TL;DR Guess what, you don't have to decide because you can drive both! How does that work? Well you're an independent contractor so technically you don't work for either company - you work for yourself. You can go "online" with both apps and wait for the for the first request to hit, then go "offline" on the other app. Of course there are differences between the two companies. Read further to explore those differences.

The world of cabs has been transformed with the concept of ridesharing and the two companies that are the largest and most profitable are Lyft and Uber. While there are many similarities between the two brands, there are also some differences as well.

Is driving for Lyft better than Uber?

It depends! I hate that answer too, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter which platform you’re using – they’re both great. What matters is the person that gets into your car! There are great people on both sides, and some not-so-great on both sides.

For the most part, Lyft is a more relaxed experience where people are generally more open to conversation. Uber Driver Bonus has a reputation for being a colder more “A to B service” without much emphases on the actual trip experience, but that's not entirely true. Statistically, Lyft does attract a greater percentage of female drivers than Uber. I thought that was pretty interesting!

How do referrals work with Uber and Lyft? What is a referral guarantee? Bonus vs. Guarantee

The Uber Referral Bonus and LYFT Referral Bonus are completely different from one another. For the Uber sign up bonus, they have changed from giving the new driver a "bonus" to a "guarantee". There is a BIG different between a bonus and a guarantee. A guarantee means that after you complete a certain number of trips, Uber will supplement up to that dollar amount, but no more. For example, let's say you signed up for a $470 guarantee after 75 trips. This means that after you complete those 75 trips, Uber will guarantee that you make at least $470. If you make anything under $470 - for example let's say you made $420 in those 75 trips - you will receive an extra $50 to hit the $470 guarantee. Guarantees are not as lucrative, and have caused a lot of confusion amongst drivers!

For Driving Lyft will get a certain dollar amount added to a certain number of first trips, up to a certain maximum amount of money. For example, let's say the Lyft defines the driver bonus as $300 after your first 100 trips within 30 days. This means the person driving Lyft with receive $3 on each trip up to $300 (within 30 days).

If I referred a new driver, how much money can I get?

If you referred a person driving Uber, you will typically receive an Uber driver bonus of a specified dollar amount, usually $500 depending on your city.

If you referred a person driving Lyft, you will receive a certain dollar amount each time your referred new driver completes a trip, up to a certain max amount of trips/$. For example, let's say Lyft defines the referral bonus as $300 after your Lyft driver's first 100 trips within 30 days. This means you will receive $3 on each trip that the person driving Lyft takes up to $300 (within 30 days).

How does the Uber and Lyft sign up bonus/guarantee work between cities?

Your Uber Sign Up Bonus and Lyft Driver Bonus is based on the city that the new driver signs up to drive. For example, if someone in Colorado sends you (the new driver) a code that says you'll receive a guarantee of $640 but you're signing up in Los Angeles which is currently a $470 guarantee, you will only be eligible for the Los Angeles incentive. Furthermore, the Uber referral bonus changes regularly in each city. So if you signed up last year, you may be grandfathered into a better sign up Uber driver bonus than someone who signed up today. See what your current incentive is by signing up!

*If you've already signed up but forgot to put a code in, click here to show you how to retroactively add the code*

Moreover, If you've already signed up but forgot to put a code in, click here to show you how to retroactively add the code.

How do passengers differ between Uber and Lyft?

As a Lyft driver, my experience with passengers is that they’re generally more friendly, respectful, and appreciative. I like mentioning to riders that they’re more than welcome to sit up front. I don’t really do the ‘fist-bump’ thing because it doesn’t fit my vibe, but I am always down for a high five. Lyft encourages that you incorporate your own style and touch, whereas Uber feels a bit more strict. This is just my personal opinion, although I do love driving both! Sometimes I’m in the mood to zone out and keep to myself, and that’s fine too.



Uber and Lyft are known for offering the most convenient and timely rides to their customers. You can always Sign Up To Drive Lyft Los Angeles or for Uber with huge available signup bonuses. However, there are many considerations that come into play when it comes to driving for these reputable companies. You need specific qualities before you decide to drive and pursue the Uber and Lyft Sign Up Bonuses. If you are reading ths then you are serious about driving with Uber and Lyft. Here are a list of attributes you should have when driving:

Experience: It is expected that you have experience driving. This means you know how to follow the laws and drive safely. You know how to get around the roads of your city, and most importantly you know how to keep your cool under pressure! If you wish to become the best Lyft driver then you need some solid experience. You should be confident and capable to exhibit professionalism when handling a car, and be able to easily bounce between locations. Also, you need to be able to keep your calm when handling challenging customers before signing up.

Courtesy: All excellent Uber drivers are charming, friendly, and courteous. If you are unable to handle rude or disgruntled customers, then you may want to consider working on this. It is 100% likely you will find yourself in a position when someone tests your calmliness. When driving Lyft and Uber, will have to deal with a fair share of customers who are challenging and awkward. It is also expected that the best drivers can handle ignorant and rude people as well.

Accessibility: It is best to have a few amenities for your passengers, and that the functionality of your car is in good condition. For instance, having a pack of gum, iPhone/Android chargers, and some small water bottles can go a LONG way. Also, being able to offer an auxiliary cables for passengers to select their preferred music can be a nice touch.

Confidence: One of the last and most important qualities that an Uber or Lyft driver needs to have confidence. You need the confidence to know that you’re doing a good job, and the confidence to engage in a casual conversation. You also need the confidence to demand respect when you’re being tested by tough passengers. All these previously listed attributes will boost your overall confidence, and ultimately make you a confident and successful Uber and Lyft driver! So hit the road and start making money!

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