Hey you all!
I've been so busy and stressed lately since I've had my finals, but now they're finally over and I couldn't be more happier!!
I've barely had time to write blog posts but now I have all the time in the world to focus on what I love !
I hope you stick around because I have something very exciting coming up that I've been wanting to do for a long time and now I finally have time to actually do it !
So stay tuned guys ! <3

Last Friday, me and my friends went to a party and had such an amazing time! We had so much fun and I felt relieved that I didn't need to stress about anything anymore.

I wore my new gorgeous dress from Silkfred ( by the way they have the most beautiful pieces!!!), my favorite knee high boots and my fur bag (both) from Zara.

Now I'm laying under my sheets and watching Friends from Netflix ( which is my all-time favourite show since primary school ). Tomorrow I have work and on Tuesday I'm having a spa day with my boyfriend and after that we will go to the movies and see The Beauty and The Beast and eat some dinner. Can't wait !

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Oslo was one of the nicest cities I have ever been ! If you're planning to go there I kindly recommend you to see the Opera house. It's the most amazing place to see and to take pictures of !! (as you might see ;) <3 )

Loved how we got to be alone with my boyfriend for couple of days in a totally new and exciting city. Norway resembled Sweden a lot in my opinion but it was slightly more expensive. If I have a chance to travel there again I will definitely go !

Fur Jacket- Missyempire

Silk dress- Rosewholesale

Sunglasses- Rosewholesale

Turtle neck shirt- Missyempire

Bag- Marina Galanti

Shoes- Ivyrevel

Watch- Daniel Wellington



As I told in my instagram - my amazing boyfriend bought us tickets to see The Weeknd (!!!!) in Oslo. After a long time of waiting ( since Christmas ) today we woke up at 4.30 am and headed to the Airport and arrived to Oslo at 8 am. We've been incredibly tired all day but still tried to explore this city a bit and well - we went to shopping of course whoops.

We will go to eat to a restaurant tonight and tomorrow we're having an sightseeing day and we'll go to see the famous Opera house nearby and of course The Weeknd in the evening !



Many of you might now that I love to keep my hair down and curl them on a daily basis. But after doing that for a long period of time - you start to see it on your hair. They aren't as strong as they used to be and I've wanted to do something about them for a long time.

Couple weeks ago I received vitamins from SugarBearHair that make your hair grow much stronger and they also help your nails to grow faster and to become more stronger.

What makes them different in contrast to other vitamins is that they are made with a berrie combination that makes them taste absolutely delicious - just like candy!! They are also made in the shape of gummibears! How cute is that?!

SugarBearHair vitamins are formulated for every hair type and made with essential hair-friendly vitamins like biotin (they contain 5000 mcg of biotin!), folic acid, and Vitamin D that nourishes your hair from the roots to improve strength, elasticity, length, and shine.
Also one of the best parts is that they are completely vegetarian (!!!) so they don't contain any gelatin, dairy, or cluten and they don't cause any side effects.

I've only eaten these vitamins for couple of weeks so I haven't seen that much results yet, but I do feel that my hair looks already a bit healtier and longer! I highly recommend you guys to try them!

Link to their instagram: @SugarBearHair

Link to their website: SugarBearHair website



Photos from wehearit ! Check my page @whiteparadises

For a while now fur jackets have been a must have in the fashion world and I have grown an obsession towards them!
It all started when I bought my first one from a retail shop in Facebook for only 25€! Freaking cheap huh?!

I couldn't stop wearing it because every outfit looked so much better with a fur jacket that I almost wore it every single day.

Couple weeks ago I received my package from Missyempire and it held one of their Blogger favourite White Faux fur jackets and you know what - I was in love !!
This fur jacket is even better than the Black one that I already had and well now I can't stop wearing this new fur jacket either. It's just so fluffy and warm.

Under here is a picture of the next fur jacket that I've had my eye on for the whole winter !! It's the last one at Zara and I can't wait to get my next paycheck so I can get to buy it! First I thought that I won't need it, but it's been sitting in the storage for such a long time and I just have to have it!



About a week ago the sun came out fiinallyy after a long time! I was so happy to just stand there and feeling the warm sun shine on my face. We went to take pictures with my friend Eveliina and had so much fun!

Then couple days ago the snow came back, ugh. Can't wait for spring!



For all my life, I've always felt that I wasn't as good as others. I've always been insecure about myself and my body and I've been comparing myself to others. Everytime someone said something to me regardless of how big that thing was - even if it was something very small and unmeaningful - I took it way too seriously and thought that the person doesn't think I'm good enough.
Even on this very day, I still feel that way sometimes. Eventhough I've got a lot more confident for the past years, I still don't feel as good as I want to.

In Primary School I was so shy that even if some boy said something to me I just stood there and tried to think something to say, but I was too nervous to get anything out of my mouth. The first time I told a boy that I liked him, I ran away immediately without even hearing what he had to say as a response.

I hate how shy I was back then, and the fact that I'm still struggling to not to be shy - takes a lot of energy. I also have a habit of analyzing everything anyone says. I frequently think that, was that person really interested of what I just said or not or why didn't she/he say anything about it.

I haven't ever been that popular in school, and it's okay for me, but I've had a bad habit at envying my friends. Whether someone was prettier or dressed better or something else, I was always so caught up on them that it really made me different. I think me being shy had something to do with envying others. Because I've always been shy and thus felt that I wasn't as good enough as my friends. In secondary school I had a chrush on one of my classmates and told him, but unfortunately he wasn't that into me and later I found out that he liked one of my bestfriends that I was so jealous of. She was always the best at everything. She was the prettiest, had the nicest style and was a great person too. The fact that everyone always seemed to like my friends more than they liked me - made me feel insecure and had a really big impact on me.

Now that I'm on the third year of High School I still feel a bit insecure. I go to an art school and, well, I think I do stand out in there with all my make-up and clothes. And I frequently think what others think about me. Do I seem like I'm bad at school, because I use a lot of make-up and I dress up too much for school? A lot of students in my school are very shy and don't even use any make-up, and the fact that I'm so different compared to them makes me feel that they might judge me of it.

Only thing I've ever wanted from people has been acceptance. That people around me would really truly like me and be interested about me and what is going on in my life. This year I want to try not to envy others, because it doesn't only make you jealous of others, but it makes you feel bad about yourself if you continuously compare yourself to different people. The only person I really want to be is me and I want to make the best version of myself that I can be - just by being myself.

Here is an old picture of me really smiling :)



I remember when I used Dove's tanning lotion for the very first time and how thrilled I were of how well it worked. I used to think that I would never use self tanning, but after trying them out - you just can't stop.

I had followed Loving Tan's website for such a long time and admired their simple and beautiful tanning products and wished that someday I might own one of them myself !
And girls, that day came through a month ago when I received couple of their products!!
First off, even their packages are simply perfect!! I am currently quite into the colour Rose Gold so already for that I'm in love with their packages! They really know how to make girls love their products even more.

Before Loving Tan I had tried St.Moriz tanning mousse. It was good, but it didn't stay that long. It almost disappeared in the shower and their tanning mitt wasn't half as good as Loving Tan's.

Loving Tan's products contain naturally derived ingredients and the best part, Aloe Vera! When I used ST.Moriz mousse I felt it dryed my skin, but in contrast to Loving Tan I felt like my skin was even more hydrated after applying their mousse.

I don't want anyone to think that I hate St.Moriz products, but this is just my opinion and if someone loves their products it's totally fine!


First thing I do is I take a shower, shave and exfoliate my skin using the Tan removing & Skin polishing glove so the tanning mousse will apply even more smoothly. Then I moisturize my fingers and toes, because those are the trickiest parts to get your tan on smoothly. After the moisturizer has dryed out I take the Deluxe applicator mitt and put Deluxe Bronzing mousse on it and apply it to my skin. After that is done I wait for 6 hours before I wash my skin ! And that's how you get the most incredible tanning ever !

Due to winter I don't use the Bronze shimmer Luminous cream, (which gives you the most amazing shimmer on top of your tan) yet, but just imagine how amazing it will look like in the summer!

You can see a clear difference with my left leg compared to the right one. In winter time I am pretty pale and that's why I absolutely loove using Loving Tan's products, because they make my skin look naturally tanned only with one layer !

Now you can get an amazing offer! Use my code 'aada' at the checkout when you buy any mousse product and you get a FREE tanning mitt !

Here is the Link to their website: Loving Tan

And here is the Link to their Instagram page: Loving Tan

This blog post has been written in Collaboration with Loving Tan



Last year was one of the best years of my life - truly. New Year got me thinking of all the amazing people I've met on 2016 and I just want to thank everyone that has been a part of a fabulous year!
I've got so many new friends and magnificent opportunities that I can't even believe.
I wanted to share you some of my favourite pictures that you might've seen if you follow me on instagram (if you don't yet, please do <3 ) ! Hope you like !



Couple days ago I received a beautiful white package from IVYREVEL which contained the most perfect shoes ever!! They are white snake skin leather shoes with gold details. They look Incredible and feel good on my feet as well. Who wouldn't love to have shoes that look amazing and also are comfortable as hell?!

Since it's festive season Ivyrevel and I wanted to give you girls a code to get 10% extra from their Christmas offer! Just use 'WHITEPARADISES10' ! 

​Code is valid until 31st of December.

Just look at them so beautiful!!!! I am obsessed with white so I am in love with the packages too that I got with the shoes they're all just so perfect!

They also sent me this cute bag where I can keep my shoes in !

This post is written in collaboration with Ivyrevel.