Last week I did my first competition here in Sweden with my new horse Vegas. The day before we "rehearsed" a bit with my trainer, just some flatwork and then we jumped a smaller course a couple of times. It felt great.

So the competition-day... I rode one 1m10 and one 1m20. In the 1m10 my riding was a bit lame at the start but I got it together during the course. In the jump-off I took it really slow because winning prices in 1m10 is not my goal with this horse. With this horse I want to jump much higher fences and therefore I want to make good rounds and be clear. In the 1m20 although.. I rode sooo so well and Vegas felt super fresh! There was some chaos in the warm-up ring, a rider fell off and a horse ran loose and there were just too many riders in there.. So he was a bit crazy haha. He is just so sensitive to sound and movement so I decided not to jump so much. As I said, in the ring he was so fresh.. He jumped amazing and I rode so focused and nailed all the distances at the beginning of the course. Then I came a little bit close on number 6, a vertical, and then there was quite a short turn to number 7 which were an oxer. And when I turned up to that fence I had way too little power from his hind legs and I couldn't decide if I wanted to go big or close on the fence. I ended up not deciding and basically my legs went off and my mind went blank and my horse stopped because I didn't give him any signals, my fault! After that I just took a quick turn, jumped it again and finished the course. I also got one down because I layed him way to close on a vertical. I was really unfocused after he'd stopped so the rest of the round was shit. I know I can do so much better, and for my horse these heights are a piece of cake so there really shouldn't be a problem for any of us. But I feel like my mind can't stay focused for long enough, and when I loose focus I stop riding. I am a bit disappointed in myself. My goal is to ride 1m30 before the end of this year. And before I do that I need to have three clear rounds in 1m20. I will train again on wednesday and then on Saturday we ride a 1m20 again. After that we will have two weeks to practice before the next competition.

Here's a picture from the competition!

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I should have made a blogpost a couple of days ago..There's been sooo much things going on the latest days. I will take it shortly just as a quick update.

Last wednesday my very best friend Emma took me to gym with her. It was the first time going to the gym for me and I don't think I have done exercises like this since elementary school haha (since we don't have P.E on the IB). We did back, shoulders and triceps! It was painful but I guess that's the point. We also did a few belly exercises. We also went there on both thursday and friday (I had a free trial of 10 days so that´s why). On thursday we did legs and butt, and belly as well. On friday we did chest and biceps. My whole body´s been aching since then, and now it´s wednesday.. Great experience though! And Emma was of great help.

On saturday I volunteered to help my sportsclub on their competition. I sat with the judge writing done the results of each and every rider. It was great and I feel like I learned a lot. Afterwards I helped out to change the course for the competition the day after. It wasn't all that great since the fences are quite heavy and my body was already so tired after all the the gym exercises.. But at least I was of help.

On Sunday it was my birthday, which we celebrated with some relatives. We ate dinner and opened some presents. And I am so so grateful for what I got!

The rest of the time I have hung out with some of my friends. We have been going to clubs and doing some shopping and such.

As I said before, today it is wednesday. All I have to do today is to study, train and prepare for a competition I have tomorrow.

​Put Vegas on the trailer the other day to see if he would fit (since he`s so big haha). The horse trucks are much shorter and when he stood too narrow he would start kicking. But he actually liked the trailer more even though it is much more narrow in width, because it is much longer so he has space for his long neck!

Keeping score of the results at Halmstad Fältrittklubb.

After gym..



How boring is it to have a headline named after what day it it? I probably could have come up with something more creative, but I'll save my creativity for another time.

Currently I am waiting for my eggs to finish boiling. Recently I am trying to avoid gluten as much as possible. I have been gluten intolerant for like, half a year. Not the worst case, but I got a terrible stomach ache when I ate too much of it. And now when I came home so fit from Holland (I didn't eat healthy, I just exercised a LOT) I don't want to ruin it. So basically I am living on eggs right now. After breakfast I am probably going to go on a walk with our dog, and then I have to continue reading The Great Gatsby, and do some other homework as well.. And then I also have to take care of my horse later, I dont know what the plan is for him since we trained yesterday. And the training went really well! We are going to train one more time before the competition. But I really feel like I know how to ride him now. He is a lot of horse to ride since he is so big and because I am used to quite sensitive horses it is a complete change for me. He is always honest and wants to do his best, but he is also really careful and doesn't jump if I don't want him to, so I really need to be clear with what I want and then he does it for me. But that was kind of the problem we had in Holland, that I wasn't sure and didn't really believe in myself, and then he became unsure as well. At least it feels like we are moving forward now!

Tomorrow I am actually going to a gym (the first time in forever), my friend goes there regularly and now she got an offer of a 10 days free trial for a friend. And she picked me.. so I have to go..😒

​Not from today, but it was the only "jumping picture" I had.!



I don't really know what I want to say in this post, right now I have so much on my mind and really no rest at all. I have a bit more than two weeks of my summer break left. Its not that I feel anxious about starting school, its rather that I have work to do for a whole year that needs to be done before I start.. I have 4 books left to finish reading, an investigation in Math to do and an essay on 4000 words to write. And here I am writing on my blog while listening to Zara instead..😂 And I still have a new episode of Game of Thrones to watch! An even more annoying thing coming up is my birthday, I am turning 18 on Sunday. And then there is a driver's license that I need to take and I have no idea how I will find time for that tbh.. If I don't spend my time on School then it is on my horse or sleeping so..

Anyway, let's talk about something funnier..

Everything is going great with Vegas. There is a competition nearby this weekend which I wanted to bring him to, but unfortunately He still has one more week in his "waiting period" (do you call it that?) before he is allowed to leave the stable. Luckily my trainer can come to us and help me. Our first competition will be next thursday where we will jump 1m10 and 1m20. I am reaaalllyyy looking forward to it, more like "I can't wait!!"

I should really watch that Game of Thrones episode so I can go back to studying (priorities 😜) , at least I have turned in my assessment in Economics today!

​Vegas aka "Veggie" ❤

My dream car this one☝

Literally how it feels being on the IB..



GOSH its been a long time since last.. almost two weeks..

Well, a lot has happened since then. I am home now! What I have been up two these "almost two weeks" are mainly working and training. In between that there have been competitions, eating at restaurants and meeting new people. I had the pleasure to meet Laura Kraut and Nick Skelton (two very big people in the showjumping world) in the stable one morning! Other than that I have met some really nice people from Lebanon (customers of stal Hendrix), who I hope to meet again!

The competitions have gone pretty well, but I have a lot to learn from my horse until we can become a great team. My goal with him is to ride 1m40, and hopefully the Swedish Championships as well! To make that happen, I really need to make a good plan for us, a plan on how to get there.

On my last day we visited an amusement park nearby called Toverland. To be honest it was one of the funniest amusements park I have been to, or maybe it was the company that made it so much fun..

I traveled home by myself. I got a ride to Dusseldorf airport by a girl who worked at Stal Hendrix. Then I flew to Copenhagen where my dad and my brother picked me up and drove me home. Now I have been home for a couple of days. My horse Vegas is here as well and everything is going great with him. And for me it really is time to start studying, I have been procrastinating for waayy to long..

After our first ride in Sweden.

Vegas and I at a competition in Peelbergen.