Working from home has its ups and downs. For the past couple of years I've been mostly working from my home. Meaning my office is at home, but I do client, vendor and customer meetings out on "the field". With us moving to NYC this Spring I haven't had a chance or really the space to make my office ideal. But I have a little nook in our main space and it's working fine so far.

The perks of working from home is definitely the minimal commute to work, literally like 10 feet lol. And the fact that I can work in my PJ's or sweats on days where I don't feel like getting ready or put any makeup on. Also it's great that I can spend more time with our dog and not leave him at home for longer periods of time.

And the downside of working from home is that it becomes a bit lonely. And sometimes you don't get that clear line between what is work time and what is downtime. Plus some days it's extra hard to stay disciplined when you know that your commute back to that comfy bed is just 10 feet.... 😏

But I am going to enjoy these few more months of me working from home, because later this Fall I'll be (hopefully) finding a new job. With a proper office and real colleagues - I'm nervous you guys!!!

My office overlooks our living room. And what's nice is that we have big windows that let in a lot of light.

Writing this blog post is a great example of when it's easier to get distracted when working at home and controlling your own hours.. oops haha..

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Today is our 2 month wedding anniversary! I love being married to my handsome husband. He truly is the most patient, loving, thoughtful and wonderful man. I'm so happy to be sharing our life together.


So we got married at the New York City Hall office, and here we are sitting waiting for our number to be called.

With my mother and father in-la, a few moments before we said "I do" .

Such a special moment! And I can't wait until we get to renew our vowels and have a proper wedding/reception with all of our family and friends next year.



Today we saw the Great American Eclipse. For us living in NYC we didn't actually get to see the total eclipse, i.e. when the sun gets 100% blocked by the moon. But I believe we got something like 70% eclipse, so not too bad. I have to say it was a bit underwhelming though haha. I mean it was still light and bright out, and without the proper "glasses" you couldn't really see it so well. Memo to self: plan ahead next time and get solar eclipse glasses ahead of time, NOT on the day of 😂.

Since it doesn't come across that well on camera, I decided to utilize the moon eclipse emojis, FINALLY!

One of our neighbors made a DIY viewer thing. If you look to the left in the box, you'll see a tiny half-moon 🌙

Instead of making a special box, Anton just held up a brick he found on the roof and that worked just as well lol.

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This has been a total foodie weekend. After our night out with a few too many drinks, 😇 I decided to make pizza tonight. But instead of regular pizza dough I made a healthier version with cauliflower. I've done this version before and I really like how it tastes.

I followed the recipe here.

Here's the final result 🍕

The crust before the oven and after it has been cooked for 40 min at 400F.

I even made my own pizza tomato sauce!

I might have gone overboard with the mozzarella cheese, oops haha. But when can you have too much cheese right? 😉

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Amazing korean dinner in Lower East Side. Last night we had made plans to meet up with a few of my husbands friends for drinks. But before that we decided to grab dinner just the two of us. Like a mini date night. We went to this cute little spot called Oiji. They had the yummiest food and drinks, and the presentation was so pretty. I love little boutique restaurants like thes that spend a little extra time on plating and decorations.

This was a secret meny drink that was almost too pretty to drink.

A pretty small restaurant but really cozy.

I know it might not look like much, but this Mackerel was so flavorful. The whole thing was gone in 10 seconds lol.

Beef tartar 🙌



Tonight we're going for dinner and drinks in lower east side. But before while getting ready we had a little drink at home and used our wedding gift from my bestie Stina. Love the custom champagne glasses, a sweet reminder of our special day - June 22, 2017.



Saturday mornings are my favorite! I love waking up and knowing that there is still one more weekend morning left (Sunday). Today we walked all three to our favorite coffee shop in Clinton Hill. It's called BKG Coffee Roaster and they have the most delicious croissants ever. I always get the almond croissant, it's A M A Z I N G !

Hands down the best pastries in our neighborhood.

My little family 💗



We decided to stay in and cook dinner tonight. Well I decided to cook the dinner and my husband to eat it lol. But I don't mind at all, I actually really enjoy my time in the kitchen. Especially when there's some wine and good music. Tonight we opened a bottle of red and put on Kip Moore (love his music so much).

For tonights dinner I made the following dishes. All recipes are below.

Asian Coleslaw

Chicken Yakitoro

Cucumber Salad

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts

Getting all the ingredients.

Friday night in = no make up

Chicken skewers ready to go into the oven

Sautéed brussels sprouts are so good. Just some olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice 🙌

Coleslaw and cucumber salad

Both hubby and our doggie approved the meal lol!



In love with this gift idea! When we were gone for our family vacation last week, our pup (Merlin) couldn't come with. So we found a family that offered to take care of him during that week. They are the sweetest people and I am so happy it all worked out so well. Because it is always a bit tricky to have your dog stay with a new family, will everyone get along and like "click" you know. Plus I'm such a doggie mom and worry about my furry baby a lot haha. But it couldn't have gone better. They fell in love with Merlin and sent me the cutest pictures all week long.

I wanted to thank them somehow but didn't know how. A bottle of wine, flowers or some random "item" didn't seem fitting. Then I came across this gift idea. A customized box of chocolates with Merlin's photo printed on the cover. Inside there are little chocolate pieces with "thank you" written on them. I love it, and this will definitely be my go-to-gift for future dog sitters. 😍

I bought on Zazzle .



So I've been working on my resume lately. Trying to revamp it and make it look "modern". Because once I get my U.S. work authorization in a few months, the plan is to find a new job. Well, a new job in addition to the family business that I work for. I have to admit I'm a bit nervous, but mostly excited to see where I'll end up and what opportunities come my way.

I am still not 100% sure of what exact field I want to work in, but it will definitely be something in marketing, production, management and like client partner relations. Those are the areas that I truly enjoy working with and have experience in.

Also building a resume is hard work. What does an employer want to read, which key words are important to include and then most importantly how to quantify achievements. I think writing a resume is definitely a skill!

Right now I'm using LinkedIn , Glassdoor and Indeed.

Once I feel more confident about my actual resume I might post a little snippet of it here, but for the moment it's still under construction 😜

Leave a link to anything you've found helpful in creating resumes, looking for job postings etc.