We are concerned that we take ourselves with our To Do's and tasks. However, we often forget how important it is to take time every day to laugh, to have fun and easy to enjoy the moment.

In my morning ritual, I use affrimations (empowering words of my personality).

One of them is:,, Find time every day for laughing an playing ! "

The means try to use profitable opportunities where you might do not play, to play at this exact moment.

For example, me and a friend on the way to a our favorite cafe invented a game in the subay. We wagered if in the next station first man or woman will enter the subway. We played this game till the end of the station, so the loser has to pay out a cafe and a cake.

What I want to say is that we have converted 15 minutes travel time instead of a boring ride into a funny time.

Not only that we laughed a lot, with this action we collect a funny happy moment in our memory and everytime when i am now in the subay I have reason to laugh.

That was just a spontaneous idea in the subway.

What I'm saying use profitable opportunities during the day to laugh, to play and to enjoy the time.

You yourself decide how the moment, in which you're currently are, supposed to be.

And the more moments you pick up during the day, where have you laughed, the more memories you collect for your life.

The happy moments are the strongest memories we have.

Just keep on collect them and charge the pot of happiness.