Written by Yasmin

This is what we woke up to

Last weekend, I was back at the Myttinge cottage in Värmdö for a couple of relaxing days filled with long walks, drinking coffee in the sun, ice bathing, sauna and eating lots of food - the best and most soulful way one can spend a weekend. Värmdö is located about 50 minutes by car from Stockholm city, a perfect distance when you're in the mood for a "mini-getaway". The interior in the cabin is, along with the beautiful view, a strong reason why we keep going back (the cabin has even been on the cover of Swedish Elle Interior).

A more detailed blog post about our latest stay in the cabin (the traditional siblings-getaway) can be found here. Please note that the prices have gone up since our last visit to the cabin. Email dennyshouse[at]hotmail.com for reservations.This time, I was there with my boyfriend, and we managed to do two nearby excursions during our stay: Fredrikborgs fästning (a 20-30 minute walk from the cabin) and Siggersta Gård on our way home.

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The trip to Riga was made in collaboration with Tallink Silja. Opinions are our own.
​Written by: Yasmin

After only a month into the new year, we had transformed into Zombie-mode (being tired, gloomy and walking in a weird twitching way) – and desperate times calls for desperate measures. My (Yasmin’s) favorite spa is located in the heart of Riga, on the 6th floor of Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija to be exact. I have a yearly tradition to go there with two of my closest friends to get rid of all kinds of ache and misery, and it works like a charm. Since we got a deluxe cruise from Tallink Silja when we won the Newcomers 2016-award, we decided to use it to go to Riga for a quick spa weekend, and I was super pumped to show Espa Riga to my little sister.

The boat trip

Many people have opinions about cruises. Sheida and I have grown up with cruise ships because of our Finnish background. Growing up, we took either Viking Line or Silja Line to Finland at least once a year to visit our relatives on our mother’s side. The ships have therefore never been associated with partying for us, rather a opportunity to spend time with our family, eat buffet dinners (I’m known as the Shrimp girl because of my massive portions), hang out at the deck if the weather allows it, and do some tax free shopping.So, this was exactly what we did at Tallink Silja Isabelle – we ate long breakfasts and buffet dinners, brought takeaway tea to our cabin and talked for hours, and went to bed early. We also got super confused about the different time zones, and woke up at 05.00 two days in a row (zombie mode just leveled up) – the good thing was that we got some work done in the mornings, plus we were the first ones to the breakfast. Tallink's followers were also able to follow us throughout our trip since we did an Instagram-takeover for them - we hope they enjoyed it!


As soon as we got off the boat in Riga, we walked by foot to Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija – an approximately 40 minute walk. I’ve been at the award-winning spa many times before (our usual setup is two nights at the hotel that traditionally begins with a shot of Riga Balzam at the hotel’s sky bar when arriving on Friday evening), so it felt great to be back. Espa Hotel has two floors, the general relax area on floor 2 with a pool, jacuzzi and two saunas, and floor 6 where the real magic happens.

6th floor-Zen

After we had changed into our swimming clothes, robes and slippers, we took the elevator to the 6th floor. This is where you get escorted if you have scheduled a treatment. Guests usually are allowed to hang out at the 6th floor area for 1-2 hours and the hotel keep a limited amount of persons in the area in order to maintain peace and quiet.In the area guests can alternate between a warm outdoor-pool, plenty of different saunas, from herbal and steam saunas to the classical Finnish saunas, and a relaxation area with a fireplace and refreshments. The treatments are wonderful (we truly recommend the massage), and afterwards you’re led into another relax room where you can drink water, tea and eat some snacks while recovering.
The spa offers high quality products that make you feel like a new person, and they even have hair straighteners in the changing rooms - such a HUGE PLUS for people with fluffy hair, like myself!

Relax area (a.k.a “Mother’s uterus”)

One of the real highlights is going into what I call “Mother’s uterus” (Sheida doesn't approve of the expression but it's my way of trying to explain how comfortable it is), see photo below. Sink into one of those adjustable chairs, put on some classical music in the earphones and close your eyes - it didn't take more than a blink of an eye until I was asleep.

World's best warm chocolate

I was determined to show another favorite spot in Riga to Sheida; the Rienzi Café, formerly known as Emil Gustavo Café, a chocolate heaven with hot chocolate to die for. It's located in the old town (a short walk from Radisson Blu Hotel) on Apsizijas bulvaris 24.  Seriously, I’m not even that into chocolate, but still I come back for this warm chocolate, year after year. Don't miss this!!
That's all from our Riga trip this time - but stay tuned, because a new trip to Espa Riga awaits in November. Let us know if you have any Riga tips, or suggestions on other spas worth a visit in Europe (Zombie-mode is never too far away...).//Yasmin



Written by: Sheida

Without exaggeration, one can easily say that Ibiza is the zenith during summertime. Party- and sun-worshipping people from all over the world flock to the Spanish hippe island, located on the east coast of Spain, to enjoy the vibrant nightlife and the world-class beach clubs. I (Sheida) have listed my top three reasons why Ibiza holds a strong second place (after our favorite city Cannes) as the ultimate summer destination.

1.The Postcard Beaches

The beaches in Ibiza, and especially in Formentera (the smallest of the Spanish Balearic Islands) are a reason alone why you should put Ibiza on your summer bucket list. With it's lovely white sands and crystal clear turqouise water, Formentera looks just like something off a postcard from the Caribbiean. In other words, you don't need to go to the other side of the globe to experience paradise – it takes no more than 40 minutes with a ferry from Ibiza town.

2. The Day Parties

Nothing beats those magical sunsets in the company of good friends, the house tunes and the rosé wine served in plastic cups. If you are into day parties and hanging out at beach clubs, Ibiza will be a dream destination! Three popular day parties you definitely should check out are:

Blue Marlin Beach Club in Cala Jondal.

This beach club is amazing! Everything from the vibe, the crowd, the setting to the music is on point. Be here on Sundays (their most popular day) and be prepared for one of your best and most memorable evenings on Ibiza. Every time I think back to my visit to Blue Marlin it brings a big smile to my face. There are way too many crazy memories to list here, but I all can say is that you should go there and create your own memories - you won't regret it!
My travel company Lilian having a cooling mojito in the shade.

Flower Power party at Destino Pacha Resort.

Ibiza is really in the leading edge when it comes to creating over the top-parties, and Destino's Flower Power party is no exception. During these magical evenings, the whole hotel resort transforms into a colorful hippie world with a market, performances, confetti rains and good old 60's music which definitely gets you in the mood for dancing! Seeing Ibiza is a hippie island, your holiday to Ibiza won't be complete until you've attended this party. And yes, you will probably be humming on "Let the Sun Shine" in true hippie style for the next couple of days...
Having lunch at the Flower Power party. Can you spot our red fan? It's a life saver during any party when the weather is hot.

Ushuahia Pool party

Ushuaia beach hotel can boast with the title of being the ultimate party hotel at Ibiza. Why? Because of their incredible pool area that turns into an open air club with the world's best DJ's behind the decks - every night of the week. Each day top DJ's like Avicii, Armin van Buuren (my favorite house producer!), Nervo, Tiësto, David Guetta (etc.) host their own parties and bring a lot of guest DJ's and artists with them which guarantees a great show! If you have a big vacation budget you can even book one of the hotel's club rooms that are facing the pool area, basically allowing your balcony to be on the dance floor.
Picture from my first visit to Ibiza in 2011, the same year that Ushuaia beach hotel opened. Now, 6 years later it's still a hotspot in Ibiza.

3. The Chilled Vibe

In Ibiza you take the day as it comes. You wake up at noon. Go to the beach. Eat lunch at four p.m. Go back to your hotel and have a long nap. Dinner is served at 11 p.m or even later if you prefer. And you don't need to rush to the club because the party won't start until 2 a.m anyways. Some might find it annoying or stressful that everything starts so late, but for the siesta-loving people like myself that need that extra hour of sleep and prefer eating long dinners, "the Spanish clock" is a match made in heaven. Perhaps this was why I enjoyed living in BCN so much (more about that trip in another blog post)?
Is anyone headed to Ibiza this summer? Do you have any suggestions and tips to share? /Sheida