Yesterday we went with my brother to the archipelago , Grinda, a island outside Stockholm.
We took a ferry here and Johan has this big tent place that he owns. Every summer you build it up and every winter you have to take it down. This is a very small island so you walk on this island. It's one man that lives here all year round and he has a car, but that is the one and only. Then you have a few people with quads.

Yesterday we made some bacon eggs rolls for lunch when we arrived. Staying aussie!
My bother loooves it. I make it every time we see each other and thats a lot lately😄. Our smokey bbq sauce is soon finishing so I really need to see if I can find a aussie shop in Stockholm or try to order from Woolworths, a supermarket in Australia. I should start importing that, vegemite and timtams. Three things that should be international because it's sooo good!

In the evening we started a fire and grilled some sausage. Super cozy out here!
It's a getaway from the city and everything. Love it. It's a lot of mosquitoes and ticks here. George is stressing about it, my brother keeps talking about them and George gets itchy😁 They are super small, it's really hard to see them.

We have started watching a serie, shameless. It's really funny.
An alcoholic man lives in a perpetual stupor while his six children with whom he lives cope as best they can. Doesn't sound so interesting but it's pretty good.

Today we went for a swim and it was super cold. After Chelseas:
-jump in, jump in!
Eventually George came too, half forced in😄

Now we will start dinner, mum and dad just arrived as well. I'm not gonna sleep dad snores worse then George. He takes all the prizes in the world for snoring and we all are sleeping in the tent together.

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Today my brother and his daughter Chelsea and my sister Mia and her man Peter with their daughter Molly came past and played in the pool. Molly is 2 years old and Chelsea 3 soon 4.

Chelsea had a really hard time liking George in Sydney when they came to us but now they play so good together! She is really having so much fun. G can't say no hahaa so he always gets pushed around. She is the boss 😄

We went fishing tonight but no fishes.

So this is my sister Mia. She got her little daughter 2 years ago.
I'm happy for her that life is more stable then it was before. I'm sure it's a hectic time when a baby comes to the family. Molly is supercute, always running around in her own little world, superhappy. she is a bit hard to bond with. I haven't succeeded yet but I'm sure she will come around 😄



Yesterday morning we were at the immigration office and fixed Georges working visa. It's such a difference in price compare from what I had to pay in Australia but it's done now. Fingerprint and photo. The card will come soon we hope and then in October we will start working.

In the arvo we met up with mum and had lunch in Stockholm at the Texas longhorn. They have a really good caesar salad there, classic caesar like it should be with bacon and parmesan cheese! After our meal we went for a walk by the water and we rented a kayak and paddle in Stockholm and saw the city from a really nice view. We got really wet but thankfully we didn't tipped around. George was a bad driver, he steered us in to the branches.

In the evening we drove two hours outside Stockholm to a hotel that my sisters and their families and my brother had booked for all of us. We stayed the night and then went to the zoo close by. It's a really big zoo with a amusement park as well. Me, George, Victoria and Christoffer went on the roller coaster 3 times. It was so much fun!
It's the steepest dip in Europe on this roller coaster. It really tickles in the stomach!

We had a really awesome day with the kids and everyone. It's so nice to be home and see everyone, to be involved in the kids life. Victorias little daughter gave away her pacifier to Bamse today, a very big step and hopefully she will not be to sad tonight.



Sore and tired we are back in Sweden. I have been way to tierd to update on the blog. We needed some recover.

Tomorrowland was really something special, such a magical place and it's really something worth going to! It's disney world for adults. They had so much odd decoration and lots of weird things to do everywhere. They had a gym at the camping area for example.
-who would train a weekend like this?!
But at 8 am the speakers started really loud with music and motivation words. I wanted to chook them!

They had two dudes that was painted all green with a brume in their hand and they where just standing there, totally still. They had a Lidl store in there,. You could get a tattoo, a hair cut. Just weird shit all over this place.

My brother and his mates had VIP bracelet that we borrowed a few times. In the comfy areas they were walking around with free food and desserts. A cupcake lady was in this metal cage around her and it was cupcakes all over her!
On main stage they had dances and water fountains, a girl did acrobats on a rope high up above the stage. Tomorrowland cost a lot of money but you can really see where the money goes to, they really build this place up properly!



Yesterday morning started good 😂
We left Luxembourg at 7am to drive to Brussels airport and pick up my brother Johan and his mate Bävern.
Bäverns check-in luggage didn't turn up and in his bag all wristbands/tickets for tomorrowland was there.
Oh my goodness what a stressful time!

It was one bag that was still there so someone had taken, by mistake the wrong bag. Luckily it was a name on the bag so we could look on Facebook and get a hold of someone with the same name. We got a hold of a girl and it was the sister to a guy that also is going to TL. After a long time we got a number to call and thank he had the bag! He was already at his hotel tho so we had to drive to Antwerpen but that's fine! We got the bag and everything was still there!

2 hours from Amsterdam so yes, we went for a day trip. Walked around in the city, ate some waffles and creps of course! Sooo good! We did redlight once more and George felt a bit better this time,😜 not as awkward as the first time.
And then back to Belgium.

We dropped Johan and Bävern of at their hotel and then found a camping. I'm really over the car now. It will be nice to come back home to Sweden, to a real bed!
Today we just organised ourself, bought some food and packed our bags for our big weekend. Tonight we are all staying at a really nice hotel. Just relax and rest, no sleep for us for the hole weekend starting tomorrow.



George started the day with a hangover on Sunday😂
Tipsy G was drunk G!

Sundays in Germany means that almost everything is closed so we had a relaxing day just walking around, drinking coffee and enjoying the sun. At evening we ate schweinshaxe with some germans at the camping. A very traditional dish here.

Sadly the shop was closed, George wanted to buy some lederhosen 😌


We went to Rottenburg, we arrived in the evening or late arvo so we just had a walk trough the town. It,s such a cute, romantic town. We had a famous dessert there, schneeball, but it wasn't anything special. It was really dry but nice to have tried it.

This morning we left Mum and Dad. They only have one more week to go before they going back to work so they had to start driving up with the RV to Sweden and we have to start going against Belgium. Tomorrow we are picking up my brother from the airport and then on Friday it's time for Tomorrowland!



Last night, when we came to our camping it was so cold but the water looked so inviting so I begged George to have a swim with me. It was really nice in the water, G didn't agree. He ran up straight away so I had to swim by myself😜

This morning we went to Hallstatt again to show Mum and Dad. Me and G was there like a month ago but it's nice to go back and see it all over again. Sadly it was poring when we walked through the little town. Hallstatt is a salt mining town in Austria. Super cute with their small little houses.

Now we are back in Germany, Me and Mum sitting watching a movie and Dad and George making friends at the camping with some germans. Tipsy G is back, I promise you that!
I just love that he can talk to anyone. Everybody loves him. I'm very proud of him



From bikini and sun, back to hoodies and heating turned on in one day!
Croatia was absolutely amazing and so relaxing but it got so windy so we left and went back to Vienna. We picked up our car and now we are back in the alps again. I'm so happy we are doing Austria once more!

It is so picturesque everywhere with the mountains and the green green hills. The air is so fresh and cool, this country and Switzerland really got me. We are driving on the windy roads, in the allays with mountains on both sides of us. It is so awesome!

We have a few more day to go with mum and dad, and then we take off to Belgium and get ready for Tomorrowland. One more big weekend, I hope George can manage. I'm sure he will!!! We might get stuck in Amsterdam for a few hours tho after the event😜
I feel very spoiled; my brother gave us the tickets to Tomorrowland. G is so excited and so am I. It's awesome to do some partying with my brother, finally!



Defqon.1, the harder style musicfestival

A few weeks ago we went to Defqon.1 with some of my friends. Defqon is a music festival in Holland, very special music that I'm listening to but I'm very happy that George actually liked my music (Hardstyle, Hardcore, Frenshcore, Speedcore etc etc). Before he was teasing me and said it's just noise!

We picked up two mates of mine from the airport, Jessica & Alexis and then we drove to Biddinghuizen, outside Amsterdam. It took ages in the traffic, there were so many cars that were late as well, so it took some time, but eventually we got there! We met up with Susanna, Johan and Marcus and the old crew was back. I got to catch up with Jennifer and with lots of new and old fun people.
Defqon was absolutely amazing this year again!

80,000 festival-goers and 45,000 campers from 62 different countries, flocked to the festival site at Q-Dance’s Defqon.1 festival . An amazing, out of this world main stage, lightshow and a lot of fireworks marked the fifteenth edition of this festival. It was so nice to see friends from Sweden again, I haven't seen them for years because I moved to Sydney. I have missed them a lot!

This is what you guys missed!

Awesome people!


After defqon we stayed in Amsterdam in a house boat for a few days with Jessica, Alexis and Marcus. It was really nice to rest and get back some energy after a big weekend like this. The boat was so nice and cozy! We booked through Airbnb and it's actually really good. Only that Marcus got his t-shirt and shorts stolen when he showered in the marina😂 Hahaa

Uncomfortable on redlight

We met up Gs best friends Emanuel & Emma from Australia as well in Amsterdam. We took George to redlight for the first time and he was just embarrassed and awkward strolling through the district. I looked more then he did!

G is in his late twenties and that means that if you party as hard as when you were in your early twenties you will maybe feel a bit shit after a weekend like we had, and that's exactly what happen.

We all ate at a restaurant (this is on Tuesday after defqon weekend) and we got maybe 50 meters and G had to sit down. In the middle of Amsterdam Me and George sat in between some bikes and concrete block meanwhile everyone else walked around and did the city. He couldn't get up. People watching us sitting there like two weirdos. Thanks to Emanuel for the photo! 😂 Of course he send it to all of their friends back at home in Sydney. I'm sure all the text from his mates would have been funny to read. How bullied did you get love? XD
Maybe after more then 2 hours we could stumble back to the boat and he had a sleep. Luckily he didn't throw up on me but it was close!

Our boat we stayed on.

Canal cruse and some history

Next day he felt better and we did a canal cruise and it was awesome the first 30 minutes but the other half I fell asleep. Awesome idea from Jessica (sorry I couldn't keep awake tho)! It goes through Amsterdam and tells you about the history.

Back in the sixteenth century, Dutch authorities levied taxes from citizens based on the width of their houses. So rather then building low and wide, they build up and skinny. Because staircases take up a lot of interior space, canal houses have extremely steep, narrow staircases. So to be able to take your furniture in to your house, from the outside, at the top of nearly every canal house is a "hoist beam" or a hook that often leads to a pulley system inside the attic. To help prevent large items from hitting the house on their rides up and down, the fronts of most canal houses are angled outward slightly, making the buildings look like they're tilting toward the canal.

Even if you are not in to coffee shops and redlight, Amsterdam is a hustling, vibrant, funky city, I would recommend it to everyone.

After the sweeds whent home we went shopping with the aussies. George bought this jumper that he thought was trendy, let just make it clear, I was not in the shop when this happen! We all gave him a hard time about it but eventually we came around. It's not a bad look on him.



Today we rented a paddle boat and we was out for like an hour. It was so beautiful. Lots of fishes in the water. To bad that the dolphins came when we were back at shore. But it was so nice to jump on and off the boat in the clear blue water and just paddle around the cliffs. Really beautiful nature here in Croatia.
Doing nothing the rest of the day was a bit boring so I fell asleep on the beach for like an hour.

George found a sea star when snorkelling. Poor sea star! It was very broken so I picked him up and put him under the jetty, hopefully no one will find him.

We ate ate the restaurant, again. Third time but it's really good food. Tomorrow we renting the paddle boat again I think. Very relaxing and chilled vacation now compare to our travels before we met Mum and Dad with their RV. Then we woke up 4 or 5am in the car and we had to repack everything and then we started driving (we slept in the car for 6 weeks before we meet up with my parents). It's actually really nice to just do nothing for a bit!