Today I woke up really early to get to my plane. First thing I did was to pack all my things in to my bag and then I went down to the reception to check out. When i came out from the hotel it stood a taxi there and the guy in the taxi came out and put my bag into the car and then we went to Liverpool Station to get to my train that was going to take me to Stansted Airport. When I got in to the train I went to sleep and woke up when we arrived to the airport. I had to wait 2 hour for my plane to arrive and then another hour before I could get into the plane. So while I was waithing i bought breakfast.

Finally I got on my plane and it took around 40 minutes to get to Bristol Airport in Wales. When i got out of the Airport I took a taxi to the city Bristol and it was a very charming city. The hotel I was going to stay at was named Bristol Hotel and it was a very nice hotel. I spoke to the reseptionist and got the key to my room. I took the stairs up to my room and packed up my things.

I got out from the hotel and walked around a bit in the city. I knew it was a museum in Bristol and I wanted to go and look there but first I wanted to get some food. I asked a family that was from Wales if they knew any resturants in the city that was good and they said that Turtle Bay was a good resturant. The resturant was on the road Broad Quay and it was a few busses that went there so I got on a buss and went there. The fod was very spicy and I like spicy food so it was very tasty. When I had ate all my food i took the buss to the museum and looked at some of the things that was in the museum and it was very chill to just walk around and look.

Later at night I just didn´t feel like doing anything so I ordered some roomservice and watched TV. When I was looking through all the chanels I was that a football game was on so I opened a bag of crisps and drank a beer and when the match was finished I went to sleep. Tomorrow I will go back to Sweden and it is going to be a little bit sad to leave UK but it is going to be nice to get home to Sweden. 

I haven`t been in Wales for a long time but I have found a thing that is different between Wales and England and that is the language. Both countrys speak English but in Wales thay have thier onw language that is named Welsh and every sign in Wales is in both English and Welsh.

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The clock was about 9am when I woke up and got down to get some breakfast. When I ate my breakfast I was thinknig on something to do that I had to try before I went to Wales. Finally I knew it! Afernoon tea! So i decided to get out and buy me some snekaers get some food and then a little bit later try some afternoon tea.

After my breakfast I walked down to a store that was named JD. JD was a store full of sneakers and football boots. I fond a pair of black Nike shoes that I tought was really nice so I bought them. After I had bought my shoes I went in to a clothes store to look at some t-shirts. I didn`t really find anything that I liked so I got out of the store. Then I just walked around in the city for a little bit and I started to feel hungry. I looked at my clock and saw that it was 2pm and I heard a that some people had talked about the resturant Poppies and said that they had amazing Fish and Chips, I looked up the place and it wasn`t that far away but I stil had to take the underground to it. So I took the underground to Liverpool Street underground stationand walked from there. When i came out from the underground it was raining and it was very cold but I had to get my Fish and Chips.

When I finally reached Poppies the line was huge and the resturant was full, but still I toke a place in the line and waited. Finally people started to leave and I got a table. I ordered a medium Fish and Chips and the food came almost immediatly. It was good but it wasn`t that amazing but it wasn`t that expensive.

When I got back to Liverpool Street underground station I started to search on Google for a place in London to get Afternoon tea. I fond a very nice place that was called Hilton London Green Park. When I got to Marbel Arch underground station I decided to go to Gren Park and it was just to go along side Hyde Park. It didn`t take so long time to get there. I saw the place and I went in there, took a table and ordered some tea and scones. It was very quiet there and almost no one talked, they just sat and enjoyed their tea. When I got my tea it didn`t taste so well. It did not taste like Swedish tea but at least the scones tasted very good. After a couple of minutes someone else ordered some tea and scones adn when the waitress came with what the had ordered he stumbled and fell and the tea and scones went flying and then crashed against the floor. I started to laught and I laught a lot. It was only me who was laughed and every one else started to look at me. I felt very embaresd and left the place. When I came out I started to laugh again just thinking about the waitress fall to the floor.

In Sweden we don`t really have a thing like Afternoon tea but the nearest thing to it is "fika" and thats almost allways a cup of coffe and some cinnamon buns and we don`t have any special time for it, we it it when we want it,  and it`s not really a tradition like Afternon tea is.

I went home to the hotel and when I steped in to my room I realised I forgot to pay for the tea and scones and I went laughing again. This was a very funny day.



Today I woke up at 9am and went down to the hotel resturant to eat some breakfast and prepare for the game between Chelsea and Newcastle at Stamford Bridge. The hotels breakfast was really god. After the breakfast I went out and took a bus to Madame Tussauds. I had been to Madame Tussauds before but that was when I was 12 years old so I had to go there one more time. Madame Tussadus is a museum full of wax dolls. My favorite part of the museum was the football part. They had players like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham in wax dolls.

When I came out from the museum i felt hungry so I asked some people if they knew a good resturant close to the museum and one guy said that a Nandos resturant was just around the corner. I had never been eating Nandos and I had heard so much about it so I had to eat there. I ordered some chicken wings and it was really god.

I looked on my clock and saw that the time was 3pm and the match started at 6:30pm and I wanted to go to the Chelsea shop and also watch when the players warm up. So I took the bus back to my hotel and put on my Chelsea shirt and my Chelsea scarf. I took the underground from Bond street and went to Westminister and switched train and went to Earl Court and then switched train again and went to Fullham Brodway witch is the underground just beside the arena Samford Brigde. I went in to the Chelsea store and looked at some shirts and sovenirs and then I went in to the arena. After a couple of minutes trying to find how I could get to my seat I decide to ask a guard and then it was very easy to find the seat and I got in time to see the warm up.

I was very lucky that I went to see this match becuse it was the best match that Chelsea had played this season. After just 18 minutes Chelsea had scored 3 goals! And the final score was 5-1 to Chelsea! When the final whistle was blown everybody started to sing and cheer. This was a crazy game!

After the game I bougt a burger and took the underground back to my hotel and just before I went to sleep I started to think about the difference between Swedish football and English football. I fond some big differences like thet players, the players are much more talanted in the English football leauge then what they are in Swedish football leauge becuse they got a lot of money to spend on good player and good managers to get the player better. The cowd also, the fans are more passionate in English football becuse the sport is so big in that country and everyone just want their team to win so badly. 



I woke up at 11am this morning and the breakfast was closed so I wanted to go and eat lunch. I went to a small bar just outside my hotel and ordered a burger and a beer. I like English bars becuse they are very small and just feels old, it`s like being at my Grandma and Granpas house. After the lunch I wanted to see Big Ben and The London Eye so I took the underground to Westminister. When I got up from the underground Big Ben was just beside it. I took some photos and then went to The London Eye. I wanted to take a ride in The London Eye but it was so expensive that I couldn`t. It was very windy and very cold but I still I decided to go to the London Bridge. It took about 20 minutes to get to the bridge and it was worth it. After I had been to the London Bridge I went back to Marbel Arch.

When I got back I took up my phone to se what wheater it was going to be at the match tomorrow and relised that a big difference between England and Sweden is the weather, at least in the winter. In England it´s not a lot of snow in the winter it`s just raining all the time and it is very cold and windy and in Sweden the winters ware very cold and snowy. Sometimes it is snowing in England too, but the snow don`t stay as long as it do in Sweden.

When the cloch was 8 pm I went to a resturant and today I wanted to eat spagetti and very close so my hotel it was a resturant that was called Spagetti House and it looked like a very nice place so I went in there and got a table. I ordered Spagetti Bolognese and a Coke. When I had eaten all my food I got my bill and then I went back to the bar next to my hotel becuse it was a very nice place and I wanted to get a beer. After the beer I got back to the hotel and went to sleep.



I have finaly arrived to Stansted Airport in London. I woke up really early to get to my plane in Skavstad. The plane left at 7.30am from Skavstad and arrived to Stansted Airport at 9.30am.

The first thing I did was to jump on the train to Liverpool Station and then take the underground to Marbel Arch and went to the hotel I was going to stay at. I spoke to the reseptionist and got the key to my room. I was verry tired from all the traveling so I stayed at the room for about 15 minutes and packed up all my things and then I whent out to eat. Earlier when I walked from the underground to the hotel I spotted a Pizza Hut across the street and I decided that after I had left my things in my hotel room I sould go and eat there and that was what I did. I ordered the Pizza Bufé and I ate a lot of pizza and it was really god and it wasn`t that expensive either.

After I had finished my pizza I went out shopping. I had been in London before so i knew a special store that i wanted to go to and that store was Lillywhites at Piccadilly Circius. Lillywhites is one of the worlds biggest sport store whit 6 floors of just sport. But before I went to Lillywhites I went in to a lot of stores along the street. But finally I arrived to Piccadilly Circius and it was alot of people there. I walked in to Lillywhites and looked at some sneakers and then I whent up 2 floors to get to the football floor. I asked some people there what they think is the best about Lillywhites and almost all I asked said that the best thing about it was that all their favorite sports was in that building.

After I had been in Lillywhite for about 1 hour I was verry tired so I went back to my hotel room and ordered some food at the hotels resturant and then I went up to my hotel room drank some coke and went to sleep.

After my first day here in London I relized that a lot more people are much more frendlier here then are in Sweden. Everybody say apologize for every thing, even if I walk in to someone even they say sorry and say it`s no prblem. But in Sweden if you walk in to someone they mayby give you a angry face or say something angry but don`t missunderstand me, me got very nice people in Sweden to but in England the are a bit nicer.