It's been a quite of an adventure the trip to Greece. After the moped accident we had to pack our bags and take the ferry to Santorini. It was really a struggle to move around. I had difficulties to walk for a couple weeks but now we are back on track and our Mykonos trip left some scars as memories. The hole thing put us back 500 euro. Ah well. It will be a fun storie soon I'm sure.
Santorini was really beautiful and I really recommend to visit the picturesque town on the cliffs. The magical sunset and the lovely white and blue buildings. It is like a peaceful, harmony feeling flowing through the alleys. When the last dot of the sun passes over the horizon everyone starts to clap. So beautiful evening.

Athens and Gs family

In Athens we met up with Georges family. Lovely to see them after so long time.
George is coming from a big greek family, and yes; It's like taken out from the movie "My big fat greek wedding". From a Swedish perspective and from a smal-family perspective it's very overwhelming to come to a family of seven 😝. Mum and Dad: Anna and Peter. His siblings: Dennis 26, Dimitri 23, Eirene 21, Elias 13 and George is the oldest one 28.

I'm very grateful to be a part of this trip, it's George first trip to Greece so it's a special journey for him and his family. It was a big difficulty for me with the language barrier with his relatives. It's been some hard days but I'm very happy for being involved. George has been very happy and excited and I'm happy for him. A big thank you to Anna and Peter. They have taken us places and showing us around in Greece, it has been a very interesting and wonderful holiday with his family. Hopefully we will meet up next year as well.


Bad luck comes in three right?
Our bad luck didn't stay in Mykonos. In Athens we have some how lost our passports. They are just gone. George might have accidentally thrown them away with some papers. So it has been back and forth to the embassy trying to get some emergency papers. My passport paper cost 166 euro and I can only use it for one travel. George got a 7 months passport for 170 euro. So we need to make a new one for him in Sweden by sending documents back and forth to Australia. We need to change my passport number for my visa in Australia once I have done my one, so it will be a expensive hustle. So moped accident, stolen money and now this. Our bad luck must be finish now please!

A well.

We have visit some really awesome places here in Greece. We saw the acropolis and it's museum. It was a long and hot day but interesting. A relative to George told the storie and he really knew everything worth knowing about the history behind the big icon for Greece. Sadly I didn't understand but George was super happy and maybe a bit to excited even for the rest of the Sidiropolous-family when he looked on every thing in the museum. We left without him that day.

Athens was nice to spend a few days in. I don't think the city is that apealing so I wouldn't go back if it wasn't for visiting Georges relatives.

Road trip to Thessaloniki
The hole family left for a road trip to Thessaloniki after a few days in Athens. It was a really nice drive, we took of the highway and did a really beautiful scenic drive though mountains. Stopped at the hot springs that was really hot. I dropped my phone in there! I was super quick on picking it up from the water so it didn't brake! Unbelievable.

Thessaloniki was really nice, lots of visiting realtives and lots of shopping. More road trips and beautiful views.

We visited Meteora
The Meteora is a rock formation in central Greece hosting one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries. It's really a unique place in Greece, a must visit when coming here. It cost 3 euro pp but for all greeks it's free.
There was no photos allowed in the churches but George tried to be sneaky and take a few. The prest saw him;
-No photos. No photos, he shouted.
George apologised in greek.
Then the prest goes;
- ah you speak greek, take as many photos you want.

Another day, another road trip
We took the car to Kefalonia and wow what a beautiful island! The weather was wonderful and the water was so blue and clear. Absolutely one of the favourite places in Europe. We will for sure go back here. We only had a few days but we made the most of it. We went to this really awesome cave. It cost 7 euro pp. It's a tunnel that takes you down to this big cave. The water was super clear. 39 meters down and you can see the bottom!

We had an really good trip to Greece except for our bad luck but that just makes our travel stories better I guess. We will work for some months in Sweden and then next summer go back and travel in Europe again.

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We have been travelling for about 5 months and not any worries, of course everything happens bang bang.

We had a really nice morning with some frappes at the beach and a swim at amafi beach. We left and were going to another beach when some dickhead on a quad pulls out in front off us so we smash in to him. George tries to miss him but it's to late and the moped hits in to him and then slides down the hill. We both falls with the bike and gets drag along the road. The bike crashed in to the stone wall at the curve but we manage to stop ourself and get up on our feet. The idiot doesn't even care, he stopes and looks at us and then just keeps driving.

We got some bad scratches and I was a bit chocked but other then that we are fine. Lucky for wearing helmet. It could have ended much worse. The plastic on the front of the bike is wrecked and the key hole is fucked. The moped starts and we could drive back to the hotel but it needs to get fixed.

We didn't do more that day. We just stayed at the hotelI, it's a bit hard to walk and move around, the night was difficult.

Then this morning we wake up and feeling sorry for ourself. Bruised and sore we starts cleaning up the hotel because we need to change to another place because they double booked us. George checks on our account and sees that there has been six transaction made from USA last night. So now we are 2000 dollars (1345euro) poorer. George called the bank and freezed our cards but that also means that we only have the cash we took out on us until they send a new card and it will take 15 days until they put the money back. Shit shit shit. This really brought our travelling mode down but at least we are fine and alright. Lets see how much the bike will cost. No more shit now would be great.



Day 3

We left Paros yesterday, the ferry was one hour late and the trip was supposed to be 65 minutes but ended up in 2 hours. We rented a bike straight away when we came to Mykonos, we really needed the bike because our hotel we were supposed to stay at dubble booked us so they organised us on the other side of the island. A bit far away from everything but the bike is fun.

Mykonos town is very beautiful with all the small street and bright white houses. It's super touristi here so Paros was a bit better we both think.

We got lost in the town with all the alleys, it's like a maze. Accessories and clothes shops in every corner and the smell of garlic and seafood makes the atmosphere so inviting to sit down for lunch. We had a gyros and then a frappe and people watch for a bit before we went back to the hotel. We change our clothes and went back out in the evening. We saw a bit of the night life, the small streets and alleys was full of people in all ages and all the restaurants was packed.

This is our small boat we hang back on our big boat

Day 4

Today we saw more of the island, we have been driving around most of the day so I have got a nice burn on my shoulders. George is super red!

I saw a donkey when we got up from one of the hills and George did't even stop so I could take a picture! What a disappointment...

We didn't eat any breakfast so we stopped at lunch time at a supermarket and got some dip (tarama), olives and bread. We found a nice view and enjoyed some greek food. To my surprise the tarama back in Marrickville in Australia is way better! opps.

So the day has just been about so see Mykonos. More to explore tomorrow. Now we will drive down to the town/city for dinner.

Our greek lunch!

We bought some moet :)



We slept in until 10am, went out on the balcony and it was already suuuper hot outside. We packed our beach stuff and first had a coffee at the shop downstairs then walked trough old town and down to the beach. We had a swim and then another coffee. A gyros for G and a pastry for me and then back to our room. Super relaxing and a day of doing as little as we can😌 Soo nice with vacation!

More frappes in the afternoon for us and some dolmades at a nice restaurant at the beach.
In the evening we walked the market street, looking at cloths and jewellers. I found a top I liked and G found some more gyros he liked =P

Tomorrow we are leaving for Mykonos. We will rent a bike there and drive around the island and hopefully stay safe on the roads in this crazy-drivers country.

I have no idea of how to spell this pastry or how to pronounce it but it's super delicious. I had it for lunch!

This is our room. We booked it on airbnb. It's a guy and his mother running it and they are super nice.



We have made it to Greece, George is super happy and feeling like he is at home.
-Why would you move to Australia? This is beautiful, he says. 😜
I have a feeling that this trip won't be the last one to this country.

We left Stockholm last night and arrived 5am. Not a lot of sleep but we took a taxi to the ferry (They are driving like crazy here, driving in two lanes, speeding and shouting).
The ferry from Rafina to Paros took a few hours so we slept a bit but we were still so sleepy when we got of the boat.
We checked in to our airbnb and then took a walk.
George got his 2.50 gyros so he his super exited! I had a frappe and a croissant.

Paros is a really nice island, Greece is a bit like I had in my mind =) It's super nice weather as well. I thought it would be much colder but it's really hot. Even G has no hoodie and those who knows him understand what a big deal that is! =P
On Saturday we will head to Mykonos. Rent a scooter and drive around. Today was nice to just relax and do nothing.



So much work in Farmors (grandma in Swedish) apartment. We started to help Mum and Dad renovate, my Farmor have moved to a elderly home. She is 98 and been taking care of herself upon til now.
She was very stubborn with not moving in the beginning but after almost burning down the place and tripping over several times she finally listen to us that she can't live like this anymore.

So we have been in Stockholm most of the time and it was more work with it then it seemed like in the beginning😄

We thought we could just paint the wallpaper in the apartment but it's so old so it just started fall down as fast the wet paint came on. So now we have taken it down in almost the hole apartment and puddy all the holes, sand it and painted two of the rooms. It's still so much to do tho.

Now it all will stop for a bit because me and George booked Greece on Wednesday and we will be gone for more then a month.

It's already cold in Sweden so it will be nice with some sun in Greece. We meeting up George family there as well.

Yesterday, G had a appointment at the bank so he can start an account here i Sweden. The morning began with running around looking for his passport. We really couldn't find it. We went in to Stockholm, to the apartment to loolk if it was there but no. Back to Bålsta and luckily George found it in our room. Stressful and irritated. We missed the appointment of course but we'll go tomorrow in the morning.



On Friday we left to go to Mums sister Viveca and Lennart, They live 2 hours above Stockholm. They live really beautiful at a lake out on the country side. It's so peaceful out there so we had a really relaxing weekend.

In August every year we Swedes have this crayfish party. All you need is some friends, a heap of freshly boiled crayfish, some beer and schnapps and a selection of silly drinking songs.
So the season of crayfish is actually over but I wanted to show George so we sneaky put some cages in their lake when it got dark and waited a couple hours.
Sadly we only got nine and three was big enough to eat. So we throw them back in the water. Luckily Viveca and Lennart had saved some crayfish in the freezer. To my surprise George actually liked it even tho he found it hard to peal them.

Saturday George and Dad were fishing but no fish. Or Dad got one when G was with me and Mum in the forrest, so he has no fishing luck. And in the forrest he was just running around taking photos of all the mushrooms and not picking any. It's like being in Super Mario he said😜


In Sweden we have this freedom of nature, 'Allemansrätten', all man's right if you would translate it.
Essentially it says that anyone has the right to go pretty much anywhere in Sweden, regardless of land and ownership. It's not a true law, but you can't be prosecuted for exercising the right. Unless you're an idiot. It recognises the love ( aka obsession ) that native Swedes have for being out in nature. So how does it work in practice? Well, basically you have the right to go for a walk in the countryside, where ever your fancy takes you. Which is why you don't see a lot of fences out in the country. A Swedish landowner cannot build a fence that restricts access through their land. Obviously the exception is land that is clearly being farmed. You can't do anything that might damage the land, or disturb in anyway the normal activity on that land. So you can't go stomping through a field of wheat. You are allowed to gather firewood, and pick flowers or pluck berries. You can light a cooking fire, so long as you take care of it. You can also stop for one night and camp, if you wish. In all cases you usually need not seek out the owner of the land and ask permission. Although I personally think it's polite and reasonable to at least tell them that you are there. You must also respect the privacy of the landowner, by staying away from where they live or places that are obvious they use for themselves.


So we butter fried the mushrooms when we got back, lots of butter and onion on a toast with melted cheese on top. It's really nice. We found a lot so we brought it back home and made some creamy pasta today.

It's starting to be a bit cold already in Sweden so we had a fire on Saturday night. Really cozy.
It's always so nice to go up and see Viveca and Lennart. They are so humble and always so happy to see us it feels like.
I baked a really Aussie banana Cake as Fika for them.

And for those who doesn't know what Fika is:
Fika is much more than having a coffee. It is a social phenomenon, a legitimate reason to set aside a moment for quality time. Fika can happen at any time, morning as well as evening. It can be savoured at home, at work or in a café. It can be with colleagues, family, friends, or someone you are trying to get to know. It is a tradition observed frequently, preferably several times a day. Accompanying sweets are crucial. Cinnamon buns, cakes, cookies, even open-faced sandwiches pass as acceptable fika fare. It comes as no surprise that Swedes are among the top consumers of coffee and sweets in the world – or that Swedes appreciate the good things in life.😄 So Introduce Fika to work!



Medieval Week

Medieval week was a blast. George got super drunk and then I meen SUPER drunk with my brother. Saturday morning G and my brother was only going for breakfast. 5.30pm me and my sisters found them stumbling across the streets in Visb, giggling and trying to stay up by holding each other. Oh my goodness what he loved me when he saw me😄drunk G is very loving!
We went to a pizza restaurant and he gave me his wallet and said it's better I took care of it from now. 10 minutes later he shouts out:
-where is my wallet?!
That's the level they were at. We all were very surprised they served them alcohol. They went home, sleept, saw the water in the toilet and then we forced them to come out in the evening again.
That was out last day before we would take the boat back to Stockholm. Luckily we slept on the boat so George didn't throw up like he did when we arrived to the island.

About Medeltidsveckan

Cultural heritage flows through every alleyway in Visby, with hand-laid cobblestones, fascinating medieval architecture and hundreds of unique buildings surrounded by a mighty 3.5km long city wall. All this provides the perfect backdrop for Medieval Week (Medeltidsveckan) each year in late July/early August, when Visby is transformed into to a hanseatic medieval city. The streets teem with life, with everything from jesters and maidens to street music and artisans. Poor people and nobles, monks and knights all mingle together in a delightful mix and the scents from the medieval kitchen will tempt you try the grilled lamb, wild boar or stew of the time.

The only light you get inside the pubs is from candles so it has this cozy feeling and the smell is burnt wood from the fires outside. It feels like you are in the game of throns because every one is dressed up like maids, knights, kings and Queens. Phones are not allowed in there. Not even for photos. If you do use your phone you have the hole pub ratting on you to the gard by shouting 'stocken, stocken, stocken' meanwhile you hitting the table in the same rythm. The guard then comes and put you in this lock and you have to beg to get free. I should have been suspicious when my brother ask if I can take a picture of him and George. Johan never wants to be in pictures. But I took the photo and of course they start shouting stocken. Im very happy with the picture I took but. It was so worth it.



Yesterday we went with my brother to the archipelago , Grinda, a island outside Stockholm.
We took a ferry here and Johan has this big tent place that he owns. Every summer you build it up and every winter you have to take it down. This is a very small island so you walk on this island. It's one man that lives here all year round and he has a car, but that is the one and only. Then you have a few people with quads.

Yesterday we made some bacon eggs rolls for lunch when we arrived. Staying aussie!
My bother loooves it. I make it every time we see each other and thats a lot lately😄. Our smokey bbq sauce is soon finishing so I really need to see if I can find a aussie shop in Stockholm or try to order from Woolworths, a supermarket in Australia. I should start importing that, vegemite and timtams. Three things that should be international because it's sooo good!

In the evening we started a fire and grilled some sausage. Super cozy out here!
It's a getaway from the city and everything. Love it. It's a lot of mosquitoes and ticks here. George is stressing about it, my brother keeps talking about them and George gets itchy😁 They are super small, it's really hard to see them.

We have started watching a serie, shameless. It's really funny.
An alcoholic man lives in a perpetual stupor while his six children with whom he lives cope as best they can. Doesn't sound so interesting but it's pretty good.

Today we went for a swim and it was super cold. After Chelseas:
-jump in, jump in!
Eventually George came too, half forced in😄

Now we will start dinner, mum and dad just arrived as well. I'm not gonna sleep dad snores worse then George. He takes all the prizes in the world for snoring and we all are sleeping in the tent together.



Today my brother and his daughter Chelsea and my sister Mia and her man Peter with their daughter Molly came past and played in the pool. Molly is 2 years old and Chelsea 3 soon 4.

Chelsea had a really hard time liking George in Sydney when they came to us but now they play so good together! She is really having so much fun. G can't say no hahaa so he always gets pushed around. She is the boss 😄

We went fishing tonight but no fishes.

So this is my sister Mia. She got her little daughter 2 years ago.
I'm happy for her that life is more stable then it was before. I'm sure it's a hectic time when a baby comes to the family. Molly is supercute, always running around in her own little world, superhappy. she is a bit hard to bond with. I haven't succeeded yet but I'm sure she will come around 😄