"Yeah, life is hard. Get over it."

          Submissive, a settler, you feel no control over your life. Pain, the kind that no one likes to talk about. The kind that shakes  your fucking soul, that scares you so bad you decided to never feel it again. Fear drove you into an emotionless downward spiral, forcing truth and intuition into the dark. The end of your sadness is really the start to your demise, disguised as a temporary solution practically begging you to fall for.

Everyday is the chance for a new start, a new life. Creator(God/'Jesus') blessed you as part of 'him', which means you have the power gifted to you that which Creator himself obtains. You are beyond beautiful! Your soul shines with glory and strength, with the ability to influence your own fate and life. You are your own Creator. So, imagine you're an author/writer, writing and creating your life, your own story. What you decide is how it goes, if you decide to write down all negative things that happen to you, and how Miserable you are, you will send that negativity out as well which will attract more negativity your way. If you write down how you benefited from your bad experiences, and more what's positive for you, healing yourself and send it out, more positive stuff will come. Energy attracts itself, whether good, bad, or in between.

       So back to these emotionless individuals. They got hurt somehow, and  wouldn't bear the repercussions. The infamous mask of fronts comes up, a disguise to make yourself not able to get hurt. Emotions are here for a reason, overcoming a heavy sadness increases your strength and wisdom 10 fold, but its so hard everyone rathers not care. Your mask makes you not learn needed lessons, and bad/negative beings use this to influence that mask and manipulate you. You start treating others bad, bullying, judging, aggressive and lacking compassion.. this is the start to insanity.

Murderers, rapists, etc they get engulfed in their masks, and slowly become it. They arent themselves anymore, and give the pain to others like the pain that first started it all for you. Unbelievable, isn't it? A conundrum, a sub conscience disease. You're not you anymore, but a manipulated, senseless being who's influenced by darkness into bidding their dues. Its the saddest thing I've ever seen. This point is where it's much more difficult to awaken, which is why so many people won't see their wrongs.

Please, wake up. Notice the small things you do everyday that you could create into better Situations, meditate, focus on you as a soul. Follow intuition, treat others with the up most respect and kindness. Dont lose faith, even if you dont really know much about Creator or God, at least pray and talk to your spirit guides and protectors. This way youll get more inner knowledge and power, and a stronger connection to Creator. Divinity will bless you, your life will be amazing at all times, you'll find love, peace, tranquility, peace, and true freedom. You'll be shining the brightest you as a light can ❤

Peace, Love, and happiness to you all. Were all connected, if you want more look up creator, even simple things like strengthing your psyche. Stay aware, spread love, dont judge, work on yourself, be free and overcome our fears. We all have the power, we just need to ignite it. ❤