Thanks to its stunning coastline, sandy beaches with pristine clear water combined with availability of beautiful hotels to stay in, Devon has risen to becoming one of the most popular vacation destinations, by people from all over the world. North Devon Holiday Cottages, which boasts of varied attractions and activities, for the families to indulge in, is a perfect place for a romantic getaway or for taking a weekend break or fishing holiday.


Irrespective of young or old, Devon has a wide range of attractions, to offer, for the entire family. The places of interest for the younger lot in Devon include, Crealy Adventure Park in Exeter, Pennywell Farm near Buckfastleigh and Babbacombe Model village near Torquay, Paigtin Zoo. One can also take South Devon Railway, which travels 7 miles, taking you to Totnes and River Dart. As for the older generation, Devon has sites of historical importance like Buckfast Abbey near Buckfastleigh and Buckland Abbey in Yelverton. Buckfast Abbey is known for its famed gardens apart from Arlington Court near Barnstaple and its tonic wine.


As, Devon is famous for its coastline, it is obvious that, water sports like sailing, diving, surfing and kite surfing are some of the popular activities in this holiday destination. Devon has several sports academies which offer tuition in the above mentioned activities to individuals or groups. Beaches like Croyde Bay and Bantham Beach are popular with the crowd for water sports activity like surfing. For those vacationers, wanting to indulge in activities like hiking, golfing and horse riding, Devon’s countryside locations Exmoor and Dartmoor are considered as the most popular spots.

Hotels and Accommodation

Depending on your tastes, preferences and budget, Devon offers wide array of accommodations, freeing you from the worries of having to find a suitable place to stay, while visiting this popular holiday destination. Apart from luxury and budget hotels, Devon has an abundance of quaint guesthouses, family camping sites, farm bed and breakfast, caravan sites, for you to choose from. You can get a good Holiday Lodge in North Devon.

Coastal Towns

One can visit several numbers of scenic and breathtaking coastal towns during their Devon trip. The picturesque towns like Dartmouth and Salcombe are sure to make your Devon visit a memorable experience. These narrow street coastal towns are lined up with specialist shops and galleries apart from restaurants serving mouth watering delicacies.


Devon boasts of some of the best beaches in UK. Bigbury on Sea and Bantham, which are situated in the south coast of Devon, are large sandy beaches, ideal for families. Most beaches like Blackpool Sands and Bigbury on Sea also have cafes and toilet facilities, making it a perfect getaway for families. Saunton Sands and Croyde Bay, located in the north of Devon, are popular beach destinations, especially for surfers.

From picturesque coastal towns to pristine beaches combined with some great accommodation facilities, Devon makes for a prefect family vacation destination, without having to travel far off.

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If you are planning to get ahead and check out something really amazing then you will have to be sure of all the relevant options. Holidaying is really a cool thing and you should therefore find out a few places that are amazing. Have you ever seen any good lodges? Well, Holiday Lodge in North Devon would really make you feel awesome and that’s the reason why you should make way for things that are perfect for you. In fact, you should think of some of the best things that are available in North Devon. It is popular for fishing and it will also make you feel great when you can take part in such activities. You should have some basic idea about how this sport is and what all equipments are required for the same. Based on that you need to take the action!

How you need to know the options in relation to fishing?

You should know that Fishing in North Devon is a popular sport and that’s the reason why you need to know how you can get ahead with things. There was a time when people loved the urban culture. But now things have changed and you will see that some village like culture can be fun. You will get an idea about how things are and what all options need to be worked upon.

People who are passionate about water activities and water would just love the places like Devon. Its fun to stay at cottages rather than lavish hotels! So, sometimes even though the culture is like that belongs to the urban style you should take experience of these rural things.

The scenic beauty would make a great difference

It is important that you just check out the details about Holiday Cottages in North Devon and this will really be fun. Just stay sure that you know how you want things to be. You should decide a budget and that will really provide you with the perfect feel. When you are selecting the options you should bear in mind a few things and that are whether you will stay connected or not and whether there are some basic issues or not. So, keeping all these things in mind you will have to take the decision about the stay.

For some people having a stress free life would mean that staying in serene and relaxed spaces. It would really be fun and finally what would matter the most is what you can do to make life awesome. We all slog through out the day and so when we have the option we should get ahead and enjoy life. This would mean that life can really be awesome and that can create finesse and perfection in life. Just select the best stay areas or cottages around and see how you can make way for the basic options in life.

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Well, most of the people love outings with family to their favorite destinations. After they work for a long time, they enjoy natural beauty and other leisure with their entire family with them. This is necessary to spend quality time with the family members and these trips become memorable due to togetherness.

To add to the list of favorite holiday destinations, here is a website where the best place for family holidays can be explored. North Devon Timber Lodge is the exciting place offered in this website.

Customers will find North Devon Holiday Cottages for a pleasant stay along with their families.

This is an ideal place for family holiday in North Devon. This place offers beautiful natural surroundings that customers will love to stay in. Spectacular heritage coast and contrasting inland scenery of North Devon and Cornwall is accessible here. This area has miles of coastline, small coves to sweeping beaches. Pleasant and decent climate is another advantage of staying here. By staying here customers can get easy access to towering rocky coastlines with cliffing rocks, attractive surfing beaches, beautiful inland villages and enjoy the thrill of Exmore National Park.

This is a privately owned, self-catering lodge. All the necessities of the customers to enjoy a pleasant family holiday are taken care of here. So customers can expect a memorable family holiday in beautiful surroundings in this Scandinavian Lodge. Self-catering family holidays in pleasant rural surroundings are enjoyed by number of customers here.

Another exciting feature this place offers is its private fishing locations. So, this is the best place for fishing in North Devon. These private fishing locations are provided just adjacent to the family cottages, so customers don’t need to travel long distances to find them.

Another exciting place which is accessible from this lodge is the Hartland Forest Parc and Hartland Peninsular which are quite closer to each other. Customers can enjoy ancient Abbey here, rock hugging lighthouse of Hartland Point and beautiful rugged coastline at Hartline Quay.

The timeless village of Clovelly, where steep cobbled street rumbles are found across gleaming white cottages and beautiful blue harbor, is just a short drive away from this lodge. So, this can be another center of attraction that would make the customers’ family holiday much more enjoyable and memorable. Customers can find many activities here always, that are enchanting and enjoyable.

This lodge is quite closer to various beaches which are perfect for surfing, sunbath, watersports, building sandcastles and many more exciting activities that customers would enjoy. Beaches of North Cornwall with sandy mouth and Bude’s 3 terrific beaches are on the west side from this lodge. There are many sandy beaches to enjoy on the east side too. Customers will enjoy the beaches with waterfalls, small forests and sky climbing rocks.

So, this lodge is perfectly situated and enables to enjoy North Devon coasts and countryside. This offers fantastic facilities like Flat Screen TV, DVDs and CD Players, comfortable lounge rooms, shower rooms, bathrooms and full self-catering facilities.

There are many more places to explore for families such as Adventure Parks such as The Milky Way, The Big Sheep. Lundy Island is the nation’s only marine park accessible by boat or helicopter. River Torridge can be followed upstream on the cycle track at Bideford.

Customers can plan for a long family holiday staying at this place. This is surely a recommendable place for an enjoyable stay with exciting surroundings and features.

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The accommodation facility has a major role to play in making your vacation comfortable. Whenever you plan a vacation, you have to do proper research about the accommodation facilities. Staying in hotels is becoming an outdated practice among many travelers and they prefer lodges or cottages to make their stay really comfortable and relaxing.

What does an ideal holiday lodge in North Devon offer?

If you want to enjoy the mind blowing scenery in North Devon, you have to choose a beautiful waterside lodge and staying in these types of lodges also allows you to enjoy the amazing heritage coast. This coastline spreads across many miles and it includes far reaching beaches, small coves and many more. Many people choose these lodges because they can stay in a healthy, serene and pleasant climate.

Ideally located with amazing attractions

Top lodges are privately owned and they can be described as self-catering holiday destinations. The location of the best North Devon holiday lodge provides easy access to beautiful surfing beaches and to the amazing inland villages and you can even visit the Exmoor National Park without travelling a long distance. Other attractions include undisturbed view of the large lake and diverse coastline with sky-high rocky cliffs and, the entire ambiance is going to offer a rejuvenating experience for every visitor.

High class amenities

Many people still believe that countryside or waterside lodges offer limited amenities and facilities and, these services cannot be compared to big hotels. This is a wrong perception and excellent amenities can be associated with local lodges in North Devon. These state-of-the-art holiday cottages offer CD players, DVD, flat screen TVs, bath and shower rooms, inspiring lounge areas and free Wi-Fi and, you can also expect full self catering facilities. There is no need to worry about crowded hotel lobbies and it is your private world where you can feel totally comfortable. In a nutshell, it can be said that you can expect a home away from home.

A total package for the family

Top North Devon holiday lodges offer a fishing lake at your doorstep and after enjoying a peaceful and relaxing night with self prepared foods, you can go to the adventure park for all types of recreational activities. North Devon is an excellent place to visit and it is home to beautiful marine nature reserve that can accessed by a helicopter or boat. The Dartmoor National Park offers sensational craggy scenery and if you want to know what solitude is all about, this is the place to visit. If you are fond of hardening, you can visit the Eden Project and RHS Rosemoor. For shopping freaks, Bideford offers everything and the Tarka trail in the River Torridge allows you to follow the upstream on the cycle track.

If you are determined to spend time in a secluded, peaceful and captivating location, you must choose the best lodge in Hartland while holidaying in North Devon. You can go back home fully revitalized and your vacation becomes an unforgettable experience as well.

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