Mental health is one of those topics that people either don't want to acknowledge at all or want to talk about but don’t know how to start the conversation or ask the right questions .Mental health is extremely personal and different to every person and every situation they may be in. It’s a topic that needs to be approached with an open mind and a topic which needs less stigma around it.

In school we are often taught about our physical health and how to look after our bodies physically. When we have the sex ed talk in class we are taught about our bodies changing and how we might need to look after ourselves differently (wearing deodorant etc). We are taught to wash our hands after we have gone to the toilet and before we eat to stop germs spreading so we don't get sick, we learn about different physical illnesses which impact humans through out our lifetime. The one thing we are never sat down about at school is mental health. There isn't enough education about mental health within schools and it is scary especially when you add up how much time you spend within a school environment. You spend a majority of your time in the education system and there are so many major changes which happen within this time like puberty along with a lot of  firsts which happen in these places like your first friendships, possibly your first relationship and your first taste of independence starts to seep in the older you get. But you never really learn about mental health in detail until you're going through it and then you're sat with a school nurse who is explaining things to you that you wish you had been taught in class. School impacts mental health majorly with the stress of exams, the pressure of friendship groups and coping with change so the fact that we don't have more of a focus on mental health is actually scary.

One thing which should be installed in Children from a young age is that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Mental and physical health is something why should be treated the same and dealt with the same urgency. Your mental health holds you together just as much as your physical health. Often people discard your mental health because they think it's something that simply can't be real due to you not being able to see it. It's a very narrow minded view on someone that is so important to people. There is so much stigma about mental health and how people can make it up for attention or play on it to avoid responsibilities. There is often so much negativity around people speaking out about their current mental health problems or past issues they have had with their mental health and it's so sad that people can't talk about such a personal and important topic without getting backlash. Mental health is something which should be talked about freely. It so important to be able to tell people you that you haven't been feeling well and them still validate it even if it's your mental health you're referring to. It's needs to become common knowledge that your mental health is very much valid.