As always when you first meet someone new, you introduce yourself, to give everyone a small glimpse of who you are, to make a good first impression.

Making a strong first impression has never really been my forte, I'm one of those who'd just rather not say anything and pass by unnoticed by anyone except for my closest friends, or who'd just blabber some gibberish and then try to laugh it off and accept the judgement. I mean obviously some people find it endearing or something since I have friends and all... But anyways, back to the introducing, I'm not going to try to sound sad. I'm 20 years old, single, I'm from Sweden and I still live at home while working one of my dream jobs as a figure skating coach. So if anything I'm really happy.

Apart from the figure skating I have an obsession with Harry Potter, a very steady relationship with Netflix and Viki, a huge love for music (right now mostly Kpop) and I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Youtube. I tried to be artsy for a while and studied design during my "high school" years (gymnasiet in swedish, works differently) and now I'm just trying to figure myself out.

I created this blog because I needed a space for my thoughts, no matter how irrelevant, dumb, boring or hilarious I just needed a space to give them a voice. A person can only hold so much within themselves without bursting. I also want to use this as a place to share music suggestions with others or getting suggestions myself since music is a huge part of my life so I'll try and make something out of that.  

Until next time!