Some inspiration. Even if my wallet doesn't allow me to start fix up our new home, it can't stop my mind from dreaming and creating ahead.

Scroll through and enjoy!!!



After living more than 1 year here in Barcelona, we finally got our dreamy piso.

I woke up to our amazing view up on the 8th floor. So quiet, so peaceful and dreamy in so many ways. We've been living in an apartment for over 1 year that was bigger BUT so old. Not just the planning of the apartment but the foundation, basically, was so old and nasty.

We lived on the 1st floor with a constantly crowded and busy street just under our balcony. Busses, cars, mopeds, drunk and screamy spanish people etc etc made it impossible to get some peace (especially in the mornings, wow....)

We had no windows. We had our "balcony" where we just put the shit we couldn't fit anywhere else, and we hung the laundry out there, that's about it. Not that kind of balcony where you can actually sit and relax in the fresh air, it was a "closed" one with two big windows. The only source or light we had.

Enough talking about our old place but WOW what a difference this upgrade made. Not only does it look 1000x better, but it really affects our minds and energies.

SO! Finally I can start decorating our home, which I'm basically living for.
Since my hubby is born in Morocco and the visit to Marrakech was mind blowingly cool, AND because I totally fell in love with the Moroccan way of making interior/designs/patterns of different kinds: WE WANT A MOROCCAN THEME AT HOME!

Barcelona has SO many cool, unique boutiques to devour so I just simply can't wait to get started.

The pictures shows how our terrace and bedroom looks at the moment, weeehooo!