New Q Contest!!! 

Rules: 1. submit one word with the letter Q anywhere in it, 2. submit any image that depicts that word, 3. deadline is May 30, 4.submit as much as you like but the submissions must be posted on my Facebook or Blogger pages

Follow any of these rules and if I choose your word to make a wrap from I will make you a personalized skein necklace in your choice of colour!!! Good Luck!!

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Tim and I are the proud owners of Waioli III, a 46' Ketch made from 
wood and fibreglass.  We bought it from the 87 builder who started the 
West Vancouver Yacht Club in 1945 and built our Yacht in 1970.

The first day we acquired her was June 17, also my birthday, and 
the builder, the broker, Tim and I motored from the WVYC around 
Whytecliff Park to Horseshoe Bay where we spent the night at the 
Government Dock and celebrated.

We celebrated Quinn and Madeline who are Tim's children.  With
Quinn's buddy Cam and with our good friends Tim and Michelle.
Michelle is a Tall Ship Captain and gave us the tip of 'Mizzen, Mid, 
Jib' as an order for the sails to be furled.

Tim and I toke a 4 day Shake Down trip to Nanaimo where we 
started to make a list of the adds needed.  

Waioli has two beautiful Spruce Masts.

Our next trip was two weeks later when we took Madeline and
her best friend Olivia on a four trip from Gibsons to Bucaneer
Bay, to Powell River and back again.

The trip was full of anchoring in the dark, anchor slipping in the
middle of the night and having to turn around coming out of 
Bucaneer Bay because of a Severe Wind Warning and not enough 
fuel to motor all the way to Gibsons.

Mr Scott at the helm.

Lighthouse island coming into Powell River.

Staying the night in beautiful Powell River.

The beautiful dock in Secret Cove where we ducked in to escape
the Severe Wind Warnings.

Tim and I just got back from Nanaimo where we were lucky enough
to show up when the Bathtub Races were on and we anchored among
a forest of about 100 sailboats and motorboats and tugs all anchored
to watch the fireworks and the beginning of the races the next day.

Me coming out of the Companion Way.

Tim proudly wearing his Dinghy Dock T-Shirt.  Dinghy Dock Pub
is the only floating dock in all of Canada and is next to Protection Island.

Our view from our own private viewing platform.

Amazing fireworks.

View from the boat towards Newcastle Island.

We went and explored on Newcastle where there is a beautiful
Marine Park.

View from Newcastle out to the Straight towards Gibsons.

Protection to the left and Nanaimo to the right.

Our paddle back to the Dinghy Dock Pub for a cup of ale.

Dinghy Parking.

And the Tuesday morning sail back to Gibsons.

Beautiful sunset.



So I have a new project I am trying out.  A customer of mine 
bought a skein of yarn to wear as a necklace, a thing I have 
been wanting to do for a while.  So now the grey one is for her
 and I have made another from the yarn I spun at the Christmas 
Demonstration at Holt Renfrew...they are $40 each.


Below are some skeins I have that can be made
into a Skein Necklace just for you.



Hello Q Lovers!

Announcing a NEW Q Contest!!

Pick a word that has a 'q' somewhere in it.

Describe the colours.

I weave a new wrap with your 'q' name and you WIN any Everyday Scarf!!!

Deadline Saturday April 30, 2015 6pm.

2012 letter was Q and Charlotte Campbell was the winner with Quetzale.

And the 2011 winner was Quelea Quelea.

What will your Q word be!!

Please add your word and an image for inspiration in the Comments.



This is a mix of the three colours of fleece that Tim
gave me for Christmas.  Some of this is available.

The Tim handspun.

Mix of orange that I have woven into a fun scarf.

My Friedrich Traub Spinning Wheel at the Lonsdale Quay with
some mixed unknown wool and merino from Alberta.

A woman came into the Hive when I was working last Fall 
and handed me this bag of unknown fleece that she had naturally
dyed years before and it had sat in a plastic bag since it dried and 
matted beyond use, she thought.

The mixed wool and Merino that I spun at Favorite.

A mix batt that I bought at Birkeland Brothers last
spring that was a surprise batt in many layers of colours.

Mixed wool and silk.

Mixed wool and Alpaca(?)

Mixed wool and alpaca(?)