I started one week ago to learn the Korean hangul, it is not difficult really until you get the honor of coming across the complex vowels! The thing with many learning websites is that they really never mention much about these complex or compound vowels until you go and try to read hangul from any kpop song, and then you encounter different combinations of vowels that does not make sense lol. That exactly what happened with me, I was pretty surprised that the Korean hangul is pretty easy! thinking that they're so easy to distinguish and remember, until bam complex vowels entered the picture. Some of the complex vowels sounds quite the same, for example the and ㅔand both give the "e/ae" sound, however after doing some research it appears that both sounds quite the the same and the majority of the koreans nowadays does not distinguish the differences between them anymore, unlike decades ago where both had different sounds. Long story short, I can now read the korean hangul :D/