Hello everybody who is reading this. I guess you all must think im some crazy person, well you´re probably right I am. And now you say what the hell is this, yes I wonder too actually.

Let me tell you about me. I´m a fifteen year old girl. I live in Sweden. Yes that means I´m a swede or as my friend call me a sweet swede, I am a normal klische teenager meaning I sing and play piano and guitar in my freetime, spotify and netflix is my one and only love. But as you might think there is more too it. I have a background as everybody else but mine is a little special. Maybe you all thought I was a perfect girl with a perfect life, but no that´s not even close too the truth nobody is perfect and NOBODY has a perfect life. My background is filled with death and other shit. My grades aren´t good I´m not good at so much, I am not happy.

But who is? I ask myself that everyday. Who is really happy? Is it you, is it me. That I guess we´ll figure out someday if we´re lucky. Wow this really changed direction. Anyways now I´m gonna be a little more positive. Welcome too my blog here I´ll post pretty much about everything I feel like posting please comment if you have a request. Bye see you soon