Written by: Sheida

Welcome to Paraden, Bockholmengruppen's latest addition of restaurants, located at the corner of Valhallavägen and Erik Dahlbergsgatan at Karlaplan in Stockholm. Since I (Sheida) live just a stones throw away, I have walked past this newly opened (and hyped!) local joint several times, and last Sunday I finally went there for brunch.

You can tell that the locals are happy that Paraden is finally up and running, because every time I have walked past this otherwise so quiet street, it has been busier than usual. On Thursday, when I walked home from work, I thought they were hosting an event of some sort, since there were so many people hanging outside the restaurant.I was wrong. It was just the after work that was in full swing!

Old movie theater

The owners of Paraden, Bockholmengruppen, also stand behind the popular restaurants Nybrogatan 38, Nytorget 6 and Österlånggatan 17, so you will find a lot of similarities in both the interior and the menu – even if each restaurant has its own twist. Paraden's concept is actually pretty cool. It's built inside an old movie theater from 1932 and has kept a lot of details that will remind you of its history. The theater seating behind me (in the picture above) is just an example.
This morning, I went for a classic Egg Royale with smoked salmon, spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a cappuccino and I was good to go!Egg Royale: 145 SEK, Juice 45 SEK.
Even though Karlaplan is a part of central Stockholm, this particular area is very quiet and can't exactly brag with a wide and good selection of restaurants and places to hang out on. Paraden is therefore a welcomed addition, and I can really recommend it for a cosy dinner or a date.

Adress: Valhallavägen 147
Reservations: 08 660 33 55 or paraden@bockholmengruppen.com
Opening hours: Mon-Thur 07:30-23:00, Weekends 10:00-01:00

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Written by Yasmin

Take the commuter train about 20 minutes from Stockholm city, and walk right into an American diner. What makes Rollers n Bowlers in Haninge Centrum so unique is not necessarily the diner itself, but their bowling alley and roller skating rink which makes the venue optimal for a full-blown American teenage date night (at least the setup we are used to seeing in movies).

Burgers and Roller skating at Rollers n Bowlers
My boyfriend and I decided to go for the traditional American date night experience a couple of weeks ago, and started off our visit at Rolles n Bowlers with burgers and shakes in the restaurant. Later, we head over to the rink to show off our roller skating “skills”. Even though I figure skated as a child, I can’t claim that my performance in the rink was something to be proud of,. However, the loud music and disco lights made the experience so much more fun (and sweaty) than I ever expected!
The restaurant was nicely decorated and seemed to be popular amongst children, teens and older people. The Oreo-milkshake was great, but the food overall is slightly overpriced in comparison to its taste.
Looking like Bambi on Ice :)

More information about Rollers n Bowlers in Haninge
Price: 130 SEK (roller skating) for 1 hour on weekends
Website: http://www.rollersnbowlers.se/
Location: Haninge Centrum
Address: Runstensvägen 1, 13646, Handen
Opening hours:
Monday : 10.00 - 21.00
​Tuesday - Thursday: 10.00 - 22.00
​Friday- Saturday : 10.00 - 01.00
​Sunday: 11.00 - 21.00

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Happy Monday! Our week was off to a really good start with an awesome tapas evening hosted by Sweden’s first ever travel magazine Tidningen Res, Gran Canaria Tourism and Instituto Cervantes. We listened to a talk about Grand Canaria’s less known sides, attractions and history. The speakers dispelled the myth about Gran Canaria as a destination full of tourists and tourist traps. After the lecture, we were offered a delicious tapas buffet and sangria, and continued to mingle with Gran Canaria enthusiasts, fellow travel bloggers (always a pleasure to meet LinizTravel amongst others) and organizers. Thank you to Res and Gran Canaria Toursim for a great evening!