Written by Yasmin

The Lisbon bonanza continues! Here’s our last blog post about my (Yasmin’s) stay in Lisbon, my new favorite weekend destination! Catch up with our previous blog posts about activating Zen-Mode at Memmo Alfama’s rooftop and our list of Lisbon’s top restaurants. In this blog post, we will guide you through a couple of other highlights from our trip - from an Electronic day party to Lisboa's number #1 rooftop bar.
Our wonderful Lisbon studio
We rented a great studio in the Madragoa area, located at a walking distance to the central district of Bairro Alto, also known as the heart of Lisbon's nightlife. The studio offered not only one, but two sundrenched terraces where we drank wine, ate late night takeaway-kebabs, listened to music and did yoga (well, maybe not me personally, but my friend Linnéa pulled off a couple of hand stands). The studio was booked through Airbnb and the price was about 400 euros for four nights.
Terrace #1
Terrace #2
We named the house "The Funny House", after the Swedish theme park attraction at Gröna Lund, called Lustiga huset

Exploring Lisbon
After we had eaten a steady breakfast and picked up our regular takeaway coffees from the local coffee shop, we were more than ready to hit the city! Lisbon = GOOD VIBES! We loved the city and its friendly locals, great food and colorful buildings.
The "secret but no so secret" rooftop bar The Park

Once upon a time The Park really was a hidden gem, but now the word about this spectacular rooftop bar is widely spread. However, it's still worth a visit. Visitors enter through a car park that shows no signs of boasting a popular rooftop bar in the same building. Next step is to take the elevator all the way to the top floor and walk straight into a crowded rooftop bar with nice drinks, cool crowd and an amazing view over Lisbon's city skyline!

Brunch Electronik Lisbon
“Do you like Electronic music?” our Airbnb hostess asked us. “If yes, you should go to this event on Sunday.”The event was called Brunch Electronik, a festival series repeated every Sunday afternoon from 3 pm until late night in a huge park in Lisbon. The festival has its origin in Barcelona, and has since then been repeated in both Madrid and Lisbon. It was the last event for the season, but luckily, it seems like they are going to pick it up again next year!We didn’t feel like staying out too late since we had a flight to catch the next day, so we arrived to the park a little after 4 pm to enjoy some day partying instead. The entrance was 15 euro if I’m not mistaking and the entire festival is cashless, so visitors tapped on cards that were used for buying beverages and food, and by the end of the day you were able to leave in your card and get the remaining amount in cash.
​What are your best Lisbon tips? Let us know what we shouldn't miss next time we go back!Read our previous posts about Lisbon: Restaurant guide and Memmo Alfama-wine stop. 

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