Tara was young girl with bright mind. She dreamed of getting settled and serve her mum and dad with that. Even though she was a mere 12 year old kid, yet she dreamed so much .. But the situation she was in, dreaming wouldn't help her get out of it.

Tara was abducted from her village two years ago and sold off to a punk. She had hope that one day someone would save her. Save her from her miseries, save her from those men who forcibly do things to her which didn't have any idea about. With what was at the plate, she thought it's time, it's time to stop acting like a victim.

She started planning her escape. But you know what, even in that hell, she had a bestie, and she was her pillar. She couldn't have survived that place if Naina hadn't been there. She was there, hearing out her sob story, giving her condolences, backing her up if somebody tried to be violent with her.


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Why is it so that they consider women to be so weak .. Why do they measure thier potential .. Why is it that when a woman tries to break off her chains and do something new, she's always stopped. Why?

Did she not bring a child to this earth? Did she not give half her life fulfilling expectations of everyone around her?

So after all this, when she wishes to do something she wants to .. then why do others have to talk about it .. Why?

She's fat .. that's a problem. She's skinny .. that's also a problem .. She's being cheated and chose to move on, so you call her a slut .. It's like her existence is being questioned.

Women are body shamed, criticised, molested, harassed, and are a victim of violence. Why? Did we ask for it?



why do people lie so much? is it really needed? a lie would save you once or twice, but not for a lifetime.

I think my whole life is a lie.. why was I born? Do I have a purpose? If I have, am I fulfilling it? Am I going in the wrong way? Who's gonna be my guide? .. I feel like I'm trapped in an illusion that makes me think I'm alive. I think I'm dead, I belong to the dead. I don't have a purpose.

feels like my body is working but my soul isn't. I'm not supposed to be alive but I am. that's why I think I'm dead. lifeless. like a corpse. just pushing myself for tomorrow. trying to know if I can do it anymore.

what would I do? how will I push myself again?  I'm lost. I've lost myself.

wandering soul.