We are Nodes Travel Blog is run by sisters Yasmin and Sheida, who started their travel journey together about 10 years ago when they moved to Barcelona for work. Living and traveling with your sister is not always easy, but when we’re not arguing, we’re actually a pretty good team when it comes to finding awesome things to do in cities. Since our Barcelona trip, we have spent months and months at the French Riviera, explored numerous weekend cities in Europe, studied abroad on several occasions, volunteer worked in Senegal, had (not so glamorous) internships in the capital of fashion; Paris.

Today, we’re running The Node Community along with this blog, working with marketing and PR, and of course – exploring our own home city Stockholm and the rest of the world as much as we can.

The definition of a ‘Node’ is: A point in a network or diagram at which lines or pathways intersect or branch; a central or connecting point [Oxford Dictionaries]. For us, it is a descriptive metaphor for traveling.

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We are Nodes Travel Blog has quickly become a popular source for travel inspiration. We currently communicate with our +4000 followers through our social media channels, travel blog, community and a monthly newsletter.

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