Hello, it's me again. I feel I have start talking about Christmas because it's my favorite celebration! Today I want share with you my music playlist. I feel music makes everything more festiv and cozy, you realy then feel Christmas spirit. So I have my Spotify playlist and I will put here photos with my playlist songs, but if you want check my playlist write - Christmas Songs 2017!!! By Vilma Meškauskaitė and you are on my Christmas playlist. I hope you will enjoy that and will feel Christmas spirit like me!

Ps. New blog will come very soon!!!

Have nice day everyone!

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I am soo excited, I start my blog for the first time!😱

I hope you will like my posts about food, fashion, lifestyle and you will get a lot inspiration! I will work more and more on my blog style because it is not end, but for start it's okay 😃 I hope we will be a big family and get a lot good atmosphere😊

Write me in email - vilmulis24@gmail.com if you have some questions or you want something to ask


Love you all guys!