Words that break before they are spoken
The ones who stabs you on the way out
The ones that hides inside you
Because they don't want to show
How much it hurts

I have to get better at those words
We need to get better at those words
Because, it's not to open yourself
that hurts
It's to shut everything inside

It's not bad to feel,
they say
But if you knew how I suffer
You would understand

How much these words thoughts screams hurt
When it feels like you are falling apart
Slowly, slowly
Falling apart

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Who am I?

Even if this isn’t going to be a personal blog in that way (with OOTD, what I did last weekend etc), I think it’s always best to introduce us to each other. So you know who am I.

My name is Julia and my pronoun is she. I’m fifteen (which I think is an age you either love or hate. I think I have a love-hate relationship to it though), a feminist, damn talkative ,precocious, nerdy when it comes to culture and a vegetarian.

I love the fall more than anything else and big cups of tea; I prefer cinnamon, chai or green. I dream of traveling around the world and explore all there is to explore. I want to meet new people and get new perspective of life.

I dream about, living in a small apartment in the middle of Paris and every night look out through the window over the rooftops.

I listen to a lot of music, for example:The doors, the smiths, belle and Sebastian, aurora, the cure, p j Harvey, Martha and the muffins, björk, siouxie and the banshees.

What I love: to write, red lipstick, tumblr, black pens, feminism, powerful non-men, scented candles.

What I hate: racism, sexism, the meat-industry (no-hate against meat-eaters in general, it’s the industry that is fucked up!!!), sour milk, bad hair days, and mosquitos.

If you ever doubt yourself (which is something I do way too often), I think it’s good to write down things like this, to remind yourself how amazing and special you are. I think it’s pretty cool that I’m the only one on earth who is just like me.



Hello dear friend? Did you just stumble in to my place?

Have you thought about space today, is my question to you.

Because if not, do so. Space is rather interesting when you think about it.

Or maybe you just want to lay in your bed, drink tea and watch Game of Thrones. 

Okey. That's fine.

I created this place because I need space. I need more space, than the space I live in.

My fingers are screaming after words to write.

So i guess this is the best thing to do.

Create a place where writing is what you do.

Bye for now. Hope I'll see you again.