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Hello darlings !

Tomorrow is Black Friday and that’s why I wanted to show you some things that I’ve been thinking about getting for myself.
In Collaboration with ROMWE I was supposed to get one item from them but unfortunately there was a problem with the delivery so I won’t be able to show you guys the item yet. But whenever I get it I’ll show you <3

To express my gratitude for you all I have a coupon code for all of you angels ! By using ’whiteparadises-5’ you can enjoy free shipping plus a 5$ discount and some amazing gift promotions for some days during the Black Friday period !

Here is some pictures of the items I would looove to get from ROMWE !

// Moikka kaikki !

Huomenna on Black Friday ja sen kunniaksi haluun näyttää teille mitä oon aatellu hankkia ittelleni.
Yhteistyössä ROMWEn kanssa mun oli tarkoitus saada yksi tuote heiltä, mutta valitettavasti heillä tuli ongelmia lähetyksen kanssa, joten en saakkaan näytettyä teille tuotetta. Mutta heti kun se saapuu, mä näytän <3

Ilmaistakseni kiitollisuutta teille kaikille saatte multa ale-koodin käytettäväksi ! Kun käytätte koodia ’whiteparadises-5’ saatte ilmaisen kuljetuksen plus 5$ alennusta ostoksestanne. Ja kaiken lisäksi saatte vielä ihania lahja tarjouksia joinakin Black Friday päivinä !

Tässä näätte mun ihania vaate valintoja, joita oon aatellu hankkia ROMWElta !

Links for the items:

1. Black knitwear

2. Grey knitwear

3. Fur jacket

4. Jeans

5 .Bag

6. Boots

You can get to Romwes website from here .

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Personal life

Yesterday was the first day we saw snow here in Finland. I was at the movies with my boyfriend watching the Justice League while it started snowing and when we got out the whole ground was covered in snow. It was the prettiest sight in a while. It was a nice change into these grey coloured days. Unfortunately today all of the snow melt into a black slush. So were are back where we started....*sigh*. I'm still sure that there will be snow on Christmas eve. At least I hope so.

But good news ! It’s Almost Black Friday and I am excited !!! I’ve already looked what I might want to buy on Friday. Also I have couple surprises for you guys, but you will hear about them later this stay tuned ;)

At the moment I'm laying in bed with a mug full of hot chocolate and I'm thinking about watching a movie since I don't have an early wake up call tomorrow ahh. Hope you all have a nice week ahead<3

// Eilen oli ensimmäinen päivä, kun näimme lunta täällä Suomessa. Olin leffassa poikaystäväni kanssa kattomassa Justice League elokuvaa, jonka aikana oli alkanut sataa lunta ja kun pääsimme ulos maa oli aivan valkoinen. Se oli kaunein näky vähän aikaan. Oli kivaa vaihtelua tähän kauheeseen harmaaseen säähän mitä on nähnyt joka päivä. Mutta niin kuin aina tänään kaikki lumi suli ja muuttu mustaksi loskaksi. Joten ollaan taas alkupisteessä...*huoh*. Oon kuitenkin aika varma, että jouluaatoksi satais lunta. Tai ainakin toivon niin.

Mutta hyviä uutisia ! Black Friday on melkein täällä ja mä oon niin innoissani !!1 Oon jo kattonut mitä saattaisin ostaa Perjantina. Mulla on myös pari yllätystä teille, mutta saatte kuulla niistä myöhemmin tällä viikolla, joten...pysykää kuulolla ;)

Tällä hetkellä makaan sängyllä lämmin kuppi kaakaota kädessä ja aattelin alkaa kattomaan jotain elokuvaa, koska ei vihdoin ole aikasta aamu herätystä ahh. Toivottavasti teillä kaikilla on ihana viikko edessä <3



Personal life

Hey yall !

Christmas is slowly falling into our daily lives again and I couldn’t be any happier about it ! I’ve always loved Christmas & to especially watch all sorts of Christmas movies.
I am not that much of a winter person if I might say, but there is just something magical about sitting under a blanket while holding a warm cup of hot chocolate & hearing the fire cracking in the fireplace at the same time.
Christmas has always been very close to my heart and not just because you get gifts but it’s the feeling you have when your whole family is together again & there is no worries at all. You can just relax and enjoy your time together.

Usually our family has spent Christmas in our cottage at Himos, but this year we will just be at home and that means it’s gonna be a different kind of a holiday.
But anyways I am super excited for Christmas and cannot wait to see all the movies and make gingerbread cookies while listening to Christmas songs <3


Jacket \ Missyempire
Bag & scarf \ Zara
Jeans \ H&M
Shirt \ Stradivarius
Necklace \ Michael Kors



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I've been thinking for some time to write about my favorite make-up products and here they are finally. I will show some of my all-time favourites and also new products that I’ve got recently !


When this palette was released I fell in looove with it. The palette contains perfect colors to create an amazing sultry daytime look such as a intensely smoky nighttime look. The Heat palette includes gorgeous neutrals like warm browns and burnt oranges. For a nighttime look you can use glimmering copper to a deep, shifty bronze colors and a beautiful metallic burnt red.


This mascara has been my favorite for many years because it never fails. I love it's brush and how long and luscious it makes my lashes look. It doesn’t make your lashes look lumpy at all. It’s quite pricy, but it truly is worth every penny <3


Ever since I heard that Rihanna was making her own make-up line and that she would sell it on Sephora (!!!!) I knew I wanted to buy a product of hers ! I was gonna buy the foundation, but unfortunately I didn't have the time to start testing what color suited me the best. So I took the highlighter stick in the color Starstruck instead ! What I love about the highlighter is that when you use it it doesn't draw your foundation off from your skin. And well the shimmer is amaziiingg !!


For a long time I've wanted to buy a liquid lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills but never have because they're kinda pricy. But now I decided to try one out and I am absolutely in loove <3 It applies so easily and stays on your lips for a whole day ! This lipstick is in the colour Stripped !


I've never had a better lip balm before this. You can find it at every pharmacy store here in Finland. What makes it good is that it makes my lips incredibly soft and also shiny. It’s got lip balm and lip gloss in the same package kinda heh. Sometimes I even use it just because the shine looks so nice on my lips.



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Hi yall!

I tried this new cafe in Helsinki since I had seen many people taking photos in there and I gotta say that it's my new favourite place ! It's called DeliberiK7 and it's located right in the centre of Helsinki.

They have 3 different counters where you can buy different things. Small lunches, big dinners, desserts, drinks etc. everything that you might think of. The place is so cozy and a different lookin place than usual cafes which makes it unique.

I went to Deliberi for the first time yesterday with my friend Anni and I fell in love with the place and therefore I needed to go there today as well. On both times I took a pizza bite and I gotta say they taste amazing. Today I took also a hot chocholate and a chocolate mousse which was heavenly <3 (and only cost 2,5€!)

I suggest you guys to go there as well - Youll absolutely love it !

I also shopped a little on both days and wanted to share them with you guys !

I found these amazing vintage jeans from H6M that cost 49,95€ ! I've tried to find Levis jeans that would fit me well since the ones I own at the moment are too big for me. But I haven't found good ones yet so these have to do for now <3 I also found the most perfect bag from Zara for only 39,95.

I went to check Kicks out just for fun and found Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit on Sale for only 42,€ (normally 64,90) and I just had to get it eventhough I own already like 5 highlighters heh !



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On Monday 30.10 I visited Copenhagen with my boyfriend Eetu and we both fell in love with the city. It was filled with beautiful old houses and cheerful sounds from the Tivoli garden.

On our first day we arrived to the city before 9 am and went straight to the hotel where we received a nice surprise. Our room was luckily ready right away, so we didn’t have to wait till the afternoon to get in. We left our bags into the room and went to get some breakfast from this amazing cafe near our hotel called Bjørg’s !
After filling our tummies with a lovely brunch we decided to go see the city and we ended up at the main shopping street.

We spent the rest of the day by shopping and eating at TGI Friday’s. After eating I went to buy myself a sweater since I had been freezing the whole day. We were kinda tired so we headed up to our hotel in the evening and watched some Stranger Things before eventually heading to sleep. We had walked over 12 kilometres that day, and the next two days had even more coming!

On Tuesday we left early and went to explore the city and took some photos. We decided to skip the breakfast since we weren’t hungry and instead just got ourselves mugs of hot chocolate filled with whipped cream on top yumm !

For lunch we went to KFC since I hadn’t ever been there before! We ordered some chicken and went to explore the city again.
In the evening we went to the Tivoli amusement park. The whole park was beautifully decorated with Halloween stuff like pumpkins, skeletons and spiders - yeeks !
We had a lot of fun running from ride to ride - just like children. I will definitely go back there some day <3

On the last day we woke up early because we needed to check ourselves out from the hotel. Our day was filled with shopping again (heh) and eating in a amazing Italian restaurant called Mama Rosa ! I ordered a lovely pasta while Eetu got himself a tasty pizza.
Then it was our time to take advantage of the time we had remaining before our flight. We walked to the old town and visited a store that sold beautiful vintage clothes. I will reveal more about it on my upcoming post ! Meanwhile, Eetu discovered a cute record store that was filled with all kinds of vinyl discs including The Weeknd’s three latest !



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In English:

Hello guys and happy Halloween season !

On Friday I had quite a long day that fortunately involved good food and tasty wine.
I had work in the morning and after that I saw my friends at the city, where we went to this amazing new Café/restaurant called Primero Urban Eatery! It was Such a sweet place that was filled with all kinds of cute chairs and tables. We all took sweet potato fries and they tasted extraordinary ! If you’re in Helsinki City looking for a good place to get amazing vegetarian food, Primero Urban Eatery is where you need to go !

Finally when we had finished eating and catching up with each other we headed up to Helsinki’s newest Wine bar called Bricco. It’s co-owned by my parents and couple of their friends and it’s located very close to Kamppi in the corner of Annankatu. In the bar you can relax on their cute little window tables that have big comfortable pillows - like who wouldn’t love that !
Me and the girls took Sparkling Rose Prosecco and couple of bruscettas which tasted amazing!

Yesterday I went to take pictures with my big brother and again we went to Bricco to meet our parents and spent couple hours in there sipping wine and eating Italian antipastos. Later I met my friend Siiri and we followed our plan to go to a party to celebrate Halloween ! We spent our night dancing and enjoying each other’s company.

After a very eventful week I decided to spend my Sunday watching netflix and packing my suitcaise for tomorrow’s trip. Our flight leaves at 7.30 am and therefore I need to head to sleep quickly.
Hope you all have an amazing week incoming !

Suomeksi :

Moikka kaikki ja hyvää halloweenia !

Mulla oli aika pitkä päivä perjantaina, joka onneksi sisälsi hyvää ruokaa ja makoisaa viiniä. Aamulla olin töissä, minkä jälkeen näin mun kavereita keskustassa, missä me mentiin ihanaan uuteen kahvilaan/ravintolaan nimeltä Primero Urban Eatery ! Se oli aivan ihana paikka joka oli sisustettu kaikenlaisilla erilaisilla tuoleilla ja pöydillä. Otimme jokainen bataattiranskalaisia, jotka maistuivat aivan sairaan hyviltä ! Jos etsitte hyvää ravintolaa mistä saa todella hyvää kasvisruokaa, niin Primero Urban Eatery on se paikka !

Kun olimme syöneet ja vaihtaneet kuulumisia, suuntasimme Helsingin uusimpaan viinibaariin nimeltään Bricco. Vanhempani omistavat baarin yhdessä muutaman heidän ystävänsä kanssa ja se sijaitsee lähellä Kamppia Annankadun kulmassa. Baarissa voit rentoutua ikkunapaikalla, jossa voit nojata ihaniin isoihin tyynyihin - kukapa nyt ei tästä tykkäisi ! Otimme kaikki kuplivaa Rose Proseccoa ja muutaman bruscettan jotka maistuivat aivan ihanilta !

Eilen menin ottamaan kuvia isoveljeni kanssa ja jälleen kerran menimme Briccoon tapaamaan vanhempiamme ja vietimme muutaman tunnin juoden viiniä ja syöden italialaisia alkupaloja. Myöhemmin tapasin kaverini Siirin ja seurasimme suunnitelmaamme menemällä baariin juhlimaan Halloweenia. Iltamme jatkui tanssin ja hauskanpidon merkeissä !

Tapahtumarikkaan viikon jälkeen päätin viettää sunnuntain katsomalla netflixiä ja pakkaamalla huomista matkaa varten. Meidän lento lähtee jo kello 7.30 aamulla, joten meidän täytyy mennä ajoissa nukkumaan.
Toivottavasti kaikilla teillä on ihana viikko edessä !


Jacket, jeans & bag - Zara

Shirt - Bik Bok

Hat & earrings - H&M



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In English

On Monday I went to see the newest Blade runner movie that everyone has been talking about lately. And I got to say that it was amaaaazingg !!
I saw the first movie couple weeks ago and I liked it a lot even tough I must of missed some things since I saw it without texts. But the second movie was even better one than the first one since it included one of my favourite actors - Ryan Gosling! And how amazing that Krista Kosonen who is a finnish actress was in the movie too!!


Maanantaina menin kattomaan uusimman Blade Runner elokuvan, josta kaikki ovat puhuneet lähiaikoina. Ja on pakko sanoa, että se oli mahtava! Näin ensimmäisen elokuvan pari viikkoa sitten ja tykkäsin siitä kovasti vaikka saatoin missata joitain kohtia, koska katsoin elokuvan ilman tekstityksiä. Mutta toka osa oli vielä parempi, koska siinä oli yksi mun lempi näyttelijöistä- Ryan Gosling ! Ja kuinka hienoa, että Krista Kosonen joka on suomalainen näyttelijä pääsi myös leffaan!!

In English

Before the movie my boyfriend snapped couple of pics of me in my new shoes which I absolutely lovee! I have had my eye on them for quite some time and finally got a chance to buy them. Plus I have some exciting news. I'm going to Copenhagen for a mini trip with my boyfriend who is so sweet that he bought the trip for me as a birthday present! Isn't he best! I tought about maybe filming a video from the trip, but let's see;) I'm so excited!! If anyone has some ideas where we should go in Copenhagen then feel free to message me some ideas! :)


Ennen elokuvaa poikaystäväni nappasi muutaman kuvan minusta uusissa kengissäni, joita rakastan yli kaiken! Mulla oli silmäni niihin jo pitkään ja sain vihdoin mahdollisuuden ostaa ne. Plus mulla on hyviä uutisia. Meen Kööpenhaminaan pienelle mini lomalle poikaystäväni kanssa joka on niin ihana, että hommasi mulle matkan syntymäpäivä lahjaksi! Eikö hän olekkin paras! Ajattelin ehkä kuvata videon matkalta, mutta katsotaan sitä vielä;) Oon niin innoissani!! Jos kellään on ideoita mihin meidän kannattaisi mennä Kööpenhaminassa niin laittakaa rohkeasti viestiä! :)



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In English: Twice a year we have big sales here in Finland for five days in a row in one of our biggest shopping malls called Stockmann. You can find some amazing deals from makeup to kitchen supplies. Besides purchasing chocolate ( like always) and a couple of hair products I found an amazing deal from Clinique's booth. They had three different sets that contained three different products in travel sizes for just 19,95€ !! I bought the set that has a Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara, Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips and a Pep-Start Eye Cream.

I owned the Makeup remover previously and I got to say that it was the best makeup remover that I've ever owned. I am extremely happy that I found this set, because I had thought about buying myself an eye cream and now I got it with something extra on top! I'm sure that I won't be disappointed by these products considering the fact that they've been very good before.

After buying loads of candy, me and my friend Emilia hunted a restaurant since we we're ( or at least I was) starving and after a looong time of discussion we ended up at Iquana. Emilia took Nachos and I chose a chicken burrito. To top it all off we took Strawberry Margharita cocktails which were de-liciouss.

In Finnish: Meillä on täällä Suomessa hurjat alennukset yhdessä maamme isoimmista tavarataloista nimeltä Stockmann. Niin sanotut 'Hullut päivät' j'rjestetään aina kahdesti vuodessa, ja ne kestävät kummallakin kertaa jopa viiden päivän ajan. Hulluilta päiviltä voit löytää mahtavia tarjouksia meikeistä keittiötarvikkeisiin asti. Suklaan ja muutaman hiustenhoitotuotteen ostamisen ohessa löysin erinomaisen tarjouksen Cliniquen osastolta. Heillä oli kolme erilaista settiä, jotka sisältivät kolme erilaista tuotetta matkakoossa vain hintaan 19,95€. Ostin setin, joka sisältää Chubby Lash mascaran,, Take The Day Off meikinpoistoaineen ja Pep-Start Eye silmänympärysvoiteen.

Omistin aiemmin saman meikinpoistoaineen ja minun on pakko sanoa, että se oli yksi parhaimmista meikinpoistoaineista mitä olen koskaan käyttänyt. Olen erittäin onnellinen, että löysin tämän setin, koska olin juuri ajatellut ostavan itselleni silmänympärysvoiteen ja nyt sain sen kaupan päälle. Olen varma, etten tule pettymään ostokseeni, ottaen huomioon että ne ovat olleet niin hyviä jo aikaisemminkin.

Kaiken karkin ostamisen jälkeen minä ja kaverini Emilia metsästimme ravintolaa, koska olimme (tai ainakin minä olin) kovin nälissäni. Piiitkän keskustelun jälkeen me päädyimme Iquanaan. Emilia otti Nachoja ja minä valitsin kanaburriton. Kaiken kukkuraksi otimme mansikka Margharita cocktailit, jotka olivat herkullisia.



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Morning loves!

I remembered that I forgot to share my pictures from last weeks shooting. We had talked like forever with my brother that we'd go to take some pictures together since he's a photographer. And finally we worked out a day that suited for both of us.

The photos turned out amazing and I'm so so happy how nice they look! And can we talk about the fact that I had my hair up?! Like what is that? I always always have them down and open.

Also last week me and my friends had a sewing day together because wanted to change some of our clothes. I had two old Levis jeans which I wanted to downsize and I don't own a sewing machine that works so therefore I navigated to my friends house. I did wanted to change my old silk button up shirt into a skirt and a shirt, but unfortunately I had no time, but I'll try to do that later and will show you guys how it turns out!

Now I'm going to eat breakfast and watch the newest episode of Riverdale before going off to work! Have a nice Thursday everyone!


Jacket - Zara

Pants - Zara

Boots -Zara

Shirt -Missyempire

Bag - Zara

Sunglasses - Zara