Hey guys it's violetxblue

I'm really sorry I haven't been active,
I doubt anyone actually reads my blogs but if you do, I am going to give you a update on my life and currently it's Sunday (so yes it is school tomorrow).
I decided that when I started this blog that it would be anonymous and that I would be completely honest on here and Wright my thoughts about friends and boys.
So here goes...
recently I've had a lot of friendship issues aswell as about 30 exams, me and my friends ,who I've had issues with, have sorted out whatever was wrong. But I feel really awkward as all my friends are getting A's in all subjects and all I get are B's & C's, I get a couple of good results but I also get a lot of really bad results. I alway think my parents will think bad of me, but they are always so supportive and caring.
I've had a really fun weekend so far
Friday - so I had a day of school and it wasn't too bad as I got some good grades back until, I got my Physics result and I got a C2 (btw that's the worst score you can get) I got quite annoyed at this as I tried really hard and I revised everyday (well nearly ;) ) anyway I had a friend coming back after school for a sleepover (@imemma ) we had a really fun night and we did lots of gymnastics and trampolining (my passions). We played truth or truth (like truth or dare but you just have one option) so we both said our crushes and she got really excited so she persuaded me to ask him out as I have a really big crush on him ;). I said I would but I never got round to it as I'm scared he will say no and I will look stupid.
Saturday - we got up early as I had trampolining club so we drove to the place and my friends mum picked her up from there. I had a great practice and I did loads of summa-salts (flips) I practice on Olympic trampolines. When I got home I made some slime ;) with some borax (I know you can't get it in England but my amazing friend @LilysLife gave me some) another friend came over to pick me up as I was going to her house. It was boiling so we had about 5 ice lollies each and we put water and fairy liquid on her trampoline and we played games on her trampoline and slipped all over the place. Only when we were about bout to die of boilingness (I don't think that's a word, look it up) we jumped in the pool. She came back to my house for a barbecue and we made a cheerleading routine.
Sunday - I woke up to the delightful sound of my brother kicking a football against his wall (btw if you haven guessed I'm being sarcastic) we eventually got up and my mum made us some pancakes and we came with her on a dog walk. It was sooooo hot, I was literally dying from heat. After the walk we went to a supermarket to buy milkshakes and ice-lollies. We got home and my friend got picked up. I watched a really good film ~ full out (if you are into gymnastics or dance that is a film you should check out).

Ok so I know this was a really long blog but if you do read these, thank you for spending time reading about my crazy and chaotic life. Oh and I'm really sorry for spending such a long time not posting.

Anonymous girl xx

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Hey guys it's violetXblue
So I'm guessing you've already read the title ’slimmmmeee', so as I live in the UK and it's really hard to find a good slime recipe on YouTube as they all have, borax, elmers glue and corn starch, I thought that i would tell you 3 simple ways to create slime with only a couple of ingredients:,

1. Put about 1/2 a cup of PVA glue into a small bowl (you can buy PVA glue from literally anywhere) slowly mix in some ALMAT (its kind of like laundry detergent, buy it from ALDI) keep adding more and more ALMAT into your bowl until you get the texture slime!

2. Use PVA glue again and put 1/2 a cup into a bowl, mix water with bicarbonate of soda and slowly add this mixture into your bowl, finally add a couple of drops of contact lenses solution/cleaner, mix this all together until you get slime, if too sticky and more lenses cleaner!

3. This one is the quickest and easiest, first use 1/2 - 1 cup of Tresseme (shampoo) and slowly mix in a tiny little pinch of salt, put this in the freezer for 10 minutes and mix slowly into the consistency of slime and viola you have your very own slime !

Thank you so much for reading this blog, I hope now you will make one of these slimes now

Anonymous girl Xx



Hey guys so I thought that I would give you a little update on my weekend and my last day of school, so here goes...

Friday 21st October:

LAST DAYYY OF SCHOOOOLLLL before half term, today it was mufti (we could wear home clothes)

I wore: white and light blue wash jeans (H&M), with a SuperDry short sleeve t-shirt, and a Jack Wills navey blue sweater and finally to finish of the look I wore some violet (bluish and purplish) converse.

I had no sport today but it was still enjoyable I had: food and nutrition (we made pasta salad) and Spanish (I have a completely mad teacher, but she always makes the lesson fun and everyone ends up laughing) I had more lessons but I just wanted to write about two of them~ food and nutrition & Spanish

At the end of the day my friend -*$#  (not her real name but anonymous, remember) came on the bus back with me, and we had milkshakes, she stayed over for a sleepover, and we ended up having a really fun time !

Saturday 22nd October:

In the morning we went to go drop pink off than I was taken to my friends house for another sleepover!!
I had a sleepover with @itzizzyxo & @ImEmma, we stayed up till 3am, we watched 'mean girls' it's such a great movie I highly recommend it!
We ate lodes of sweets and chocolates and we had pillow fights and swapped beds at least 100000 times ;) we made Pinterest inspired string hearts (picture down bellow) and we wrote lodes of blog posts on our accounts (see account names four lines up)

Ok so I know this blog was quite a long one but I worked really hard on it and I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope you can get ideas from my sleepover into one you may have as it was really fun and we all really enjoyed it !!

Anonymous girl Xx



Ok so this is quite a different blog to my first one, as you have probably guessed from the title this is a blog about : Lies everyone tells....

1. 'I'm just coming...' but you are like nowhere near ready

2. 'You look really pretty today' but you actually think the opposite

3. To a boy~ 'Ughhh you are soooo annoying I hate you' but actually you realllly like them

4. In a fight with someone~ 'Don't ever talk to me again!' when you really want them to text you back

5. 'I'll only eat one more chocolate' than you end up finishing the whole packet

6. Mum~ 'You aren't allowed to bring your phone with you' and you take it anyway!

Ok so even though this is a different kind of blog I hope you enjoyed it, comment down bellow what you think X

Anonymous girl Xx



Hey guys this is my new blog comment and like my posts (nothing negative please).

So even though this is an anonymous account I still thought you would like to learn a little bit about me, here's 10 fun facts....

1. I LOVE gymnastics

2.I have 1 sister and 1 brother

3. I have a cat and a dog

4.I love fashion and clothes

5.Currently I am completely obsessed with the game 'rolling sky' ;)

6.I am English and I love living here

7.I loveee YouTube videos, faves - zoella (of course), Tanya Burr, Marcus Butler, Jassbum, pointless blog and much much more...

8.This is a completely new blog so in about a year (if I still am making these) I will laugh and look back to see how bad these are but anyway no negative words or comments please

9.If you are still reading this you probably should follow me because you must be interested by now(I hope) ! ;)

10.My inspiration for this blog was - @LilysLife so you should definitely go check her out!

Ok so I hope you enjoyed my facts about myself and I hope you will keep up to date with my blog and all my posts!!

Anonymous Girl Xx