Since Kasai opened its door a few weeks (months?) ago and we missed the Opening - darn it! there has been much fuzz and buzz about this place. So when my colleague told me she booked a table for six girls I gladly came along to try this new "Stockholm trendy spot" :)

We arrived pretty early as it was pretty much fully booked for months and started with a cocktail. My drink came in, smoking cold in a shell with foam and seaweed.. right up my alley..

But I must say - that was probably the high light of the menu from my point!

We shared a few smaller dishes- everything from spicy tuna, tempura corn, sashimi and a few rolls. My favorite was the spicy tuna. I was not completely blown away from the other dishes.. Maybe because of higher expectations, maybe because I am not the biggest fan of tempura, but the flavors didn't hit me like a jackpot!

My recommendations; This is not a place for a foodie that is looking for the best asian delicacies in town.. But it's definitely a place for some easy snacks/sharing dinner with fun and tasty cocktails before a night out with the girls.


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We have an obsession to try new restaurants.. Really everything about it is great!

The excitement before. Checking the Instagram feed to figure out what is the best dish. The feeling when you take the first sip on that pre-dinner drink, at home or in a bar near by.. The thrill when you step inside the restaurant; a mix between hunger, curiosity and delight. Taking in everything from the staff, the interior, the setting, the feeling and of course the food and wine..

A few weeks ago I visited Portal for a late dinner.. I have heard much great things about this place which always is tricky.. The expectations were high, but I was nowhere near disappointed.

Everything was really really great.

Food - YUMMYlicious

Drinks - Never complained about a good wine in a nice glass

Service - Funny, friendly and knowledgeable - top top top

Interior - open, airy and fresh Scandinavian feel

With the risk of sounding like Mr Muscle himself- I will be back!

High five for the vegetarian dish.. Salsify with goat cheese.. Smashingly good! And awesome plating!

Price: Starter 110-180 SEK. Main 195-260 SEK



Without a doubt - this is one of my top favorite places in Stockholm right now.. Intimate, friendly and cozy with a gorgeous menu AND at a good price! Winning!

I just love the concept of serving smaller sharing plates. At least when everything (yes- everything) on the menu is DELISH.. Innovative, fun and gorgeous flavors which comes beautifully presented. Many times the dishes are cross-cusines mixing green curries and seaweed with rootveggies and kalix roe.. The only problem you have is that you want them all..

I have been back at Jim & Jacob a few times I can truly say that these guys know what the are doing..Yummy yummy yummy! And it's not even that expensive.. And the venue itself is very welcoming laid-back and warm.. Come on.. How great is this place?

Rumors say that they now also started serving Brunch during weekend.. Hello Sunday Funday!

Price: Dishes range from 50-150 SEK. Count 3-4 per person.



There are not many things that can beat a good brunch.. A colorful and tasty start of the day..

Yes, we really do love our brunches. We want much choices, both sweet and savory and EGG is a given (salmon is always a plus)
And oh oh oh.. Don't forget the AVO.. It can brighten up any tired morning mood.. ;)

One of the best brunch cities in our opinion is Copenhagen.. In every district, in every neighborhood and almost on every street there are places serving up delicious fresh and hearty brekkies/brunches..
Last time we enjoyed a long and sunny morning at Dyrehaven in Vestebro, Copenhagen..

..Enough said... I let the pics speak for themselves..
Nom nom nom



The first snow has fallen in Stockholm.. The same chock every year.. It's freezing, painful and depressing!!!

So to pump up the energy and make something useful out of the day we suggest an evening in a warm and cozy winebar with some red wine and yummy food. You're with us right?

Vina is one of those perfect spots.. A super relaxed and warm ambiance. Cozy, dark, snugly... A bodega feeling with candles and cool decorations.. Really the perfect spot for some intense wine drinking..

What makes Vina even better (!!) is their menu. Easy and delish bites or bigger meals to accompany that gorgeous choice of wine you made!

All of the sudden it doesnt suck that much to be stuck in a Snowy and dark city ;)



Copenhagen is truly a foodie´s paradise.. The city is PACKED with smaller, cosy, delicious restaurants.. serving everything from easy bites, international innovations and Nordic gastronomic stars! During our last visit we booked a table at Höst to enjoy a romantic besties dinner ;)

Amazing food, great wines and a stunning corn ice cream with popcorn - do I even need to express the "Holy Moly".. pure mouthgasm!

The restaurant itself is super warm and welcoming.. You get the feeling of being outside in a garden, but still in the indoor warm ambiance with candles and dimmed lights. The interior is very "Scandinavian" with a lot of plants, rustic material and plain concrete walls..

But the food is really the star here, and you won't leave hungry!

We decided to try the two set menus of the day. We have a thing for sharing.. It brings more excitement to share and try more flavors ;)

And OMG.. In addition to the tasty three course meal we were treated with a pre-starter snack plate, an in between gorgeous egg and cabbage dish, a pre-dessert and a petit four after... We LITERALLY rolled out of the restaurant.. But with a HUGE smile on our face.. Definitely a must-visit! AND super affordable!

What we ate??

Seared flounder with kohl rabi, spinach and oyster sauce

Lobster and veal terrine with mushrooms


Pork belly with tomatoes and sauce choron

Beef tenderloin with beetroot, marrow and terragon


Corn ice cream with raspberries, popcorn and chanterelle yoghurt

Blueberry sorbet with brown cheese and cicely

And as mentioned, on top of that we had delicious in between courses.. Gastrolicious!

Set menu 395-495 DKK



 After an early morning hike in the Granyon Canyon what else do you want beside a very healthy, fresh and nutritious breakfast? Only a few minutes by car from the hike trail you have one of those really good breakfast spots – Café Gratitude in Larchmont.

Avery nice place with a small patio at the front.

The menu at Gratitude is totally vegan and organic.. Healthy peoples dream!

I had a coconut parfait with fruits and homemade granola.. Of course accompanied with the very trendy kambucha juice and a big black coffee.

After a start like this I promise you you’ll be kicking ass the entire day!



When in Vegas...

Let’s face it.. You don’t go to Vegas for the food. That's like pure facts!

You goto Vegas for the fun, the shows, the parties and the crazy things that’s goingon..

At Sushi Rok you actually get both.. You get the excitement, music,show, crazy unexpected moments AND good food.. Winning!!!

I went here with work to celebrate a team dinner and leftfull and happy.. That was after a couple of crazy hours being brought up onstage, singing along to old Backstreet Boys tunes, having my first Sake Bomband eating a delicious Japanese dinner. This place is highly recommended ifyou’re in for a fun night.. When in Vegas huh! ;)

"I say sake you say BOMB!"



I wish I had a place like Superba Food + Bread close to where I live...

A very big,bright, spacious and chill place to hang out for breakfast, lunch or easy dinner.. A place to bring your laptop and finish that work presentation or meet up with a colleague or friend.

This café, much like other cafes and restaurants in LA is super healthy and there is something for everyone. Vegan, Lacto free, Gluten free, Organic, but (don't judge) super delish and hearty for somebody that wants more of that “ouuumpf” to the dish.. I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of chia puddings and chia porridges as I some time think they are too runny and tasteless.. But oh my was I lucky I still ordered it here.

Easily the BEST chia I have ever had.. Creamy and super tasty… Superb(a)!!

I really wish I can go back soon. Would love to try their lunch. Something tells me it would be equally awesome.,,

Superba food + break is located in Venice..



When in Piemonte and visiting some of the wonderful red-wine regions it would be a crime not to pass by Barolo. Home of the delicious wine with same name. We took the car to spend an evening in the cute little village.

There are not very many things to do in the city. You can walk around, look at the beautiful buildings, check out some cute bars & wine-tasting osterias and just eat and drink.. A place just in our fashion! ;) And so we walked around for a bit.. Sat down for a glass of prosecco and worked up our appetite.

When it was time for dinner we sat down at Rosso Barolo in their backyard garden. We enjoyed some really tasty food and of course a glass of the finest Barolo. A lovely dinner in a homely atmosphere..Just perfect for a night in Italy!

Barolo is together with Barbaresco the most famous Piemonte wine. They are both made from the Nebbiolo grape... and both delicious!