Her hair was cold, singed by a light mist of flame her eyes were blue, lighter than the moon shaded pond by where she sat. Her toes slightly dipping into the water with a sharp burst of cold ice running up her body. She stood bare foot as a woman with the smoothest brown hair and the most elegant smile walked toward her, the grass was shimmered with a lite coat of the night’s watered eyes. The woman grabbed her hands and looked her in the eyes the look of love stronger than a husband and wife, stronger than Romeo and juliet, the sun and the moon. Moments later the girl began to cry,her lover slowly brushed her cheek, wiping away her snow sopt tears from her frosty white face.the girl looked up to the moon and away from her love,her heart had felt as if the sun would no longer shine,she turned back to her lover “why must a heartbreak to be happy,a tear for a smile.Once we say goodbye the dark wins,the shadows somehow take over our mind.I love u,and it feels so right, yet I feel like it's so forbidden.Rules are now a law and a sin,but if I sin because I love u I ask u why does someone of your nature,beauty and fairness love a sinner as well,for you are one and that is said to be wrong? would it make me a sinner to lie as well and say I do not love you,either way I have done wrong but if I choose a lie over you I would be lying to myself” her eyes moved to the moon again as she began to lay on green clouded grass,her love following behind ,both girls looking straight into the sparkling sky,her love replied “you do not care what others think,the loss of family? of your friends? I would never see u again if I was to be true to you,I would never see my father. It's true,I love you but I wish I did not,I wish it was so much easier for me to be open with my love for you but I can not.I want children,something you can not provide,I want a fair wedding with my family,something I will not have,I want to feel safe outside your arms and I know I will be scared,all wrong things to say to you,but if you speak of sin i must not lie” the torched sky soon was scattered with ashes,just like the feelings they shared.The sky was soon becoming covered in coal,dark. “should I fight for you? for us?” her love became silent,quiet enough to hear the birds in the pond,rabbits in the fields and the yells of the children,it seemed to long before the words were forced from her lips “no,don't fight” with this the girl stood and walked away.the next morning when the girl woke she had awaken to find her love gone,asleep forever,with a note with five words that meant the world

                            “I will always love you”

these two girls were not a love story,nor were they a story of darkness,this was a story a girl and a girl who were in love but one  being scared to express how they felt due to what people think.it may be easyer, not easy but more simple now for people boys and girls to love,but there was a time when it was not,and the only time a man or a woman could feel they would be happy is if they were not holding on to a secret,in this case that was taking a life

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When i was 8 i was scared

When i was 8 i knew no shame

When i was 8 i didn't see the wrong

When i was 8 is when my life changed

I was 8 and confused

I was 8 and neglected

I was 8 and used

When i was 8 is when i lost it

When i was 8 i was touched

I was 8 and i was loved

I was 8 and i was blamed

I was 8 and saw no shame

When i was 8 i didn't know it was wrong

When i was 8 i didn't say

I was 8 and held my breath

I am 15 and its hard to sleep

I am 15 and i feel scared

I am 15 and i have anxiety

I am 15 and i know how it was wrong

I am 15 and im scared to be touched by ones i love

I am 15 and i wont be the same

I am 15 and i opened my mouth and told

When i was 8 i was raped

I am 15 and in 2 years i will be her age

I am 15 and i told

I am 15 and no one cared



the place we found out where it was all right..it funny ,i mean we only went here a few times.we should have went more because every time we did i realized something new



I saw her today,after months, it was like nothing had changed. even though everything had changed..we were different people ..without each other we changed,and as much as i tried to hide it i couldn't help thinking it "i love u" i just wanted to say it but i.couldn't but i do love her..i wanted to kiss her..stared into her eye's,but they were not the same,they used to believe filled with the most beautiful colors, and now just like her heart i fear it has lost that beautiful color...i should have said i love u...but she.would hate me.



The first day I spent with her was a day I will never forget,when we sat on the stage,second floor it was around the time she told me she liked me. I didn't feel the same way at first,but that day,god we sat on the stage,danced,sang and talked about our feelings,our life. It's like we had been friends for years,that day was the start of something I never thought would happen



the first time i saw her i didn't think much of it,i mean she was beautiful to say the least...perfect....she walked up to me on the court 2nd per math class. her hazelish green eyes and her perfect light coco skin....that first day,i never knew that moment my WHOLE life would change.



hey guys im new follow me...something u should know is that im blogging about a girl...and our story...100% truth....follow if ur ready for the day to day story with the girl I love..and what we went through