After an early morning hike in the Granyon Canyon what else do you want beside a very healthy, fresh and nutritious breakfast? Only a few minutes by car from the hike trail you have one of those really good breakfast spots – Café Gratitude in Larchmont.

Avery nice place with a small patio at the front.

The menu at Gratitude is totally vegan and organic.. Healthy peoples dream!

I had a coconut parfait with fruits and homemade granola.. Of course accompanied with the very trendy kambucha juice and a big black coffee.

After a start like this I promise you you’ll be kicking ass the entire day!

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When in Vegas...

Let’s face it.. You don’t go to Vegas for the food. That's like pure facts!

You goto Vegas for the fun, the shows, the parties and the crazy things that’s goingon..

At Sushi Rok you actually get both.. You get the excitement, music,show, crazy unexpected moments AND good food.. Winning!!!

I went here with work to celebrate a team dinner and leftfull and happy.. That was after a couple of crazy hours being brought up onstage, singing along to old Backstreet Boys tunes, having my first Sake Bomband eating a delicious Japanese dinner. This place is highly recommended ifyou’re in for a fun night.. When in Vegas huh! ;)

"I say sake you say BOMB!"



I wish I had a place like Superba Food + Bread close to where I live...

A very big,bright, spacious and chill place to hang out for breakfast, lunch or easy dinner.. A place to bring your laptop and finish that work presentation or meet up with a colleague or friend.

This café, much like other cafes and restaurants in LA is super healthy and there is something for everyone. Vegan, Lacto free, Gluten free, Organic, but (don't judge) super delish and hearty for somebody that wants more of that “ouuumpf” to the dish.. I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of chia puddings and chia porridges as I some time think they are too runny and tasteless.. But oh my was I lucky I still ordered it here.

Easily the BEST chia I have ever had.. Creamy and super tasty… Superb(a)!!

I really wish I can go back soon. Would love to try their lunch. Something tells me it would be equally awesome.,,

Superba food + break is located in Venice..



When in Piemonte and visiting some of the wonderful red-wine regions it would be a crime not to pass by Barolo. Home of the delicious wine with same name. We took the car to spend an evening in the cute little village.

There are not very many things to do in the city. You can walk around, look at the beautiful buildings, check out some cute bars & wine-tasting osterias and just eat and drink.. A place just in our fashion! ;) And so we walked around for a bit.. Sat down for a glass of prosecco and worked up our appetite.

When it was time for dinner we sat down at Rosso Barolo in their backyard garden. We enjoyed some really tasty food and of course a glass of the finest Barolo. A lovely dinner in a homely atmosphere..Just perfect for a night in Italy!

Barolo is together with Barbaresco the most famous Piemonte wine. They are both made from the Nebbiolo grape... and both delicious! 



Everywhere you turn in LA there is a Vegan place. You can have Vegan brekkies, Vegan ice creams, Asian Vegan and of course – Vegan Mexican..

So what is Vegan Mexican? Black beans and avocado? Tortilla with lettuce? No way.. I admit that would have been super boring! No, this is the spot if you want to mix a healthy meal with some delicious Margaritas and Tequila drinks..

How about a cactus and corn salad? Some fajitas or tacos with potatoes, caramelized onions, guacamole and cashew cheese.. The list goes on and on with healthy but hearty vegan dishes..

And to enjoy all this together with a fresh drink in a gorgeous setting.. The venue inside is both trendy and elegant, and the garden is a beautiful spot for a sunny lunch..



There is no place like this one.. No where.. In my opinion you don’t get any better acai bowl than this.. Not anywhere.

The bowls are soooo super tasty and is like a healthy ice cream treat in the morning.

Itis the perfect start of any day.. You start off with some exercise or morning walk.. Go pass “The blue bottle” which is the coffee place next door. Buy a good Americano or latte and then head to Backyard Bowls for a dreamy acai..

That is my best recommendation to all you morning persons and breakfast lovers out there.



Picture yourself next to the water in an old beautiful Italian Como village. Picture a lushy garden with flowers and leaves, cute chairs and dining tables dressed in white clothes. Now picture (smell and taste) the most fantastic Italian dishes - tartare, cheese, fresh fish, truffle... and how you gently wash it down with a fizzy ice cold Prosecco..

I don't think we need to add more.. Simply fantastic and amazing. The flavors, the atmosphere, the setting - 100% joy!

This place is highly recommended for a lunch or dinner if you are visiting the area around Bellagio. You will not be disappointed!

These gorgeous things was plated in front of us:

Tartare of Tuna with sheep’s ricotta cheese & peaches

Beef tartar with Burrata cheese & Black Summer truffle

Lake Como fish variety

Asparagus with Burrata cheese, red prawns & egg yolk



Wolf – what aplace!

There are manyreasons why I love Los Angeles.. But the access to this kind of places is definitely one of them.. The kind of chill, trendy and chic places that servesdelicious yet healthy food.

Wolf is a fairlynew restaurant in West Hollywood and the place itself isn’t very big. Theinterior is very interesting and cool; mixing a hardwood rustic ”cave” feelingwith bright and modern details.

When sipping yourdelicious pre- dinner cocktail you feel comfortable, yet excited and energizedby the nice buzz that's going on..

The chefs focus on seasonal food put together in fun combinations.. I love it when you canshare a few plates with many different textures and flavors without feeling too heavy. Best of both worlds huh.. ;)

”Burnt Carrotswith charcoal and passion fruit”, ”Miso Cod with watermelon and mushrooms”, and”Hamachi Crudo with puffed rice” were just some of the gorgeous flavors weenjoyed.

Bring yourfriend, partner, lover, mum or brother for dinner and drinks – this place willnot disappoint you! :)

And oh.. Do not miss out on the Crispy potatoes.. A bit heavier, but definitely well worth those extra calories ;) 



Baroo is a pretty new, small and hidden gem in the West part of LA. I found this place on Instagram and got caught with all the colorful pics posted from there.. Fresh bowls with a variety of American and Korean flavors – definitely something I wanted to check out.

So I took the car to Baroo but passed the location over and over.. I really couldn’t find this lunch place. The GPS told me I was arrived but the only thing I could see was a nailbar, a dry cleaner and a 7-11. But I parked the car and thought that the GPS might have shown me a nearby parking.

Then I realized it was actually there. No signs, no big entrance, only a tiny restaurant with places for about 10-15 people. So I figured – this must be the shit.. No other way can this place attract people…

Inside it was very bright and clean. A very typical trendy feel and touch to it..

By recommendations from the waiter I ordered a bim bim salad with Asian pears,carrots, grains and tomato chutney.

The plating looked awesome and the flavor was really on point! Very different from a regular salad but super tasty!

This is not a place to hang out and have long winey breaks or lunch meetings. More suitable for a quick and easy lunch.. But if you're in for a yummy and fresh bowl- this is the place.



Oh how we wish we had more of these places in Stockholm.. Or at least one(!!!)

This is the perfect spot.. A kind of laid back and chill bar but still with genuine and charming bartenders and crowd.. Delicious cocktails and a cool mix of music. 

We sat down with a smashing drink and watched all different cool people hanging out. The bar attracts surfers, students, couples, dog owners and even the lawyer stopping by for an after work beer.

The interior, which looks like a construction site, is warm and comfy and makes you want to stay for another found of cocktails.. :)