Such a true match! When I saw this gorgerous red top at Zara in Prague I immediately pictured with with a deep blue denim piece. The black loose pants are also bought in Prague, from the brand Tally Weijl. The denim jacket is a really really old piece I found in the closet, I honestly have no idea where it is from.

What do you think about red and denim? <3

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The most important place to visit if you find yourself around Prague. If you ever at all get the chance to visit any concentration camp, do it. For me and most people who have only seen them in movies, on pictures, in history books - this was something completely different.

It's so easy to just think it how it anyways was such long time ago and so far away from us. But when seeing it and knowing the ground you stand on, someone might have been tortured to death on, that the room which you now think is crowded with 25 people, once housed 100 people, how numbers and data were all
people with family and dreams. It was an awful time in human history but we shall never forget it. We have the right to forgive, but not to forget.

"Work sets you free"

A shower (regular shower, not a gaschamber. Theresienstadt had no gas chambers.)

The sinks below is inside what was a barber shop, which was built only in the purpose of propaganda for an inspection by the International Red Cross and the prisoners never got to use it. Fact is the water taps are fake.

This dorm housed 600 people.

The site where prisoners caught trying to escape were publically executed.

A water basin intended for fire-fighting, where many prisoners died while building it. The SS members then rebuilt it and used it as a swimming pool. Where prisoners had died, the soldiers would take their family swimming.

The names of a couple of concentration camps.



Good morning! This time I am writing from the bus, on my way to see the Terezín concentration camp memorial, 50km from Prague. My mum and Kenneth travelled here from Sweden and met us in Prague the same evening we arrived, so now we have been 7 people travelling. Whereas everyone has different interests we decided to split up today. Me and family is going to see the concentration camp while the other ones are visiting a village. The concentration camp will probably be emotional but I think it will be really educational too. I'll try to take photos to share with you here!

These are some from yesterday. The day yesterdaystarted off with raining -
sucks - but we found a short boat tour so we got on that one to take shelter.

For lunch we found a restaurant that I actually highly recommend! It's a floating Italian restaurant called
Marina Ristorante. Had a beautiful view over Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

Then we visited a site that I really wanted to see, the Jewish quarters where among many synagouges, the Pinkas synagouge can be found. In the walls of the church, the names of the over 77 000 Czech Jews who never returned after the second world war, are engraved.

There was also this beautiful but sorrowful exbihition of drawings by children in the ghettos. Some were really, really touching.



Writing from the car on our way to Prague, after two - way too short - days in Austria. Yesterday we drove to the village Halstatt, very famous little town which often is titled "world's most beautiful village". At least in China, therefore it is so popular among Chinese tourists. I read they have created an identical village in Luoyang - how funny!

We rented this swan-looking boat (powered by pedaling), so cute!

Our hotel apparently had a private little beach with a jetty and lots of water sporting equipment to use! I completely fell for these stand up paddling boards. We paddled around until dinner yesterday, and after breakfast this morning me, my sister and my aunt spontaneously decided to paddle across the lake,
to the other side (not standing up, though) We estimated it to 3 km, indeed an arm workout!



It's already midnight and I am finally in bed, at a new hotel just by the Gmunden Lake (Austria). Today has been such a typical road trip day, we took off from Budapest just before 8:00 this morning and have been driving almost 600 km. Though we made many stops, which is why we didn't arrive until 9 pm.

Our first stop was at Lake Balaton. It took us all with a storm, I knew it'd be beautiful but I hadn't at all expected it to be
this beautiful! With the clear and bright blue water it almost looked like the Maldives or something. Our plan was just to stop for looking at the view and taking some photos, but when we saw a small beach taking a bath felt irresistible.

Next stop was at the Thermal Lake of Hévíz, located in Hévíz (Hungary) near the western end of Lake Balaton. It is said to be the largest or second largest thermal lake in the world. The plan here was also just stopping for photos, but once again we couldn't resist getting in. There was a mud bath I was highly sceptical towards at first, but I sure did end up there - all mudded up. Hope I'll see some effect in my skin so I know it was worth it!

And the third lake, Gmunden, is the one we are living right beside at the moment. It was all dark outside when we arrived, as well as drizzling and thunder so we'll take the swimming tomorrow. It is also my aunt's birthday tomorrow, so we'll see how we will be celebrating! Good night xx



Gahhh my feet hurt so bad! Today was our last day in Budapest so we did some really effective sightseeing to bock off all the main attractions of the city. Let me take you through my day!

After breakfast we went to the famous Parliament building, which actually is just around the corner of our apartment.

Afterwards we walked around on the streets and found a great lunch place with a nice mix of Hungarian and international cuisine. I believe it was called
Aurum Bistro.

Then we crossed the, also well-known,
Chain Bridge.

We took this tram-kinda thing (called
Caste Hill Funicular) up the Caste Hill to take som photos and mainly to see the Fisherman's Bastion. Such a beautiful, panoramic view! But also such hot weather today, It'd be unbearable if not thanks to ice cream.

When the heat eventually became unbearable, despite ice cream, we walked all the way back to the apartment and showered. Then me and my sister went out to eat dinner ourselves, spending some quality time! When the sun started going down we met the others and took a walk along the river, capturing some really good shots!

We saw these bronze shoes on the floor, many meters along the river and immediately had to google. Apparently it's a memorial for Jews who where shot here during the Holocaust, who had been forced to take off their shoes first. So devastating, but also such a beautiful way to honour them.

Such nice three days in Budapest! Tomorrow we are setting out really early in the morning for Gmunden, Austria. We have 200km driving, hopefully we can make a stop at the Balaton Lake because it seems stunning. I am so, so tired now so I've got to sleep. Good night!



We spent the entire afternoon/evening in this stunning artists' village, Szentendre. I am completely in love with the colourful houses, especially how every little building was unique! Definitely a place to visit if you like photography, and of course art as there are loads of museums & galleries which we didn't look into. Or simply if you're an ice cream lover as every other shop is an ice cream shop.

Anyhow here are my top picks among today's many photos, enjoy!



I am exhausted! After breakfast we headed directly to the Széchenyi (yes I finally can spell that now) Thermal Bath / Spa. Such gorgeous environment, loved the combination of the yellow buildings and blue water. It is supposed to have 17-something baths but we spent all of the time in the outdoor pool. When it's 32 degrees in the air, a hot thermal bath isn't tempting at all.

We didn't bring the camera today but we did toss in the GoPro in the last minute and managed to capture a few shots!

Afterwards we went back to the apartment to shower, eat and have some rest. Now we are heading out again, we'll see if I have anything to publish in the evening!



My impulses says "write a whole novel about your evening!!", while my heart says "let the photos speak for themselves!!". Think I'll have to do something in between.

We arrived at our apartment around 4am and packed up, then went quickly to the supermarket to buy some breakfast and snacks. In the evening we headed towards the pier for a dinner cruise on the Danube river (to be booked here). Definately exceeded my expectations. Such spacious and modern ship, lots of nice Hungarian food and energetic musicians providing live music. Lovely view - overall such a fabulous experience!

Love it! The Széchenyi Spa is the plan for tomorrow as Budapest is supposed to be the
city of baths. Tomorrow it's up to it to prove that title! Nighty xx



Dropping in with a blogpost from up in the clouds! We just took off and have a short flight of 2h ahead, I sooo look forward to a few days of warmer weather and to seeing lots of, for me, unseen places. See you in Budapest!

Ok so actually the post couldn't upload on the airplane wifi so now that I am uploading we have already settled in our apartment in Budapest hehe



Postad i: Everyday life

For those times I've forgotten to say "Thank you". For those countless times you've put your to-do list second to mine. For all those times I have not listened to you (although in the end you always get to say your arrogant "what did I say?" so I'd say we're even on that one..)

For your endless support, for your patience, for being my biggest fan and my role model. For all the huge and little things you do for your family;
I love you!

Happy Birthday to my incredible mum! Thank you for inspiring me everyday. <3



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Good news; I'll be off to Budapest this Monday after all! Although we'll be four people less, such a pity but there's not much to do about it. We did make some changes in the plans though, cancelling a few stops as we are a little short in drivers. That means we'll be travelling Budapest (4 nights) -Gmunden (2 nights) -Prague (3 nights).

I've almost (not even close..) finished packing though here is a sneak peak on some outfits. And of course the camera will be coming along so I'll be posting here frequently!



Postad i: Workout & Health

Finally back in the gym after two weeks of being sick and then left with a stubborn cough and runny nose. Thought I felt quite brisk this morning but I honestly didn't make the best workout as 1) I had to go blow my nose after every other set and 2) of some reason felt so dizzy and yawned ALL the time. After half of the workout I went back to the dressing room for a break but I did go back and fight through the other half, though didn't dare to put on too much weight.

Thought I'd still share my workout program with you, that I've put together and been doing for a couple of months (although switching out exercises regularly). First, my workout playlist:

warm up: jumping squats on box 3x10, alternating jumping lunges 3x10

cable kickbacks 3x10 (on each leg)

cable machine squats 3x12

barbell squats (successively adding weight to 1RM)

deadlift (successively adding weight to 1RM)

sumo deadlifts 3x5

good mornings in smith machine 3x10

split squats with dumbbells 3x10 (on each leg)

standing hip abduction with weight plate 3x10 (on each leg)

leg press machine 3x10

lying hamstring curl machine 3x10

battle ropes 5 mins + stretching

After the warm-up and two lighter exercises I do the heaviest one's (barbell squats and deadlifts) because those are the ones I really want to perform on and improve. By that reason I do the machines last, because I do those just to pump out the very last. The exercises in between are those I sometimes switch out. Then I also like to finish every workout with 5 minutes battle rope! The only cardio exercise that doesn't bore me out meanwhile working on upper-body strength - definitely try it if you have it at your gym.



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It's called an expectation hangover. Could be about someone else failing to meet your expectations, you failing to meet your expectations on yourself or simply life, things, not going as planned - it is unavoidable.

This Sunday I was on my way to a harbour in Stockholm to meet my mum and her fiancé to sail with them for a couple of days in the Stockholm archipelago, which by the way is beautiful so I really looked forward to it. The following Monday me and my whole family were flying to Budapest to make our road trip to Prague. Everyone were feeling at their best and so did I, and then the
one thing that could not happen- happened.

Just as I got off the bus I heard my grandpa who is visiting had fell off his bike and fractured his hip, needing surgery. My mum had to take the train home immediately and me and Kenneth sail back to Västerås after literally twelve minutes. We were talking about cancelling the trip to Budapest and everyone was hit by this expectation hangover. It is really no one's fault, but I believe I wasn't the only one starting to think about what I could've done differently.

My grandpa thinking he shouldn't have got on that bike, my mum thinking what if she never lended her bike to him in the first place. And I thought what if I had stayed home, maybe we would've been doing something else at that time and he wouldn't have got on the bike. But then I caught myself with these thoughts and mentally hit myself in the face.

Why do we tend to focus on things that cannot be reversed instead on focusing on the things we can still change? Sometimes things just don't go your way; we miss the bus, loose our keys, have our bikes go phut when we are rushing (talking from own experience), or oversleep. You get angry at things, other people, but mostly at yourself. Why you did something, didn't do something and so on.

Like, how is lingering on the past helping grandpa get better? Because that is one thing that we still can change so hopefully we will find ourselves in Budapest this Monday anyways. You can always dug out the positive - and if not you always learn a little something. For an example I've learnt that I must work on being more flexible, to prepare for things not always going my way and not getting attached to expectations. That is a skill that actually prepares you a lot until next time life throws a challenge your way. Love you!! <3



Postad i: Studying abroad

52 days from today I'll finally be boarding the flight towards a new chapter in my life! I just booked my first One-way flight ticket ever and that felt just as exciting as it felt thrilling to not have a set return date. August 29th is the date that I am leaving Sweden for boarding school in the UK (more about it here), and I hope you'll want to stick with me on this journey. Let the count down begin!



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Wow, three months flew by and felt like nothing but sometimes I amaze myself how much I can change over such little time. I've started to really miss blogging and I eventually remembered - I did promise to give it an actual try :) So now that I've managed to catch a cold and, nevertheless, is stuck at home feeling horrible - let's look back att the highlights of these three months I've been away!


Starting at last two weeks of school before deadline. I stood there with what seemed like an inhuman pile of work. Honestly not far from giving up! Then I got myself together, listed all things I had left to do in small milestones and just started checking them off. Many late nights and cups of coffee - but doesn't it always seem impossible until it's done?

Then I spontaneously ran my first 5K run, actually my first run ever, together with my mum. As I used to hate running and with two days to prepare my goal was to finish in 30 minutes, which made me more than satisfied with a time of 25 min!

Speaking of spontaneous and athletic stuff, I, together with 7 other students in my grade got to represent our school in a competition between 9 graders from all schools in Västerås. My expectations were low so I think we were more than happy with a third place!

And now all the fun, and sad, events started taking place. Graduation dinner, and we for the first time realised we were soon going separate ways. Although a really nice evening, and I took way too many pictures with my matching best friends ;)

Then came the day we had both been longing and fearing - graduation day. But as we do have kind of the same program every year I thought I was prepared, until I heard my name in the speakers? I had been awarded a small scholarship I had no idea about! A gift card on 500 SEK but I'll admit it - it felt good to have all my efforts confirmed. 337,5 "meritpoäng" out of 340 didn't add up by themselves, hard work pays off and I am so proud!

Finally summer break!!! I felt so free and relieved, and I decided the first weeks I'd just do WHATEVER i felt like, whether it was to be with friends, go to the gym, or just sleep in - and it was so needed!

Then I started missing having routines and structures, and, call me a freak - but for a week or two I actually slightly planned my days. I set the alarm, had breakfast, went to the gym, showered, made a nice lunch. And that was, too, also very needed!

But we know we have routines just to break them sometimes ;) The annual Cityfestival gave life to my hometown of Västerås and left me with many priceless memories! Brought me and my already best friends together even further while also getting to know new people. Despite a sore throat from hell, completely mad alcoholics and a f**ked up sleeping schedule we had such a blast!

A pat on your shoulder if you scrolled through all 48 photos! Hope this cold leaves me soon so I can spend time with friends and family - but at least expect to hear from me regularly again, love ya <3



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Apparently turning 15 years old tomorrow (or actually in like half an hour) and I got to celebrate in advance today with some of my best friends. I've had such a blaaaaast and hope they had too. An afternoon/evening with food, kubb, good music and lots of champagne and laughter. Can't describe how Iucky I feel to have these amazing people around me!

And the snapshots that after all, are the best <3



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And there was Friday again! Time flies by, which is nice but I've got so much work left to do in school so I honestly wouldn't mind it going a liiiittle slower.

Breakfast of the day before I head to the gym, blueberry/banana-smoothie with granola, coconut flakes and some strawberries. Everyday deserves to be started with a proper breakfast!



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Such a beautiful day today, hope the weather is here to stay this time!

Finally got to sleep in this morning, had a small breakfast and then I met Amanda in town for lunch. Not too long since we last met but we're having so much to talk about. After lunch we walked around for a while and then decided to grab a coffee, and now we have been sitting on Espresso House for like two hours. Love it how we can literally talk about anything for an eternity!

Anyhow, this is my outfit for the day. Tried this bralette-over-shirt trend and not sure what I think but thought it looked pretty cool! Yay or nay?

Jeans // Bralette // Shoes

Our lunch! Had some chicken with couscous at Coffehouse by George. Was delicious, recommend recommend!