My Day

So I just got home from the cinema!
Watched Fast 8
And honestly, I really enjoyed it :)!
It was so good! And funny!

Though I saw two people I didn't think I'd see... Watching the same movie as me..

Thank god they didn't see me, at least not when they walked in.. maybe they did, but whatever.. sucks that one of them still gets to me.. but oh well!

And the other one.. he saw me when we walked out.. he walked behind me and I got the feeling that he wanted to say hi to me because he recognized me...

Urgh.. I really don't like this town.. need to get out of here as soon as possible! Hahaha

Anyways, I'm exhausted tho so I'll just keep this short:)!

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My Day

Today has been such a messed up day!

Oh my gosh!

The very least expected people to meet, I met today ..

It was no fun,

It started with me working out today.

I'm pretty exhausted right now, but I'm leaving in a few for the movies.

Anyways, had a shower after that, and then we went to grocery shop for tomorrow...

And oh my gosh...

I just saw this guy... and I was like, he looks familiar, but that couldn't be him, because the one I "know" is fit and muscular...

The one I saw was... big .. muscular.. but chubby... I mean.. his face has gotten a bit chipmunk-y ... it was so weird.

But I was like.. that can't be him, and then I saw that he was there with his girlfriend, and I was like.. alright, that's him.

Hey buddy! Your girl has a nice booty!! Damn.. hahah.

Anyways, she looked like a real sweetheart, I'm glad they found each other and for her sake, I hope he doesn't cheat on her.

Other than this guy.. I also ran into my old P.E teacher.. I was sorta his favorite student, mostly because I was always present on all of his classes, also because I might have been one of the few who didn't have a teachers-crush on him..

He was really nice and I got an A in P.E thanks to him.... and everyone who knows me... you should know how much I hate P.E and an A was the least expectedd since I barely passed it before high school..

And the cute worker at the grocery store who laughed at me and my parents while ordering my birthday cake was there, don't know if he recognized us... Don't even know if it was him hahahh but yeah, he was still nice :)


I'm leaving to watch Fast 8 in a few minutes ...

I am sooo exhausted but, oh well..

I'll survive:)

I hope you lovlies had an awesome week!

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My Day

Hello blog

I'm sorry I've been a bit absent lately

Really busy, but now all I can do is wait, pack and clean a bit.

Today, I was in town, cathing up with a friend, and we planned abit on how we were gonna get to Denmark to see Shawn Mendes.

Had a lot of sweets and stuff.

Also met with my aunts as I was on my way home but they wanted me to join them for dinner at Burger King so why not.

I'm gonna workot a bit now, because I sorta feel like I've eaten way too many sweets today.

And then I might even clean out my stuff a bit.

But we'll see :)

Here are some pics from my little birthday week :)

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My Day

I feel like my whole life is a mess now

A mess that is in line, but still not.


I don't know if I should order my plane ticket to Italy now or not.

My desk is a mess and I don't know where to even start (when my room is a mess I feel like everything is falling..)

I am so not orgainzed right now.

I got my lists.

My notebook is almost full

Which is great, because that means that I can take a new one with me to Italy

I leave for Tenerife in 18 days..

I will be spending the night at my sister's because she lives closer to town and we have to take the first train.

The job in Spain.. I denied it today because they wanted a reply asap.

So... nope..

The Cyprus.. I haven't heard from them after the last conversation.

Cyprus is like a back-up if Italy doesn't work out..

But Italy should work!

It will work!

I just have to get the last paper, and then send it in..

Hopefully it'll all be done next week.

And then I guess I'll book my plane ticket..

I just hope it the price doesn't go up way too much...


So much too do..

But I just want to get my room orginized and all, before Saturday.

Before everything

I just...

Need to feel like I got myself together when I'm actually really really stressed out...


Let's not stress too much because I don't need more spots on my face!



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I'll admit
I'm a bit heartbroken

I had one big 20th wish
And a smaller one

And I'm not sure either of them came true

But I guess it's alright:)
Some wishes just need a little more time

though I should know better than asking for the same thing years in a row now

I need new wishes for next year hahaha
My 21st...

I mean I know I was planning on being abroad for my 20th.
But that didn't really work out since I'm friendless haha

Let's see what my 20th year holds and see where it leads me :)

And maybe I'll be having a healing 21st birthday

Hahahah still got a year to that so let's not rush it

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My Day

I always end up crying on my birthday

And it's because of A Walk To Remember

Which is a little tradition of mine to watch my favorite movie once every year, which is on my birthday!!

I just finished it and I think this is the most I've cried to the movie..
Damn it's sad! But sooo good!!

Well, it's nice to see who's nice enough to remember my birthday :)
And who were nice enough to actually wish me a happy birthday

I had a pretty good day :)

Ain't got time for fake friends and broken promises this year!

20th year of my life.. bring it on! I'm ready for you!

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My Day

Hello hello
Right now my mum is getting her eyes checked
And I'm just sitting here
Editing a few pics:)
Got some yogurt earlier!
And we're having pizza for dinner!

I also tried to hide my face
I just wanted to show the dress I'm wearing on Saturday
Just felt really pretty that's all!

So far my birthday is alright:)
Once I watch A Walk To Remember I will feel complete! Hahahaha!

Anyways, I hope you are all having a lovely day



My Day, Thoughts

It's my birthday!

And I got woke up by texts, my phone was blowing up at 4 a.m.

And then at 6 a.m.

And then my mum woke me up with breakfast in bed

So weird since it has never happened before

Don't know why it happened on my 20th but.. oh well haha

I forgot to take a picture..

Stupid of me.

I started to eat before I even thought of taking a picture hahaha..

So hungry!

She made pancakes.

I'm up way too early

But it's sunny outside

And it's suppose to stay sunny the whole week.

Or at least I hope so.

Going to town later today

Hopefully I get an e-mail so I can send everything and have Italy done!

So much on my mind and a lot of people want an answer by tomorrow..

And I feel bad for not replying..


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I miss you..
you know who you are..
I miss having you breathe in my ear until the point where I think I'm going deaf
Yes.. I just said that..
yes I know I always complained about that
But I miss it

I miss the feeling of knowing you'd always be there for me
Because at the moment it just feels like you're ready to disappear and leave any minute now
So I try not to get my hopes up

I miss being fearless if sending you a text
Because now I spend hours on a 2 worded text, wondering if it sounds alright, if I should add something or not, if it sounds too desperate or not..
then I start to overthink and either end up never sending it or sending it and hate myself for it

I miss the feeling of being liked
Not loved.. just liked

It's exhausting being my own friend all the time
Being nice to myself and comfort myself the best I can
But I end up not believing in what I tell myself

In 10 minutes it's midnight.. which means it's my birthday
Like every other year, I'm spending it alone
Counting down on my own
But that's alright
After all, who else is gonna be there for me if not myself

In my 20th year of living.. I want to experience friendship
Having a real one
Even if it's just for a year..
Just have someone there you know..?

That would be nice

Happy birthday to me:)

8 minutes left but still..

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I am so stressed out...

I don't know where to start...

I know I've got my list...

But I feel like there is more that needs to be done.


I don't know...

It's so tight on time.

I don't know what to do..

To make it easier for me and to calm myself, I'd like to start packing now..

But my mother said that I'm crazy because we are having a party on Saturday.

And we are having tons of guests over.

So she doesn't want a suitcase laying around....


So I'll have about 15 days to pack for Italy..

After the party..

I've already sorta started packing for Tenerife..

So that's something.

I know that I got my lists and everything but I still feel really stressed about everything

too much on my mind

Though I've been getting enough sleep lately so that's good : )

Anyways, I guess I should look up plane tickets and see if it's getting cheaper or not..

Should probably book a ticket...

Sooo.. yeahh..

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