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Hello my lovely blog

Since I've shared my pictures from May and June, I thought I'd summarize it a little :)

First week in Italy felt like a year.

I kid you not.

It felt like I had been there forever..

But once the first week passed it rolled on better.

I got into the routine.

Went to the beach alone.

Just chilled. even had some early mornings and felt so proud of myself. Thought I could keep it up, but nope hah

June got a little tough, since the girl that was working with me at the start got moved.

And I felt lonlier than ever.

But good thing is that the new workers arrived.

Which made it a little better, because, there was one who knew Swedish, and we got pretty close.

Also the month I met the guy who later would become my favorite person, aka, my boyfriend.

June went by and I was proud of myself for surviving a month.

I only had one meltdown that month, which is good haha.

I mean, meltdowns are never good, but I only had one, I could've had more, but I kept it together.

The reason I had a meltdown was because I felt so leftout..

And I hated the fact that I idn't understand anything and that no one had the patience to understand me.

Actually, when I thinkg about it, I had more than one meltdown.

I went to the beach at midnight and just cried my eyes out because the last worker who arrived was making me so frustrated and I needed to get away from her since she became my little tail.

It just got too much.

And no one understood the frustration because they wreren't the ones who had to have her behind all the time.

Anyways, I was proud I survived but I was scared of the coming months because I had no idea what waited and I just didn't want to feel alone or like a burden.

Also, I had no idea if I could keep it together and stay until the end of September.

The thought of shorten my contract was at the back of my head all the time!

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I've been spending the last 30 minutes crying because my boyfriend told me that this is a bad idea.

He doesn't believe in long distance, and I don't blame him.

It's tough

But he has lost feelings, which is normal I guess

But it still sucks to hear, and it's making me really sad.

Becase he is all I can think of, and he has been my bestest of friends this summer.

And losing him.... I don't want that to happen...

Everyone always leave me...

And I don't want him to as well...

And it doesn't even have to do anything with me.. It's the distance...

Why does my life suck so baaad....??





Food, travels

Here are some more pictures :)

These are all from June:)

Spent a lot of time at the beach, had some lovely and beautiful sunsets and some yummy ice cream!

These are of course also unedited

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Hello blog,

I just thought I'd share some pictures from Italy :)

So here we go, a few shots from my first 2 weeks :)!




Before I went to Italy, there was one guy. And only one

I've been taking a lot of crap and hits since I've met him. And I've always been there.

Haven't met him, but he was my world.

And I couldn't imagine being without him..

Still in Italy he was my everything and I rejected every guy because I had my eyes on him.

Didn't want anyone else.

But then, as always this boy disappears, leaves me hanging, wondering, worry...

Though I did good, at first, rejected everyone still, friendzoned so many.

And when he came back, he was still just gone...

It has almost been 3 years..

and that made me realized..

He has a few opportunities to actually come meet me...

But he never did...

And since I've been stuck on him for so long..

While he hasn't really showed that much interest in me as I have for him

But I'm still your friend... So why have you locked me out of your life again??

The words "I'm here if you need me" doesn't really mean much coming from you, do they?

You lock me out whenever you have something going on.

I've always been there for you no matter what and never have I ever locked you out...

I'm angry at you.. yeah... but, I'm still your friend and I just want you to be happy...

And I also just want to be sure that you are okay!





My Day, Food

Okay, readers,

I know that I already failed on the "blogging at least once everyday" since I missed out on yesterday

It's a stupid excuse that I have.

But I went out to eat with my sister and her boyfriend and then we drove around a little.

Afterwards they dropped me off at home and I fell asleep.

Woke up and it was already dark outside and then my sister called me and asked if I wanted to eat tacos, after I had my dinner, but I of course said yes.

Got picked up and then we drove to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients and then went to their house and cooked, and ate.

Once I got home I was exhausted and fell asleep, only to wake up at 3a.m. because I got into a fight with my boyfriend and I didn't want him to fall asleep thinking that what I said was true...

Anyways, I have pictures actually. So many food pics that I get hungry all over again haha.

It was so yummy and the portions were mini mini... but gosh.. it was cute!

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My Day

I'm back home in Sweden

And I have been for about 3 days.

Today is the first time I turned on a laptop and now I'm deciding to get more productive

It's quite hard actually

My room is a mess

I'm missing my boyfriend

I feel like a mess

But I need to do something productive.

So I'm cleaning out my closet..

I'm unpacking, so everything is literally everywhere

My desk has been packed wth stuff since I got home and I just don't have any motivation to clean

But today I decided to do more of my time

I'm still cleaning out my closet though

And have been since 11 o'clock, it's 2.30 now...

I'm easily distracted

But when I get back home later I'm gonna workout!

And tomorrow I'm heading out with my sister and her boyfriend to eat.

I would love to post pictures but I feel like I need to get my life together before I do anything else

But I promise there will be pictures of my Italy-experiences and a few stories.

I'll try to get back to blogging everyday also, because I really miss it!

Anyway, I'm back now:)

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My Day, travels

Hello bloggity blog!

Right now I am currently on the bus on my way to Venice!! Whoop whoop!

It's a long busride, but it'll be alright.

After this I have a 5 minute train ride and then walk for 1 km. So it'll be alright.

Especially since this luggage is actually rolling, and on it's on also.. which is awesome hahaha


I just thought I'd share some pictures while I'm bored out of my mind!


They're unedited btw!

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My Day, Thoughts, travels

Ciao blog

I know that it has been ages since I last properly blogged

I thought that I'd blog so much more when I was in Italy but the thing is that where I was staying there was no wi-fi.

The only free wifi I had was when I was at the beach.

And my data always ran out before I finished my 28 days.. which is terrible I know since I only had 10 GB.

Though I'll admit that it has been good for me to limit my internet usage.

It'ls quite healthy to just be in the moment :)


Sunday morning I left Tuscany and left for Rome. So that's where I currently am

Ive been walking so much these 2 days that I feel like my body is about to break.

Looking for the hotel yesterday when it was just right in front of me.. (I took the wrong turn..)

It was terrible, I was exhausted, and my arms were just done, because I had 2 loaded suitcases and a handbag..

But I found the hotel after spinning in circles for an hour.

Also went in circles in Rome with my luggage, not being able to find the subway, and thenI realized that the subway was under ground... I'm not always smart hahah

And yesterday I just walked a lot after checking in at the hotel

Also today though. I walked so much!

I started with the Colusseum. And then Palatine Hill and then the Roman Forum.

Went to shop a little after walking to Piazza Venezia.

And then I went back to the hotel, rested for an hour.

Then went back out and went to the Spanish stairs, and let me tell youit was exhausting walking up those.

And then I went to Fontana di Trevi and made a wish. Also had an ice cream. It was well needed.

Tomorrow I'll see the square Colusseum and then work myself up to the Vatican, or maybe I'll start with the Vatican and move myself down. I'm not sure yet.

But I think I'll take the metro a lot more tomorrow because my legs are now broken.

Just like my suitcase, so I bought a new one today!

It feels great to be free

And I just have to add... it's awesome traveling on you own.

I can just walk wherever I want.

Go where I want, without having to ask someone if it's okay if we take this or that road. I just walk.

It's awesome!

I should do that more often ahahah!¨

Anyways, I'm in Rome until Wednesday, and then I leave for Venice! and after that I'll go to Verona!

Unfortunatly I ain't got any pictures... but once I get back home I'll upload regualarly again and I'll post pictures and give more details in how my last 4 months have been!

It's so nice to just type again though:)

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Sunsets don't need filters!
They're naturally beautiful!

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