Since Kasai opened its door a few weeks (months?) ago and we missed the Opening - darn it! there has been much fuzz and buzz about this place. So when my colleague told me she booked a table for six girls I gladly came along to try this new "Stockholm trendy spot" :)

We arrived pretty early as it was pretty much fully booked for months and started with a cocktail. My drink came in, smoking cold in a shell with foam and seaweed.. right up my alley..

But I must say - that was probably the high light of the menu from my point!

We shared a few smaller dishes- everything from spicy tuna, tempura corn, sashimi and a few rolls. My favorite was the spicy tuna. I was not completely blown away from the other dishes.. Maybe because of higher expectations, maybe because I am not the biggest fan of tempura, but the flavors didn't hit me like a jackpot!

My recommendations; This is not a place for a foodie that is looking for the best asian delicacies in town.. But it's definitely a place for some easy snacks/sharing dinner with fun and tasty cocktails before a night out with the girls.


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