Norway days! 😃 Oh yes I'm in Geilo in Norway right now (it's the biggest ski resort in Norway) & I have been here sense Thursday night - and it's just soo amazing beautiful! 😍

The trip from Gothenburg (my home city in Sweden) was interesting, the train stopped on the border to Norway just to check everyone who's in it if we're refugees or not & finally in Oslo we borrowed a car but to get it we must go into the grocery store - ask the worker for the keys - which asked us question about the car - this whole trip felt like a mission haha

The landscape is incredible here! With the high mountains, beautiful forests, the moon & stars shining so brightly bcuz it's so clear weather & air here 😍🌙✨
It's like a big beautiful twilight kind of painting, and that's the closest I get explaining the views & feelings you get from Norway's landscape.✌️

Anyway, we arrived in the middle of the night so the bed was the first thing to do that day/night.
On Friday I did 2 things for the very first time - go cross country skiing - & eating deer meat , welcome to Norway Nadia! 😄🎿

I thought it would be easy to try the skiing but heeell no! You can call me half smurf from all the bruises 😅! But I only laughed every time I felt, even if I wanted to cry cuz it hurt so badly haha But I will not scare you! It was really fun & when you at last know how to just flow with it it's all worth the failing from the beginning 😄👍

After the skiing we took a walk into the "city", talked with people & watched them go crazy from all the sale shopping 💸
And at last we had our delicious deer dinner - it tasted so good! I have normally problem eating meat but this was so tasteful 👌

Yesterday (Saturday) it was Skarverennet, soo many people, I really like this environment, happy healthy people everywhere, it's a cosy feeling when everyone is nice to each other and are focused on doing their thing ☺️
When suddenly the sun was hiding in the clouds - a cold snowstorm said hi so we went in to a cosy cabin, having delicious dinner & a really nicely company, a big warmhearted family with around 15-20 people collected together in this small old charming cabin ☺️ Love these moments, it reminds me from my lovely childhood when our family & friends was gathered around the fire place ❤️

I've finished my morning jogging around this beauuutiful landscape (I keep saying that all the time, but the day you put your feet here you'll understand why) ☺️ with the sun shining strongly in the morning 😍☀️
And now I'm sitting with a full stomach from the breakfast 👌
We're now going to skii & get me some more bruises haha and later
WE'RE HAVING WAFFLES FOR LUNCH TODAY!! 😁 Yaay, and after lunch, we're going to the spa to enjoy & relax before we're leaving Gailo for Sweden again ☺️💆🌸

❤️ Have a lovely day Love ❤️



So after I post my earlier post, my roommates and me had dance competition, played party games & had so much fun 😄 I didn't drink anything thou bcuz I had a plane to catch the day after, but they got soo drunk! I had no choice but to push them out from our living to go out to keep the party going on but in the club before it would be closed 😅💃🎉

My trip to Manila from Bohol was so fun! First my taxi driver & me talked non stop, then at the airport I was best buddies with the terminal guards & we joked a lot about chocolate.. Don't ask me why, even if I know the answer! 😄
And at the airplane I met the cutest couple ever - Bertil & Brenda from Sweden who has been together for around 30 years, we talked & laughed so much, we was definitely the noisiest on the plane 😄 hehe aaand they had a competition where they picked 3 passengers to get up & I was one of them, and guess what the competition was.. Singing a love song to the whole plane!!! Haha 😅😅
And you know when someone's saying "you're going to pick a love song to sing" and you just standing there like a retarded goldfish, cuz suddenly there's no damn love song ever made bcuz you totally get black out hahaha 😂 I got lucky thou cuz I was the second singer so I got little time on me, and only ONE song came - Mariah Carey All I want for Christmas is you - WHAAAT?! The Christmas is over for 2 months ago and your traveling from a tropical warm summer place! HAHA they apparently enjoyed it cuz the passenger in front of me said I had a really beautiful singing voice 😅 puuh I made it 😝 It was definitely one of the best & funny flights I've ever had!! 😄👏✈️ Now I will cross my fingers & hope I win some prices to my door ☺️👍

On the other plane from Manila to Dubai I found 3 seated in the middle of the plane no one had, so I laid on them like a bed & slept for the whole 9 hours trip 👌😴 Felt like VIP 😜
It took a long time for us to land so we were going round in circles for a really long time and it looked so beautiful with all the airplanes going round & round waiting for their turn to land, it reminded me from some years ago when we were going down in HongKong, it was so cloudy weather thou so it was big grey clouds like a coating over the whole sky so when one airplane where going down they went in this grey clouds one by one until it was our turn 😊

And now our Dubai days begins 😁👏
Wednesday 24 feb - I went to Dubai mall for the whole day! It's so big & so much to do there! It's like I have land on an other planet if you compare Philippines to Dubai 😄
So much stores, clothes, jewelry's, bags, shoes, furnitures, restaurants, fashion here, fashion there, money money money 💸
So much to see, so much to do! ☺️
I watched the fountain show 2 times, it's everyday 1:00PM & 6:00PM, the other one was much better & more crowded so you need to be more early in time if you want a good place to see it & record it 👍
It was beautiful 😍
The fountain show is just outside the mall where Burj Khalifa (the worlds highest building) is - yup now I have also been experiencing that, but I don't know why everyone is lying, I mean I could just touch it with my own finger... 😜

I went also to the Aquarium zoo & I saw so many fishes & animals I have never seen before or even know about their existing!😅 And I'm swimming in our oceans! Will never even put my little toe in it for sure! 😜

The aquarium tunnel was so so beautiful! It's like you went in to another world, with beautiful music playing and all this animals all around you, so near 😍 I recommend it, or I recommend everything to do for you guys in Dubai cuz Dubai is definitely some of a country👌

Guess what I did after the aquarium zoo & tunnel?! ...


They were sooo cute, when you're holding the fish for the ray to eat it, no srry, to suck it in 😄 It felt really strange & they sounded sooo funny! 😄😄 I will give you a picture of what you can compare it with - like a baby exited about having the food right away so it gets so overexcited to found the boobs to suck it in 😂 hope you like the picture you got 😂

I was a little bit exhausted & tired after this whole day and from the flight the day before, so after I had dinner with the girls I went to the cinemas (it's just near the ice rink they have in the mall-yeah I know right-so crazy..). And I didn't just got to see a regular movie, no of course not, it's me we're talking about😎✌️

4D!!! Yup I named it! Soo much fun!! You MUST try it!! 😁 woopwoop haha

The chairs are moving, they are blowing wind on you, punches on the back, spray fluid in the face and all that crazy things so it really feels like you're in the movie 😅 and the movie I saw was soo much fun! Deadpool - you MUST see this movie! 😄👍

And I thought I would go to a calm cosy movie to watch & recover😄..

So tired when I went home that night so I fell asleep before Ninni where home from her job 💤

On Thursday me & the girls went out for Lunch before their jobs, but not Ninni this time, she's free until I'm going home on Tuesday ☺️👏 here comes the woopwoop again 😄😝

After lunch we went to the Dubai mall (again for me this time) but not for the shopping, we went to the roller coaster, the theme park - Sega Republic 😁👏 like 10 years old 👯 I will never grow up!

It's near the ice rink & the cinemas ☺️👍

We had so much fun! Time just flies! We laughed so much, doing all of the roller coaster, going up down spinning round playing games watching moving screens.. You name it 😄👶🎈🎮👾🎯

We also did photos, and here you see the really beauuutiful modeling photos hahah

We took another taxi home, not the regular, and this one is more expensive cuz it's more luxury, but you can bargain, he said 150 Dirham but we got it for 100 (a regular cost 40 from the mall to our home, 40 dirham is like 100kr)

It's different here in Dubai, our Friday & Saturday is on Thursday & Friday here, so it was so much people that's why we took the other taxi home or else we would have wait for 1 hour 😅

It was party time tonight!! Unplanned nights are always the best nights! 😁💃

We went to Provacature - there's always many VIP tables here in the clubs in Dubai, so our crew had one (reminds me of when I was out in Cannes, Saint Tropez & in London, they had like the same clubs with all this VIP tables) & I LOVE this nights! With all the drinks coming in all the time, vodka champagne shots.. Our table competed with the table next to us so you can imagine how this night was for us 😄💃🎉

You know when they come in with all the drinks in a big bowl & they having all this sparkling lights to get all the attention from the whole club - 5 times did our table had that this night. Hahaha all this competing in Dubai, I didn't care about all that, I only danced danced & danced & wait, I also danced a lot! 😄 When the musics on & my mood is on top, I dance so much my feet must recover for a whole year 😜💃💃

We went to an after party to a big house, had more drinks, danced & I was cuddling with the adorable cats they had there, 1 mother and her 2 kittens ☺️🐾

What I also did (I hope they're not reading this) was going up to the rooftop of the house.. Whyyy do I always wanna do stuffs you shouldn't do, it's like something in my head is like "hey Nadia, you're not allowed to do this, so you should definitely go and do it!" 😅😅

It was a beautiful view, had my own time between all the peoples, lights, parties, noise & all that is Delightful sometimes ☺️

We got home 7 AM - having a blast! A really good funny lovely night! 👏👌🔝

I woke up around 3 PM (I don't like when the half day is gone so much but this time it was so worth it😜)

with the worse headache ever! When will I learn not to drink the champagne, my body hates champagne & I only remembers that the day after 😄 haha I'm so smart!

We ordered food to our door & then our hangover was gone 👏

So we went to GLOBAL VILLAGE 😃

It's a place where they have all this kinds of different cultures from all over the world! I loved it so much! It's like you're experiencing different countries in only one area, & it's so cheap to go in, only 15 dirham ☺️👍

But ofc Ninni & me had to buy tickets to the roller coasters there.. Here comes the 10 years old 👯✌️ haha

We ride 3 carousels & went on the ghost round, but the 2 best funniest ones was the Sling Shot & Around the world 😄

You were sitting in a globe on the sling shot & was throwing up out in the air at the same time it was spinning us around, it was the scariest carousels I've ever ride!! And it was the first one we went on hahaha & with the alcohol still in our bodies, we basically vibrated out from that 😂😂

So we thought "around the world" would be good for us cuz it's a whirligig - but nooooo, It went really high up in the air and Ninni haha she was soo damn scared, she was hooked in the same position cuz she couldn't move & having all this panic sounds HAHAHAH I laughed so hard I was crying, and I couldn't stop crying, she looked so damn funny, I'm actually laughing now writing this 😂😂😂 poor girl! I'm feeling like the best friend you could ever have right now 😄

But we went out from it alive & from the Global Village - next on to a dinner with the same crew the night before.

It was more luxury dinner at Emirates towers - La Cantine, really beautiful but after 2 drinks I went home, was so tired so grandma Nadia went home to her beauty sleep while the others kept on partying ☺️


This is a really long post, I know, and I'm not finished yet ✌️

It's because I didn't have any time in Dubai to post the days, it takes me around 2 hours to post only 1 day, so you can imagine how long time I put on writing & posting everything up, with all the pictures and all that 😅

But I wanna do this for you guys & also for me! ☺️

So take a cup of tea or coffee & then here we go again.. 😄


27feb on Saturday Angelica & me went to the Atlantis water land at the palm island 😃

I thought it would be much bigger than it was but it was still fun, and ofc we went on all the water carousels 👯🌊

One of them had this aquarium you went in so the sharks & rays where all around you 😃

When the whole day past & our childish time were over, well not really, we had ice creams at this delicious ice cream place just outside the Atlantis at first where the workers had so much fun playing singing throwing ice cream & joking to each other 😄🍨🍦🍧

It glads me so much to see this, it's so important to enjoy your job cuz you spend so much time of your life at work ☺️👍 And they also made us, the customers, enjoy it to👏

After ice cream, we put up some heat in the apartment with some candles & cosy time 😍

Sunday was a fun day! And say that we didn't play with rays, it also wasn't a grey day, we wasn't home to stay, and it was nobody's birthday, but we did pay to go on a bumpy driveway to catch the highway, nah just kidding, we played on no Safeway, but in the dessert roadway, someday I will do it on replay, but not today, anyway this sentence makes me gay, so now I'm just gonna let this fade away, so I can enjoy my holiday with much of food right away - yaay!

Sometimes you know, I really need a big bottle of coffee, some yoga lessons to find my inner peace & a cage in the mental institution so maybe, just maybe, I would be normal like the rest of the world..

Do you also feel the same sometimes? 😃

Haha I will not scare you away, I'm just joking, I promise... .. .

Anyway moving on to the subject, on Sunday we went on a DESSERT SAFARI!! 😄👏 it was soooo much fun! It's a must for you guys when you are in Dubai!! 😁

We booked it online (everything is much cheaper when you book your activities online in Dubai☝️) and we got the best driver! He played good party music to get our mood up, and was joking with us & helping us taking pictures ☺️👍

So we did the bumpy ride with the jeep on the dessert, I thought I would write my testament so many times in the car cuz it went WILD! Sand all over around above under sideways you name it haha and the car went on 90 degrees on the sand hills!!.. We laughed all the time but I think it was a nervous laugh like Ninni had in the roller coaster in global village haha now I know how she felt 😂 karmaa 😂

And our driver went high on the party music & when I asked him how long he have done this he said it was his first day hahaha

I do not recommend this to you who have heart & back problems 😊😊😊

After the jeeps we changed ride to the camels 🐪 😄 But it was only for a really short time, I wanted to ride them longer!

I wasn't sad for a long time thou bcuz we got our henna, hookah, really good buffet dinner, dance show & belly dance 💃😃👏 It was a really nice evening, having the stars above us✨ I enjoyed this day so much! The dessert is really something extra!😍

We put our makeup, clothes & party mood on when we got home to go out for some dancing💃 It only lasted for 2 hours then we got home again - perfect for grandma Nadia 😄👍

My last day in Dubai (Monday) was I supposed to go to the beach & on the top of Burj Khalifa, but I was so dull & satisfied from all of the days so I just went shopping, packed my things and had dinner with Ninni before I went to the airport. But, Dubai I'm coming back for you 100% and do the Burj Khalifa view 👌☺️☺️ And ofc so much more, like skydiving 😁👏 No stress, when the time is right, you will read more about the days in Dubai from me ☺️🙌

The flight home to Sweden was no fun! It was so much turbulence, for the whole 7hours flying there was turbulence non stop! Luckily I got 3 seats for myself this time again (I know I'm so lucky😄) so I could lay down, trying to sleep, thinking about I'm laying in a rocking bed like a baby 😄 haha you must do the best trying to have a good time in hard conditions right 😄👍

So now I'm home in Sweden again! The weather is so different from Philippines & Dubai! It's snowing, raining & it's really cold! I must have all this clothes on me when I'm used to shorts & flip flops 😅

But I'm also soo glad to be home, I missed my nearest so so so much! They warm my heart & the whole me more than the hot sun, anytime!❤️

​My sweet friend Sandra knows exactly what a girl want when she's coming home from a long vacation - The best chocolate in the World - Marabou! ❤️ aaand an Victoria Secret body mist ❤️

It feels really good to be home, but I know I will miss the mañana life ✌️😎 

Well, until next time, when & where the next adventure is waiting 😁👏🌍🌎🌏✈️💭👣🙏😚

Hope you're enjoying reading this & having a really blast time with your own life ☺️ All love to you guys! ❤️❤️❤️ 



16 February 2016

It was a beautiful day, sun was shining trough the window & slowly waked her up. She begin to.. Haha just kidding with you, I will not write a book for you guys to read.

The last days in Bohol have only been so relaxing!😍 Eating on restaurants, getting tan at the pool or beach, having massages, snorkeling... You name it 😊 Living mañana life ✌️

Except on Thursday the 17feb, cuz we did the ziiip liiine 😃 so much fun & beautiful view!👌 It took a long time thou bcuz of the weather, first it was sun then rain then sun, rain.. So we went in rounds and when one of us was on the other side it start to rain again so we waited until the rain was gone so the others could go 😅

When I talked to my mom that night one crab showed up, in my living, 200m from the beach.. We named him "Lost" bcuz he was totally lost 😄😄🐣

One of these days when we were at the beach and snorkeling I swam to a boat, climbed up & went on it to lay on the very front and have a tan, away from all the peoples & it was so much nicer bcuz you don't get that sweaty & it waved from the waves 😍 and no owner came to tell me to jump out from it 😃✌️ I love to do things you shouldn't supposed to do, it's more funnier 😜 Am I the only one who's loving this?

I must also recommend 2 things here:

The Deuchess massage - the best I've ever had! Cheap prices, really nice & good local place, kind people & the best massage you will ever get! They are so good, don't talk to each other or pauses like they normally do at the massages at the beach, & they give you more massage than you pay for 👍 I always give them extra money for their good work ☺️🌺

The vodka chocolate drink - Soo yummy it's dangerous, it doesn't taste any alcohol at all, only cold chocolate😍😍😍 So for you who don't like the alcohol taste, you will love this one! 👌

On Saturday (yesterday) I got 3 new roommates, we had movie night & watched "the interview" it was so hilarious! If you need a funny movie to laugh at, this is definitely the right one! 😄👍

​Today I did all the funny part, like cleaning my clothes, book taxi, print out paper, pack my things.. 

Cuz tomorrow I'm going to DUBAIII 😁😁👏👏💰💄💎✈️ 



Monday 8 February was Chinese New Year, but I didn't do so much for the whole day, except work & had dinner with the girls and at night I hanged out with some peoples at the place I'm living in, saw some fireworks & then grandma Nadia read her book & fell asleep 😄✌️

On Tuesday we girls just relaxed for the whole day, chilled & tanned at the beach & had dinner at the night.

The day after I finished reading my book "Hope" By Lesley Pearse, Noooo I didn't want it to end! It's the best book I've ever read so far! I recommend it to you all, it's so much going on & it has the best ending! I felt the tears in my eyes & happy butterflies feeling in my stomach for the last 100 sides 😄 haha I know that sounds so lame & I'm usually not a reader, but when I read this book I forget about the real world, I was totally 100% into this book and now I'm talking about a book.. Okey moving on from Year 1800 back to 2016..

My 4 other friends from sweden arrived to Bohol later that day! YAAY ☺️👏 So we had a good long dinner & talked non stop for the rest of this day/night. We had deep conversations about life, beliefs, the world, people, what's right what's wrong, karma & lovely meaningful talks like this, LOVE these conversations ☺️😍 I fell asleep like a 6 months baby veiled in cotton clouds that night ❤️

Such a wonderful Thursday day it has been! We had breakfast/lunch for more than 2 hours, having deep conversations again, talking about everything between heaven & earth & all that this life has brings & are going to bring ❤️💬

So when the clouds disappeared all you could feel was "Sun is shining & the weather is clear" (go back to that sentence again but sing it this time like Bob Marley did, it's okay if you start to dance;) ⛅️☀️🎶

After my massage, swim & working out at the beach I just laid & enjoyed a man playing beautiful sounds with his instrument (I don't know the name of it or what it is). I just stared for like 20-30 minutes, the sounds was so beautiful! He made me forget about everything around us, I was totally in his music & so satisfied & feeling harmony so I didn't even mind if I was totally just laying there & starring like a freak 😄 At one point a woman came to him with her boy & he teached him to play, that lovely picture have I made a frame around in my head 😍

We had soo yummy dinner at Oasis restaurant & resort, it's the best place to eat in Alona beach if you're asking me👌

We took one drink with 2 girls from Germany who's living in the same room as me, there is also 1 Chinese guy living with us and he's so funny bcuz he's aaalways talking Chinese to us bcuz he can't speak English - but we can't speak Chinese!!! So I'm just trying to have a conversation with my hands but it's hopeless so I'm just laughing at him, it's like I would speak Swedish all the time like a real conversation to them but they don't understand a single word 😂 HAHAHA so funny!

The day after we went to White Beach (not the one in Boracay😜) and it was more relaxing bcuz there wasn't many people. One of the starfish we saw were having babies or was supposed to eat another tiiiny little starfish, if it was suggestion 2 did that starfish have his guardian angel & a really lucky day 😄⭐️

Who wasn't so lucky was Collin (one of the Swedish friends) who were putted in the hospital over night and the ambulance driver drived crazy on the clumpy roads 🚑

But hey, don't worry, the day after he was free from the hospital & everything was fine with him 😊👍

❤️ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY all you lovely people out there! I send you so much love from the deepest of my heart! ❤️

I spend my valentines day with a trip with my 2 roommates to see dolphins🐬 & snorkel with turtles🐢

We didn't see so much of the dolphins but it was ok for me cuz I've already swim with them when I was in Bali, here's an old picture of that ☺️

And the turtles was so cute! My other friends who has done this trip said it was really big ones but I think they were on vacation when we were there cuz we only saw the small ones, but ones again it's ok for me cuz I've saw them when I was skuba diving in Gili Trawangan, here's old pictures of that ☺️

I was laying on the really front of the boat with my feet touching the water (cuz it was a small boat) on the way back & it was so relaxing having the whole ocean as a view. It felt like I was flying just above the water laying down 👼💙✌️

Later that night my 4 Swedish friends & me had buffet dinner at HENNAN hotel - sooo damn delicious! I swelled before I started to eat it, so much food it was, all kinds & one of the best I've eat! 😍👌 We eat so much that the only love I could feel was a bed after that cuz I couldn't move with my 10kg extra.. 😅

The first thing I did the day after was working out (talk about anxiety)! 💪😄 When I was finished the new Swedish crew went to a trip with our mopeds to a cave with water & bats in it, a lot of bats! One of them pooped on Emre haha I think it's bcuz he stinks to much 😉😝

So after that we went to a random beach on this island, for Emres sake haha just kidding Emre! 😄 We all was warm so we needed a swim in the water and I'm so glad of that cuz it was an exclusive hotel on the beach and they had a trampoline on the water 😃 and we all went like crazy 10 years old, the first thing we did was to swim to that one & it was a obstacle course for you to come up on that and Emre HAHAHA I can not explain it better than this video:

He stood on a smaller mattress to get up on the bigger trampoline and it looked exactly like the video cuz it was slippery from all the water😂 And he fell and floundering with his legs & we laughed so hard-crying! I got so much water in my mouth cuz I couldn't stop laughing 😂

On the way back I wanted to try the speed of the moped and I came up to 90km/h & I'm sure it can go over 100km/h haha if this would be in Sweden they would have take you in, the moped, the driving license, call your parents, pack your bag, buy one way ticket to a small island in the middle of Pacific Ocean & put you in a airplane where they will push you out of it with a parachute. 😄

I'm glad I'm in Philippines now so we could enjoy our dinner instead 😄

And after dinner I worked out one more time haha (talk about anxiety!!) 😅

How was your valentines day? (I know it was 2 days ago, & I'm srry I haven't update you guys earlier) but I want to hear aaallll about it 😍🌹❤️

💋🌹❤️ It doesn't matter if valentines day was 2 days ago, I'm sending out so much love to you guys now bcuz I truly LOVE you! ❤️🌹💋



It's the first time I'm sitting in the very front in the airplane & I was the first person walking out of it when we landed (I know, I'm sooo childish haha)!
My trip from Bora-Bohol was interesting.. The first taxi driver belched a lot (btw take the white taxi & not the yellow one cuz it's cheaper, but in Manila you take the yellow one👍), and at the boat station they were playing live music for the people who was leaving Cebu (they are happy we're leaving haha😜), halfway on the boat trip we saw a really beautiful rainbow where it ended on the water-I have never seen where it ends before 😊 and after 11 hours of traveling (thank god I met Livio, an Croatian/Italian guy who was traveling to the same places as I was) I was at my destination - Alona Beach! 🌺

I dumped my things at the Swedish guys hotel & searched for a place to live in, so I searched and searched, aand believe it or not but I searched.. I searched for 1hour (I've never been so sweaty in my whole life! Looked like I had a rainy cloud over me the whole time 😄) FULLBOKED everywhere! At last I found one so after a real shower, me and the boys had buffet at the end of the Alona beach, really nice hotel but the worst buffet food ever & it costed 1.060PHP so I don't recommend it.

On Friday we went up early to go for a trip to the whaaale shaaarks 😃👏

It was soo amazing, one of the best things I've done! You ALL must do this once in your lifetime! We had also so much luck! We saw many whale sharks after each other & they looked adorable, well I will be honest & tell you guys when I didn't know it was one coming close behind me with his mouth open I had a little panic at first but after a while I wanted to take one home! Haha 😍

And on the way back home we saw dolphins jumping in the water & flying fish flying/running on the water haha looked so funny! And after a while we saw many other dolphins laying & relaxing or sleeping on the water, so we got really close to them until they moved 👏🐬👍

Wonderful day!! 😍❤️

We loaded our energies after this trip with food, relaxed, played & had some drinks at the boys pool ☺️💦

At night we went in to the city having some dinner (I had the best strawberry milkshake ever, tasted so yummy!), and it was a misunderstanding with the bread order 😄 1 plate had 5 bread and one of the guys said wrong about the order so we had 5 plates with 25 bread HAHA😂 You can say we made a fool about him & the breads for the last 2 hours 😄

After the drinks, I was so exhausted so I went home - here comes grandma Nadia again! 😜

Yesterday (Saturday) I did go for a adventure all by myself, I've never done it before & it was supposed for me to meet up the girls but I was 30 minutes behind them so I went to this day trip by myself, and I enjoyed it soo much! I never thought I would but it was the best for me to decide where to go & what to do all by myself & taking good time on me 😊

So I went to the chocolate mountains - really beautiful view with this crazy mountains looking like a roller coaster, the peoples here have only theories about how they invented & only on that place and no where else in Philippines, I love mysteries like this & when we don't really know the answer ☺️

After the hills I went to a butterfly farm, I couldn't take so many pictures bcuz the butterflies where flying all around & above me so it was dizzy pictures, but it was so fascinated to see the whole process from the egg - to larva - the shell - to a beautiful butterfly 🐛 (okey so I just found out that they have larva but not the butterfly emoji haha whaat😅)

After becoming a butterfly I flied with my wings to the sweet Tarsier😍 They were sooo cute with their big eyes & claiming the trees, and they where so small!🐒 If there wasn't people around me I would have take one with me home ☺️☺️☺️ Or two 😏

I leaved my wings & the Tarsier to have a serious talk with the snakes (like Harry Potter did) 😜

They where so lovely! aand again, if the people just could have a break & go for a coffee, I would have take them home with me! 🐍 Not the big ones thou bcuz they where so heavy 😅 (and that's what they said 😄)

All this trips only cost around 40PHP to get in, there's nothing! And these experiences you get👌👌!!

The first thing I did after this exhausting day was taking a nap😴 (grandma Nadia-I'm getting used to this)

I woke up by my roommates & later I had dinner with the girls at the beach, gossip about our days aand ofc of other things like we girls do 💁

Like the weather, sports, cars and ofc chocolate! 😉 haha 😜

Btw the children are happy & playing with the little things they have🍃🌾🌿

Today it's Monday, a new day, a new week (the weeks goes so fast!), and new adventures is waiting ☺️👏 

I hope your adventures are as lovely as mine is 😘👣🌏🌙💋💭✨❤️ 



We had brunch at The District, forget Astoria - this buffet is the best I've ever had! Soo yummy & it only cost 600PHP 👌 Jackpot! It's in station 2, white big hotel, you can't miss it 😉 if you're not a sloth & you've only come halfway until the sun starts to go down 😜

It was the boys last day in Bora so we just hanged out.

Thursday was the girls last day in Bora so we were just relaxing for the whole day. My massage at the beach was so funny, it was an older man laying beside me, snored so loudly with his mouth wide open in the air (that's not what you want to happen) & talked in the sleep with me, saying he wants me to come with him so he can take care of me hahah and I was annoyed after a while bcuz he destroyed my massage so I told him that I'm 24 years old and can take care of myself! We all were laughing so he woke up and was ashamed and told me he was so sorry haha

And at the Spider house later that day we saw a squid in the water (not in the tree if you thought that..) haha it was so cute! ☺️🐙

For three days ago I washed my own clothes for the first time, I'm really starting to get in to this Boracay life, feeling like a Philippine ✌️😜

I think it's good for me to leave this place before I'm forgetting who I really are! 😄

On wednesday after me & Alex had sand fight, fooling us & relaxed at the beach we had buffet (all this buffet will never make me skinny!) with also Gemma one Philippine girl at Paradise Garden in station 3 for 500PHP, it was really good with all kinds of food, they had sushi there so for the sushi lovers I recommend this place 😊👍

After dinner we went to have drinks & I don't know why I took the Melon bucket all by myself.. Bcuz Gemma helped me & Alex took the other half haha Too big for me to handle! Btw, if you say toobig in one word it means water in Philippines 😋

When the bucket was empty & the dog was full & the cat was drunk 😜 we danced our asses off at Paraw for the last time💃

Thursday was a wonderful lazy day, had breakfast at the beach at spider house, read my book & took a swim in the water, taking everything in of Bora for the last time, really relaxing 💙 It was supposed for me to do the G-Max attraction, I got it for 500PHP + the DVD when it cost 2.100PHP (I KNOW, crazy good price!) bcuz of Gemma who knows the owner. Soooo sad I couldn't do it bcuz my stomach was a little bit out of control this day 😓 Well, everything happens for a reason, I'm coming back for you Boracay - only for the G-Max!! Haha it will cost me more than it costs at the beginning 😜

Had my last Dinner with Alex (see you back home in Sweden so I can make fun of you at your work) before I packed my things for new adventures 😃👏

Bohol - watch out cuz I'm coming for you! ⛵️✈️🌴🌏



I went to meet up Alex & we had drinks at a bar at the beach with live music in front of us, having a blast.

A man came to us trying to sell some selfie sticks, but he didn't say any words he just sounded like he was roaring at us for like 5 minutes hahaha whaat tha hell?! I think crazy things happens to crazy peoples, it's like an attraction 😄 haha I just laughed so hard all the time.. I seriously don't need to do any push ups as long as I'm with crazy him 😁

After the drinks we were fooling us all the way to club Paraw, not because of the drinks, (& you can not blame the sun cuz it has only been cloudy these days) only bcuz it's our normal behavior to be honest 😝

We danced like wild monkeys outside another bar and then we tricked the people around us that I was reeeally drunk, hanging over Alex shoulder and he tried to take care of me, stand on my own feets so I wouldn't fall & get me home safe and everyone was just looking at us hahah 😂 And after that I ride his back like he was my donkey, telling him to run faster.. This can go on & on, I'm glad many of you don't see us together bcuz you will think we have all kinds of symptoms & diagnoses 😄 The crazier people gets, the more I will like them & enjoying their company ✌️ (And that explains all of my friends for you, they look like ordinary but you should only know the real truth behind closed doors😎)

We danced at club Paraw for a little bit, met my other Swedish friends there & after the dancing & after we tried doing different funny faces expressions 😝 my slave Alex gave me foot massage 😊 That's a good donkey 👏👏

(Kidding with you Alex, it was really kind of you, wanted to give me that when I just said my feet was hurting from the workout earlier & the dancing) 😊 Girls - there you have a real gentleman 😉👍

I booked tickets on Thursday morning away from Boracay! And not bcuz I'm getting this island crazy haha I've been here for 1 month now, that wasn't the plan but this island feels like my home now, it's hard to just leave it when you're so comfortable & loving everything about this island.. 🌺🌴☀️🐚🐬 But I made it and clicked me away from Boracay on Friday 5th February in 5 days 😊

After breakfast I worked a little bit on the beach but it was really bad wifi so I just took a walk & met Jibril one of the Swedish guys and 2 other Swedish lovely girls from Stockholm, Anna & Kajsa. We had dinner for like 2-3 hours just talking & laughing about everything - having a blast 😄 We went to spider house after the dinner only for the chocolate brownies they have haha It was so worth it 👌

The sun was up on Friday finalleeeyyyyy😁👏 So everybody were at the beach getting some tan, I got to much so now I'm the most red crayfish 😜

I also worked out at the beach so I didn't need to do it later, I know, I'm the smartest crayfish you've ever known 😎✌️

I met all the Swedish friends later that day and we went to Tree house which's in station 3, look like spider house a little bit and I do like that place 😊 We had a really good time, eating food, having drinks & played funny drink games with cards & Mobil apps, it went totally crazy 😄👍

When I went home that night on the beach I took a long time on me because of the beautiful charming quite night 😍 The stars & the moon lighted up the sky, the top of the palm trees & the ocean.. Breathtaking - was the only word I could think off. At one point at station 1, I stopped and just stand there looking & taking all this beauty in, for 10 minutes & 4 dogs was sitting just beneath my feet & enjoyed me 😍☺️ L❤️VE these moments!!

Don't forget to open your eyes a little bit more to the things around you you normally don't looking at & feeling, bcuz that's what we really are. 💛✨

(these two pictures are taken 2 days before when I was reading & watching the sunset before I met up my friends)

Saturday we, the Swedish crew haha, were at the beach at spider house, chilled, tanned & played in the water like we're 10 years, doing different games like the shark game but you scream "Mark" with closed eyes and then all the others scream "Polo", who can hold their breath & swim the longest, building floors standing on each other in the water like cheerleaders 😄👯

After my running on the beach we had the best nachos plate ever in station 2!! 😍👌 After dinner we played billiard & having drinks, we met a really good billiard player who's a pro, it was not worth playing with him cuz he putted all the balls in like nothing's hard & he showed us some tricks, really nice to see - satisfying 😃👍🎱 WE MET A BILLIARD PRO PLAYER!!! iiiih😁😁👏 Okey, moving on ☺️

I was so lazy & tired yesterday for the whole day - you can call it hangover, not feeling il just tired, so it was supposed for me to lay on the beach with my book & sleep, buuut ofc I was with Alex who was talking my brain out and when he was finished a couple from Denmark started to talk to us and they all where having drinks except me, so this was my day of rest 👍👍 haha 

We had dinner at TGI Fridays, sooo yummy! Sorry guys for not taking any pictures, I have been soo lazy with that & I promise I will be better! I didn't have my phone or camera with me yesterday but I will take it with me today when me and the girls Anna & Kajsa are having brunch buffet later 😊👍 

I must just say this to you lovelies that I'm being so much chilled & relaxed! Back home in Sweden I was always stressed, had something to do, worked out, met people, must do this & that - but now here in Boracay after 1 month I'm sooo relaxed, no stress, take day by day, just wanna take it easy & be calm, I'm like the hippie my parents thought they would never have so you can call me hippie Nadia now haha ✌️ Without the dreads - give me 1 month and I will have them to! 😄👍

Be safe & have an amaaazing day & week (bcuz it takes days before I'm putting something up here) 😋 See you at the beach 😉🌴🐬 Love you all!! 😍❤️ 



Before me & Alex had breakfast we were fooling around like children, laughed so hard (like usual) so we got hungrier & hungrier 😄 And when we finally got our shit together & moved to the restaurant it was lunchtime, so we decided to have lunch buffet at Astoria (the one I've told you about earlier) and it was soo damn good! You MUST try their buffet if your going to Boracay, you will send me diamonds presents bcuz I've told you about this place, I think we sat there for 2 hours just eating & eating non stop bcuz it's so tasteful haha 😄👍

After dinner (so full) I got some work done at the beach 😍 And after work I followed Alex to his basketball match - It was a really good match! Alex did some scores & his team won the whole game 😃👏 YAAY!
The only thing that wasn't a "YAAY-feeling" was when Alex gave me a forced hug, got me all drowned in his disgusting sweat! Uaack!

Lucky for him I was going to have a workout as soon as I was home so I would also be sweaty 😊
And that's what I did - had an amazing workout at the beach! 👏👍
Jogged from station 1 - 3 , had some fitness training with the ocean in front of me , & jogged all back to station 1 again. I which I could record the views from my eyes so you guys could have the same feeling as I had 😍 You know when you get that "life is too wonderful & I'm feeling unstoppable" feeling, add that feeling x10! ❤️

I've just finish my dinner & now I'm going over to Ambassador for having a drink & enjoy the night with friends, acoustic music & maybe we will sing some karaoke later 😜 We will see how the night ends, My other Swedish friends are doing the Pub Crawl tonight so if we're out late we will maybe meet them up for some dancing 💃




So I'm having to much vacation - not so much work going on and it's bcuz it happens a lot of fun every day (it sounds like I'm complaining about the days I'm enjoying here haha I'm not I promise). But (aaand here comes the "but" part 😁) the reason I traveled at the first place was working for my hobby, a lot like 9 to 5 work (and now you got that Dolly Parton song in your head didn't you hehe well at least now you did). So from now on I will say more no to funny moments & yes to put my time more for work.

I got it wrong about the full moon party. It wasn't on sunday it was yesterday (on monday) and I didn't go to it!! 2 reasons - bad windy & cold weather and I was so tired from the trip me and Alex had around the Island. Yup, I should change my name here to GrandmaNadiaWorldWide 😊

So it was Charlies last day here on sunday and we went for drinks at first (it's happy hour from 4-7 you pay 1 & gets 2 drinks) and after that we went to Lanterna for 3 course dinner. It's an italian restaurant and I totally forgat I'm in Philippines. The food was soo good, it tasted Italy, it feels Italy, they speaked Italy, you enjoyed Italy! We had a blast! (Sorry for the dizzy picture, it's the only one I have from this day).

I walked home along the shore and it was crazy much water up to the houses on the beach, so I basically walked in the water going all the way up to my knees. But it didn't matter, it was a strange feeling in a good way 😊 (at least I'm not walking in snow 😜)

Early in the windy monday morning, me and Alex took his motorbike he has borrowed and drived around the whole Island. It's so much bigger than you think it is, you must just go outside the tourist zone & you will always see so much more & how the local people actually are living and having it.

First we drived to Mt.Luho to watch Boracay from the top of the mountain. We sneaked in bcuz the cashier wasn't there so we runned up the stairs until we made it away from her haha watched all the incredible views from different angles (they also had different animals in cages like a museum but I felt so bad for them looking so unhappy, hate that! Everyone should be free, making their own meaning of life) and when we were going back the cashier stoped us and said we gets 50% of the normal price, 120PHP together instead of 240PHP haha Now you guys know how to get 50% off 😂

I got pictures with an eagle who wasn't in a cage thou, it looked at me like it's going to bite me haha And I fully understand him!

We drived to Puka beach so Alex could play like the child he his in the water haha I know you reading this Alex and I'm just kidding with you 😄 It was crazy big waves so I didn't go into the water (also bcuz I was enyoing eating my deliciouse corn with cheese on haha #always hungry.) so when he tried to go up from the water he fell all the time hahahahhahahahahahah!! No just kidding, I promise I will not bully you again... .. .. .. . Maby. It looked funny thou.

After Puka it was my time to drive, we had Sushi buffé dinner, it looks yummy but it was nothing special, and the dessert (I took this buffé 90% bcuz of the dessert) was 3 tiiiiny small triangle pieces of watermelon HAHA they definitely tricked us 😂 So I bought my own dessert.

BAM! There you have one real dessert! That should dessert look like! That should dessert taste like! haha I've lost it. (❤ desserts)

After driving around everywhere we had 1 hour body massage at PalassySpa at white beach and after the massage we were hungry, again, #always hungry.

We took a pizza and enjoyed it on the beach, watching all the people walking past. I tied the pizza string around alex arm so when he tried to eat I pulled it so (lastly) the last pizza bite was falling to the sand haha I promise I'm not that evil, usually I'm not, well maby only sometimes, depends who I'm with so it's not really my fault :) :) :) .

After the pizza we went to WaterColors to chill for a little bit then we went to Jonah's shakebar to have shakes 😁 haha #always hungry.

I'm always having an hilarious time with this funny creature called Alexander.

It was supposed that we would only take a nap for 1 hour or 2, but it was the longest nap I've ever had - waking up 7 o'clock in the morning today - missing the full moon party totally as the plan was supposed to be like haha There will be 11 full moon parties more in this year so it's manana.

New chapter, let's turn the page 😊

I've got so much work done today! From 8 AM - 6 PM. My head is finished from all the thinking, now I only have 1 braincell left! haha But that didn't stop me, Alex & me had this group workout at the beach with 10 other peoples around 8 PM, one of the hardest workouts I had bcuz it's on the sand in 1 hour and it was intense! But I love the feeling you get after a workout 😊 It's like back to the routines I had back home in Sweden 😊

I'm ready for a brand new lovely day tomorrow!

Have an amazing night you all ❤ LOVE



After my workout at the beach on wednesday, me & Alex were going out for some Kayaking he borrowed from his job. It was soo much fun! I laughed so hard at alex I got 10 times more abs workout haha He told me that he & his manager were kayaking to a private beach but the gards stoped them before they approached the beach with the kayak, when we were kayaking we thought it would be fun to see what they would do this time. So we went all the way to the shore & went on the beach, it was at that point they told us we most go back, it was near they would let us have 1 drink there but the big boss stoped them haha

So we went to another beach, watched the sunset & took a drink there and went back when it was dark (so beautiful view), the last meters Alex jumed in the water, took his paddle like a spear and were running in the water with it like he was hunting for fish & throwed it in the water HAHA maby he wanted to be a djungle man when he was younger 😂 those pictures will never go away from my head now 😄

When I was walking home that night, a man named Ken stoped & talked to me. He's the owner of Freestyle Kitesurfing and he got me 1 hour kitesurfing lesson for free (it cost 19.000PHP for 7 hours).

The next day I went to the other beach for some kitesurfing. It was really fun trying that & if I had my own kiteboard I would definatley Kitesurf like everday here in Boracay 😄

I met some new kitesurf friends and hanged out with them on the beach, it was a really good day 😊

And later that day I went to Ryans poolparty to celebrate his birthday, he's one of the kitesurfing guys. It was so much fun! It was at Tides hotel at D'mall on the rooftop & we ate food & cake, had some good drinks, danced, watched the sunset from the rooftop going down in the palmtrees and had a real good time with good peoples. I also met Mike - Swedish best Kitesurfer, a really nice guy 😄

Later we all went to Exit bar for more drinks and after that we went to Epic club to dance & in Epic I met my Swedish friends who arrived earlier to Boracay that day and we went to Summers club to dance more. I got home late that day/night, feeding my motorbike driver with cake at the same time he was driving me Hahaha and I thought I was the hungry one from all the dancing 😂 Really good & funny day & night!

I woke up around 2 PM the day after, relaxed with my friends on Spider House and later we had a really good Buffé dinner that only costs 550PHP at station 2, all kind of fresh food like beef, pork, chicken, fish, clams, pasta, salad, bread, fruits, desserts.. you name it. Or not, either way it was delicious! haha

I had a good swim in the water & worked on my tan a little bit more on saturday. I was disturbed 4 times when I was laying on the beach from a crab! haha like dude, what do you want from me, let me be and have my beautynap or else I will go from beauty to crazy insane monster face 😄

Nah just kidding, he was really cute looking at me 10 cm from my head for about 5 minutes. Like a rock, the only thing moving was his pupils haha looked funny thou! Well, he moved when I finally touched him with my finger, then he runned with his tiny legs faster than Zonic (the blue cartoon figure, only 90 kids will understand who I'm talking about), and what I recognize now is that I'm writing about a crab for like the half of my blog hahah Miss him ❤

When I finally got my beautynap & tan, I met up the Swedish boys for some dinner - Don't go to the arabic restaurant at D'mall, it's expensive for only rice & meat & it tooked 1 hour waiting for our food haha Not worth it, the buffé the day before cost the same and you'r having all this food after 1 minute 😊

After our stomach got 10 cm bigger we had some drinks at Exit bar - then Epic club - and the last Paraw club. We had so much fun! Dancing more than Christina Aguilera did on her video "Dirty" haha

Today it's full moon party (jesus, how will I survive another dancing/drinking night?! & Yes I'm not 17 years old any more, feeling like a grandma). And it's also Charlies last day here on Boracay until she's flying back home to Holland tomorow. Aaaand I've promised Philip (the "dj" from Spider house) that I would go to il-iligan beach tonigt with him to watch the stars. I'm so glad I've already worked out today in the morning so I have at least put my time for that! check! 

Much going on, so little time - so much to do 😊 I will back for you sweet guys!

Kisses & Huges 💋​ 💗