I'm always have a huge thing for interior design since i was a kid. Perhaps this is because i love arts and design. I also love to browse the web, online magazine and Pinterest for some home decor inspirations. For home decor, I am more favour towards Swedish Design. This is because i dont like things which are too fancy or luxury. I like simple design as I'm truly a minimalist (not only in fashion but also home decor).

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Hello everyone ! Its been days since I last blogged. Today, I will be sharing with you how I usually dress myself every day.

The ANSWER is drumroll







White Top and Blue jeans

I even wore it today

For me, white top and blue jeans are just simple, stylish and most important is they never get WRONG !!!

White Top and Blue Jeans are staple for every girls out there regardless of what body type !

For the first outfit, I will pick a all button down white shirt. Then I will pair it with a blue ripped jeans and a pair of converse !

This outfit I can wear it to college or even work (But ripped jeans might not be appropriate if you are not working in advertising or fashion industry). You can replace the ripped jeans with a black pants if you are going for work.

For the second outfit, I will opt for a white top with more details ! For example, this white top is an off-shoulder. Besides, it has the lace details and it is a crop top. This will definitely make the entire outfit look very stylish!

For the bottom, I will choose a simple blue jeans as I do not want too much focus on my outfit.

For my advice, if you have a lot of things going on on your top, keep it simple when it comes to your bottom.

For the third outfit, I will go with a simple graphic tee. But when it comes to the blue jeans, I will pick a destroy blue jeans. So the entire outfit will be eye-catching even though it is simple !

That's all for today.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog.

Do let me know which is your favourite combinations.

P.S If you like the looks, I have attached all the links within the post and images.

Happy Tuesday



I'm always the girl who love to wear minimal and extremely comfortable clothes. Today, I'm going to share with you what I usually wear for college.

The comfiest clothes for me is definitely sweater. I always try to opt sweater with more details such as the off-shoulder thing. It just made my look more stylish !!

Then I will either pair it with a denim shorts or a long denim jeans. (depends on the weather and my mood =D)

To complete the whole look, I always pick Nike Roshe. You can either go with running shoes or converse or a sandal you are comfortable to sleek in.

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The second option, I will go for a loose chiffon shirt. I will paired it with a wide legs pants or "paperbag trousers like the picture above" or even a pair of jeggings.

FYI chiffon blouse like this can literally style with anything and everything !

For shoes I will pick a simple sneakers that can easily slip in !

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For the third outfit, I will choose a stripe long sleeve shirt, then i will pair it with a long skirt. Who says comfortable cannot be chick, wearing a long skirt just give you the best of both world ! For shoes I will go for a sneaker like convers or keds!

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Happy Thursday everyone !



Here are some hair colours which will be a total big hit in 2016 ! Don't you think they are pretty ? <3 gawd I wish to try some this year since I've never dye my hair! Tell me which colour you will go for !

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Hey peeps, no Monday Blues as I'm going to share you some tips on how I usually style my tulle skirt.

1st look

I will pair my tulle skirt with a crop top. Instead of going to the usual crop top, try to seek a crop top which has a simple twist like this. A simple twist makes all the difference,

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2nd look

I love to pair my tutus with a sweater especially during a cosy weather. This is because this combination not only keep you warm but also stylish and elegant. Apart from these, you can also play around with the layers. For instance wear a all button down shirt and add another layer of cardigan. This is also nice to chill with for a long hectic day.

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For shoes you can always pair with a sneakers like converse, nike roshe, nike huarache or even a pair of high heels and ankle boots.

That's all for today.

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Some of you don't like wearing pants, but believe me, the latest 2015-2016 styles are as versatile and casual as denim jeans.

On the runways and lookbooks, I saw tons of different styles, from wide leg to skinny, to cropped and printed, there was nothing boring about these trousers. My personal favorites are wide-legs (they are flattering and more structured). Anyway, let's have a closer look at the following creations and choose our favorites:

Black Wide Leg Pants

Wear it with a silk blouse, add a cardigan or blazer then off you go, you can go to work or any formal occasion

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Denim Wide Leg Pants

I love denim wide leg pants a lot as it gives you a casual and outgoing outfit style.

You can just pair it with a oversized t-shirt, graphic tee, or even a sweater. Rock your sneakers to create the effortless look.

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Wide Leg Linen Pants

Laid-back and relaxed, this pair of wide-leg pants is a weekend essential!

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Thats all for today

I've been quite busy as rn we are celebrating Chinese NEW YEAR

I will blog more on 2016 trends on pants

Stay tune for more ^^

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As you probably may know that I'm truly a minimalist. There are 3 colours that appear the most in my wardrobe. They are White, Black and Nude!

So here are some ideal white outfits.

1. A loose white blouse with lace details.

This is perfect to style with. You can pair it with a denim shorts.

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2. Sheer & Solid Oversize Blouse

I also love to wear oversize blouse a lot ! It gives you the feel that you are wearing your boyfriend's clothes when you are obviously NOT.

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1. Addidas Stan Smith

2. A pair of white high heels from YSL

3. A pair od keds which you can rock it with any outfit.


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TGIF everyone ^^



1. Army Green Oversize Trench Coat

Recently I have a huge thing for trench coat. Now, there are many of them hanging in my wardrobe. Some are the same but just different in colours. This is the 1st trench coat that im gonna show you ! I bought this piece last month at LUULLA. I like it this a lot because of the army green colour is easy to pair with.

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2. Elegant Khaki Trench Coat Jacket

This is the second piece of trench coat I get from LUULLA. I couldn't resist to buy this as this can style in so many ways.

Im gonna show you how with more pictures.

1. You just simply pair the trench coat as the outer layer.

2. You separate the sleeves and take out the collar and wear it like a long vest !

3. You style it into a motor biker jacket.

Tadaaa one trench coat creates so many different looks ! I think this is probably the wiser choice I have ever made XD.

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3. Draped Open-Front Jacket

This is the third piece of trench coat I gt myself. I think this can easily pair with anything and everything as well. This can create the minimalist look !

This is from Forever 21.

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Do Share me your views that which trench coat is your favourite or where do you usually shop for trench coat