Set up and prepare 1099-MISC forms

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It's a good idea to prepare for 1099-MISC forms in QuickBooks before you even make your first payment to a consultant or subcontractor for the year. Otherwise, you might end up doing a lot of editing and data entry when it's time to create and file your 1099s. Setting up and preparing 1099s is a feature that's available only in QuickBooks Plus.

You need to:

  • Identify those vendors that are potential 1099 form recipients. You can do this individually for each vendor, or you can select several vendors at a time.
  • Set up expense accounts to track payments to these vendors.
  • Select the appropriate 1099 Box info (category) and corresponding expense accounts:
  • In the navigation bar, click Vendors (or Expenses > Vendors depending on what you see).
  • Click Prepare 1099s.
  • Click Let's get started (or Continue your 1099s if you've been here before).
  • Navigate to the Accounts page, pick all the categories that apply to your vendors and then tell us which QuickBooks accounts you use to track the payments.
  • Pay your vendors throughout the rest of the year. Make sure to apply the payments to the appropriate expense accounts. QuickBooks tracks the 1099 info for you.

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You mail 1099-MISC forms in January to report on payments made in the previous tax year.

  1. Check that names, address, and tax IDs are valid.
  2. Troubleshoot problems with vendor payments not appearing to meet the threshold.
  3. E-file or print on final 1099-MISC forms.

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