So, lately i've found really good songs in spotify or Youtube. I don't know if they're old or not, maybe some of they are and some are new. But the important thing is that you NEED to listen to them and have them in your phone. I hope you like, xoxo





































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So yeah, this is my third day as a blogger and i NEED to talk about my love.

We are high school sweet hearts. We met in school. When i was 12 years old and he was 13. I met him because of his sister. She was my age, and we were friends. We use to live near from each other so me and his sister walked together often after school, and yes he was always coming with us. His name is Alonso.

By that time he had really long hair and was shorter than me. He was a really sweet boy, like his sister. I shared a few words with him that year. He was really shy and well i was the new kid on school so me too.
The year after that one was when everything changed. He was totally different. Tall, short hair, better style and yes... a bunch of girls already crazy about him. But that wasn't something really important to me. What made me blush for the first time was his attitude. He wasn't shy or sweet, he was confident and serious. I kinda fell scared for a minute that he would turn into a fuck boy or something, but he didn't. So... the last month of that same year he was in every girl's dream. Including mine. He was my crush and he kinda turn into that because he was nice to me. I thought at first that he was not gonna talk to me anymore. But he did. So we liked each other that month, but it was like a kid's thing. Our little "flirt" and "romance" lasted 2 weeks.

After that, we spent 3 years talking and being Facebook kinda friends. We use to talk in school but only for a couple minutes. And yes, i spent those 3 years crazy about him. He was getting older and cuter, and i was getting boobs and butt. We flirted like 3 times in those years. But nothing too obvious, but we did hugged a lot sometimes. There was this page "Ask.fm" that was a hit in his senior and junior year. And i used it a lot. I wasn't like the "popular girl" but i used to talk with a lot of people from my little school. So yeah, i got a lot of questions about Alonso, like "do you like him?" or "he's your crush?". But it never really bothered me because like i said, every girl in the school was crazy for him. And i didn't knew that he was looking at my page everyday, so i had no shame about answering "yes, he's my crush" in every question i had about him. He use to send me questions too tho, but he confessed me that when we were already dating.

Before his graduation we used to talk A LOT! like everyday, he was so nice to me. And that was a lot to say because he didn't looked like the kind of guy that was nice to girls only for knowing them. The same day he graduate i was there, for him and for a friend. He got off the stage and i was the second person to congratulates him. We hugged so much. And i knew it was my moment, so i looked at him and i gave him a little kiss in the corner of his lips. He had is doubts but he thought that was an accident. Two weeks later there was this party at a friend's house. After Alonso's graduation, me and him used to talk e v e r y day. like really, always. And i told him he had to go to the party. So he went. I was inside with my friends, dancing. Alonso was outside with his friends playing a drinking game. I went outside and i talked to him. I was so nervous 'cause never talked about that "almost kiss" thing so i didn't knew how he was feeling. But i tried to play it cool. I didn't supposed to drink that night 'cause i got drunk a few weeks before and i was grounded. But a couple shots wouldn't do anything wrong. So me and Alonso went for the Tequila. We had like 4 shots and from one second to another, EVERY GIRL in the party was around him. Like literally screaming his name. So i couldn't handle it and i left. I went to talk with my friends and they told me a whole bunch of ideas i could do to kiss him. I really didn't knew what to do. I needed a sign. Something that he could give me so i could i know i had his full attention and not all of those crazy girls.

I looked at him from my seat and he had the most funny expression ever. He was so annoyed by those girls. So i went to save him, duh. He smiled when he saw me, i showed him a tequila shot and he laughed. But i wanted to do it a little bit more different. I wanted to surprise him, myself and of course, all of those crazy girls. So i went for the typical Tequila body shot. I put him in the corner, and i did all the process. And yes, we kissed. For about 15 minutes straight. He was drunk and i was a little bit drunk.

That was our first kiss. Romantic? not at all. Special? mm it depends. But that was the first of many many kisses.
After that party the last thing he remembered was kissing me, which is good because that was the last thing i did in the party 'cause i had to go. Some friends told him he kiss another girl, but he was really drunk so he doesn't remembered it. When he found out who the girl was, he was so ashamed and angry about it, it was just a girl he didn't liked at all.

A couple days after the party i invited Alonso to my house to chill for a while before he went to a party. He came to my house, we chill in the backyard, listening to music, talking and having a good time. We were shy at the beginning but it ended up being a really good afternoon. We used to talk every day after that day, about everything. We used to hang out a lot too and the third time we did it, we kissed again. After that we spent the entire summer hanging out, kissing, playing the "friends with benefits" thing, except that we didn't do anything out of kissing. We used to talk about how much we didn't wanted a relationship and that kinda stuff, but not talking about us. 'Cause there never was an "us".
But at the same time, at the end of summer we were already talking about how much we liked each other. We were in a relationship and we loved it, but we were too afraid to admit it, 'cause we were scared to get our hearts broken. That's why we pretended like we didn't wanted a relationship. By the time i started my junior year, i decides that the best thing for me was not talking to Alonso anymore. 'Cause i was feeling too much and i didn't wanted to get hurt by a guy that says he feels the same way but he kisses other girls. (that's what he told me back then, but was a lie. He only said that 'cause he wanted to make me jealous)
So i stopped talking to him. And slowly he stopped sending me messages. After about 5 months, we had a chance to see each other again at a girl's birthday in August (remember that in Latin America, summer is different) and my birthday was 5 days after that party. So i was obviously going, i really wanted to see him.
He got to the party 2 hours after i did, when he arrived i went and say hi to all of his friends and saved him the last hug. We saw each other and we hugged so much. Saying "i missed you" and all that.
We talked for 5 minutes and i went to dance with my friends. Yes, we kissed again. This time was actually pretty similar. Not the kiss part but the drunk part. After we kissed i had to go so he took me to the parking lot because my dad was waiting for me. He didn't wanted me to go so i kept my dad waiting for 30 minutes or even more, he was so angry but it was worth it.

After that night it took us 2 days to start talking like we used to. Two days before my birthday we hang out at my house. We watched a movie and we saw Youtube videos of Tomorrowland. At the end of the day, he just kissed me. It took me by surprise but it was so special and sweet. Right after the kiss he asked me "What are we?" and i was shocked because he wasn't the kind of guy that has girlfriends. (Actually i am his first girlfriend, we started when he was 18) and i told him "idk" and he was like "i don't wanna be your friend" and obviously me neither. So we just kept talking like lovers all night.
The day of my birthday he went to the school at lunch time to spent that time with me. We kissed in front of everyone. Some girls from the school started to take pics of us and sending them to other guys at school. But we were just focused on each other. After that it was just matter of time for us to be officially together.

We lasted 8 months. When he started his first year at University we broke up. There was no time to be together and we were in different worlds, it was really painful. But we knew that we wanted to be together. After a month and a half, he talked to me again. In the time we were apart he kissed a bunch of girls, he partied like crazy and i was just playing around with my ex and hanging out with my friends.

When he talked to me i didn't wanted a relationship at all.There was a lot going on in my house so i wanted to be alone. We got together at his place 2 days after and everything happened. He even told me he still loved me. I told him i didn't felt the same way and that i wanted to be alone. That month and a half changed me a lot. I was cold with everyone, too smart with every move that i did. But when i was with him, he melted me. He decided to wait until i was ready and fight for me. And he did it for 3 months before i told him i was totally ready. In those 3 months we kissed, we hang out, we were like in a relationship. I was happy with him but i was scared that he wanted to break up again.

I asked him if he wanted to be my boyfriend the second time, he was almost crying and he said yes. We went through a lot of things those 3 months. Fights, love, confusion. I actually told him i loved him the first month, but i didn't wanted to tell him that, it wasn't a lie but it just came out of my mouth. I was so blushed and he just laugh and he hugged me.

We've been together since then. I started my first year at University in March and that month was terrible to us. We broke up like 3 times but nothing too concrete. Now we're in a perfect position. Wasn't easy at all. We made mistakes, like not having respect on each other when we were fighting. But at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is that we love each other. Now it feels different. I love him with every flaw and with every good thing. This time it feels more mature and natural. Only us, no matter what people say.

He's my true love, he's the one for me, he's my big and first love. And we hope to stay together for a loooooooong loong time.

So that's it. Our story (i didn't said all the details about our second time together but some day i will)

Beautiful and simple love.

pd: Alonso if you are reading this, i love you<3




Love. I knew what it was when i kissed him.
Or when i held his hand for the first time.
When we had our first fight.
When i told him i loved him and he said it back.
I'm still learning what love is.
In every laugh or every tear we share.

We have broke each others heart.
We broke up. We came back together.
We came back to the place we enjoyed life.
We came back to our home.

I admire him.
I admire the way he fights for things and how kind he is.

He's so smart but he doesn't know it.
He's now aware of the beauty that he owns. His mind is full of imagination that he thinks he doesn't have.
Physically, he's the most beautiful man i've ever met.
I love the way he laugh out loud. I'm in love with his concentration face when he's playing a video game.

He doesn't know how happy i'm with him.
He doesn't believe he's the one for me.
But baby, if only could you see what i do when i see you.

I'm real around him. I'm not a lady.
I don't care if i don't look good when i'm laughing.
I don't care having full make up on in the mornings when i wake up next to him.

I can say whatever is on my mind. I can cry around him if i'm having a bad day or if i just have a mood swing.
I can be stupid and funny. I can be lazy and crazy.
Because he will always accept who i am.
Every face of me.

He always look at me and tells me how much he loves me.

We started as kids. First love.
Now we're in University as the Second love.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
Because i have him as my home.
Whenever i'm feeling down, i know i can count on him.

We've had terrible times.
Not much long ago actually.
But we still here. Laying on his bed, laughing for everything.
Kissing each other with so much love and desperation.

His name is Alonso.
And i'm gonna have that name written on my heart forever, no matter what.




Why do some people try to find the perfect love? That one with the prince or with the troublemaker.

I mean, at the beginning a "good love" was supposed to be the one with a guy that gives you the world. Starting by giving you flowers, a teddy bear, clothes, dinners and more.

After, a "realistic or exciting love" was the one with the dangerous or not good guy. The kind that breaks your heart only because he doesn't give you romantic things like the first one. Or it's not easy.

But why don't people are happy or try to find the easy and ordinary love? Why should always have to be the guy that buys flowers or dinners?

I know i know, we're in the 21st century and those things don't happen anymore and bla bla, but i think there are more people that we can imagine that tries to have one of those two "amazing love"

Love can be easy people.

Love can be exciting without being dangerous or sad.

Love can be romantic without flowers and chocolate.

Why would i want a guy that gives me the world when i can get it by myself? I mean, It's good having someone that takes your hand while you're getting it.

I mean, i don't say that flowers and those cute romantic things aren't good. They're really sweet but those things doesn't say if your relationship is good or bad.

Relationships are supposed to be easy and complicated. Even at the same time. When you fell in love at the beginning is easy to give in, is easy to settle with things that you don't completely like. But it gets complicated when you have to accept who your bf/gf is really like. Gifts and romantic things are not always present. They are not present in bad moments or even in good moments. I'm not gonna give my boyfriend surprises everyday to make him feel special and loved. I'm gonna support him, i'm gonna bother him, i'm gonna pay him attention, i'm gonna do all the stupid things we do, i'm gonna cuddle with him all day doing nothing, i'm gonna make love to him.

What i'm trying to say is.... love is not something that you see in movies. Love is not something you can relate to in a TV show or in a book. Yes, we all have dreamed with a certain kind of love that we saw somewhere and made us feel special somehow.

But even tho my love is ordinary and normal, is unique in so many ways. I laugh, i cry, i scream, i get angry, i get happy. I feel crazy sometimes and i feel calm other times. I lost my mind, i lost myself in his eyes. I feel powerful and weak. But most of the time, is easy to feel all of those things. Because he makes it easy. Because i make it easy. 'Cause relationships are about trust, respect, love and support. And with those things, there's no bad moment that gets too hard or complicated.

There's no definition for love. Because we all feel different things about it.

So don't search for love. Don't search for a kind of love either. Love will always come to your life with a different shape. And the good thing is that you can always keep learning from it.




Every person has their fashion shield. I mean, for some people, glasses are the key to their everyday style. For other people, a good jacket or a perfect pair of jeans are the secret for a bomb outfit every time.

For me, you can always have a good outfit if you have the right shoes.

I mean, i'm not gonna lie. I need good jeans for my everyday outfits. But shoes are a big part of it. Shoes say wether your outfit is casual, girly, preppy, elegant or more.

Is true that our style express our mood. But shoes express our purpose.

Maybe i'm getting too deep haha but it's true. I mean, if i go out on a date, i'm not gonna wear those old sneakers at the back of my closet that i don't even use when i go out. And if i'm gonna chill with my friends at my place or i'm gonna go to my sister's house for a tiny family dinner birthday or something, i'm not gonna wear those beautiful new sneakers or amazing heels at the center and beginning of my closet.

I normally wear sneakers, they're like my go-to everyday kinda look. 'Cause if you wear them with a dress or an elegant jacket, you are always gonna look like you didn't put a lot of effort to it. And i like to wear the "effortless cute" kinda look.

So yeah, basically....


which one is yours?





Hey, i'm Josephine but everybody calls me Jo

i'm 18 years old and i live in South America, Santiago de Chile. If you are wondering why is the purpose of my blog or why do i do? i can't answer you, because the only thing i know right now is that i'm here to write and express my passions, about love, about fashion, about myself, about life in general. So, if that fits into de "purpose" of this blog, good.

I love fashion, but even tho i would love to, i'm not the kinda "it girl" that wears the best outfits or the kinda person that buys at Chanel or Dior. I have a normal life, so i adapt my style according to my money. I buy my clothes everywhere, in the mall, in garage sales, in hauls, in big stores or i just get clothes from my sisters. I'm not sure what is my "style" and i'm not sure if i wanna know yet, i mean i like wearing different styles everyday. You will see them soon.

About love, well i have a boyfriend since 1 year and 5 months. And i have a lot to write about that, some experiences, good moments, bad moments and much more. Also about life.

I don't mean this to be a "reflexive" kinda blog, i will post my daily life, my workouts, what i eat, fashion tips or just ideas of outfits, live and love thoughts and experiences.

So yeah, that is basically me trying to explain the idea that i have for this blog. Hope you enjoy my weird attempt of a good blogger haha