you know that you’re in an area with noise pollutions - do something about it! Contact your local council who can perform a noise assessment and potentially force those responsible for the excessive noise to keep it down!



It goes without saying that everyone has their own individual style when it comes to fashion and footwear choices. That said, there are a few styles of shoe that should feature in every woman’s wardrobe. Making sure that you have at least one variety of the following staples, will ensure that you have something to compliment any outfit perfectly, whatever the occasion.

Heeled Booties

The heeled boot has now established itself as a staple, and should definitely feature in every woman’s wardrobe. A good pair of boots are just what you need to give your outfit a stylish edge, but without going overboard. Since there are so many different types available, like a pair of block heel ankle boots, knee high riding boots, and sexy thigh highs, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Depending on the style you go for, heeled boots can be the perfect accessory to complete almost any outfit.

Barely There Heels

Adding instant length to your legs, barely there heels look amazing with literally any going out attire. They are also the perfect accompaniment to the “jeans and a nice top” combo, or for dressing up a slightly more casual ensemble. Their simple structure is minimal with just a strap or two holding your foot in position, meaning they look great but also take a back seat and allow the rest of your outfit to shine. This versatile barely there style of heel is both timeless and elegant, so even if you’re not really that into heels but decide to invest in just one pair, let it be these.

Cute Flats

There are so many different styles of ballet flats, with unlimited choice of colours, shape and material. Not only are these types of shoe super comfortable and kind to your feet, but they are suitable for almost any outfit or occasion. Depending on the style you choose they can look elegant and professional, ideal for wearing to work or the perfect alternative to heels. On the other hand, they can be fun and feminine for a more chilled day to day look.

Strappy Sandals

Especially as summer draws closer, every woman needs to make sure they have at least one cute pair of sandals. They’re perfect for those sunny days when it’s too hot for a full shoe, but you want to look a little more put together than slinging on a pair of flip flops. From gladiators and boho laceups to slides and thong sandals, there’s endless styles and something for everyone, meaning you can leave your flip flops at the beach.

Stylish Sneakers

Although a trusty pair of gym trainers are essential for working out, it’s also a good idea to have a pair of more trendy trainers for when you’re out of the gym. Whether you’re going for a summer stroll in the park or a heavy shopping spree, you’ll want to wear a comfy pair of shoes but still look stylish at the same time, so you can’t go wrong with a pair of sneakers.



Any foster care parental journey is filled with many emotions, but the pain and frustration is equalled with happiness and opportunity. This is not something for everyone, and certainly not for those who are expecting an easy experience, but if you become a foster carer, you will go on a journey that will change your life as well as the lives of those in need.

To Be a Great Parent

Undoubtedly, any child who is in the foster care system will have had a tough life. Due to this, these children require a parent to be loving and considerate of their needs and provide them with the love and care they haven’t yet experienced. Children would have faced anything from physical and psychological abuse to drug abuse, crime in the home and violence. If you become a foster carer, it will be your opportunity to show these children some light by providing care, love, positivity and overall healthy living!

To Meet Diverse People

When you become a foster carer, you will meet people of all different races, beliefs, values, religions and cultures and this enables you to truly develop an appreciation for every type of person. By encountering such a wide demographic of people your understanding of different walks of life will flourish. Not only this, but as a foster carer your opportunity to build a community with other foster carers and create a support network will amaze you, as there is always someone there for advice and support.

To Help Children

Although this may seem obvious, you can really help a child. Most children entering the foster care system will not have ever formed a lasting attachment, and this is concerning as forming early attachments is crucial to healthy psychological and social development. Due to this, it is possible that these children could also have children who enter the system. So, the sooner these children are able to form attachments, the more likely it is that the cycle of abuse, neglect and abandonment can be stopped as they can appreciate what it takes for families to be stable, happy and safe. By becoming a foster carer, you have the potential to truly change a child’s life and their future.

Learn about your community, and yourself!

People who have experienced foster caring usually walk away with a much greater understanding of some of the covert happenings in their community. As a foster carer you will develop the ability to understand people’s troubles and appreciate people’s differences due to the lessons learnt in foster caring. Not only this, but you will also be able to learn to be a calm and tolerant individual which will be transferable in all walks of life.

There are so many opportunities...

If you become a foster parent, you are not restricted. For those who would like to engage in foster caring there are many different options. You can choose to care short-term for a few weeks or months, long-term which can last until the child reaches adulthood or “short break” caring. Short break carers look after children who are in a long-term fostering family so that their carers can have a break and is used most commonly with children with disabilities, behavioural difficulties or special needs. Alongside this there are many more options including emergency placements, remand and parent and child. There are options to foster through the local authority or through an independent fostering agency, so you can choose a path to suit you in the fostering journey.

Everyone benefits in different ways from becoming a foster carer, but something all have in common is that you are able to change the life of children in need. Aside from all the reasons above, this quote perhaps sums up the main reason you should become a foster carer.

“You were born with the ability to change someone’s life. Don’t ever waste it.” - Anonymous.



There are a number of professions that require insurance. There is often professional risk involved in your work whether it is working with dangerous machinery, or rectifying issues that have occurred through negligence or mistakes. In the same way, a freelance engineer might need engineering insurance, a freelance writer will need insurance as well.

There are 2 main times of insurance available to cover an array of risks and they are known as Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Allegations of professional negligence
  • Inadequate design or specification
  • Lost or damaged documents
  • Incorrect certification
  • Breach of data protection

These are some of the accusations engineers can face when working for a client. It can result in a damaged reputation, stress, and it could be very expensive to put right. That is why freelance insurance is a necessity for professional engineers. Other than being able to pay to rectify damage, insurance will provide you with expert legal advice.

While professional indemnity insurance is not mandatory in the UK, corporate clients will often stipulate in the contract that you must have it. It is however, a good idea for all freelance workers as it will give both yourself and your clients peace of mind that the work will be completed to a satisfactory quality.

Different insurers offer varying levels of cover depending on the size of your business.

Public Liability Insurance

Any business operating in a work environment requires public liability insurance in case harm is caused to an individual or their property through the fault of the business. This is perhaps most important for freelance engineers due to regularly working on different sites and leaving machinery unattended. The smallest mistake can result in injury, death, or damage to property, and a successful claim could be very damaging to your business and professional career.

Other cover you should consider

Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance protects freelance workers over the loss of income from taking time off for medical grounds. Some insurances will also cover you for medical bills related to work injuries.

Business and portable Equipment insurance should also be taken so you are covered in the event of unexpected damage (such as fire or floods) or theft of your equipment. A loss of machinery may require you to rent equipment to complete a job or can lose you precious time while you purchase new equipment or wait for yours to be fixed.

Long term future

Although the initial outlay can be hard to stomach, being able to grow your business without having to give up when you are faced with hurdles is vitally important. As a freelance you are likely to be relying on yourself at all times, and making sure you’re covered will mean you can always rely on your hard work and reputation being protected from life’s mishaps.