Hi guys,

Recently I wrote an essay for my English class on why you should go on exchange, and I thought why not share it here with you guys.

A student exchange is a great thing. You learn a lot about yourself and others, you get to see the world and discover another culture. An educational or cultural exchange program can help you better understand yourself and the people around you. Learn about what a student exchange is, why exactly you should go on exchange and what benefits participating in an exchange program has to offer.

A student exchange program is a program which allows students in high school or post-secondary systems of education to leave their home country to spend a few weeks and up to an entire year living in another country while going to a local school. The student exchange program is a perfect opportunity for students to live in a foreign country, learn more about other cultures, and also learn a foreign language. It’s a rewarding but challenging experience during which youwill learn a lot about yourself, but also have a lot of fun. You’ll be immersed in the mother language and culture of your chosen country and live like a local member of your family, town and community.


But why should you go on exchange? Exchange is, as I said, the perfect opportunity to live in a foreign country, learn about another culture and learn another language. But an exchange is so much more than that as well. When you experience a different culture through an exchange you will most certainly gain deeper understanding of yourself and those around you. You’ll learn to be more appreciative and you’ll learn about the world in a way that books, school and a professional career never can reveal. Exchange is living as an independent human being learning to stand on your own feet, it’s experiencing things you only can dream of experiencing, it’s about making new lifelong friendships with people from all over the world, and most certainly it’s about experiencing the country and culture while living with your host family. You’ll get to discover things that tourists miss, because you get to experience everything as a part of an American family, you’re not just a visitor, but you intergrade into their family and temporarily becomes a part of it.


A student exchange program has a lot of benefits, and I promise you you’ll achieve so much after a year abroad. You’ll achieve educational, personal and long-term benefits. Living in another country gives you a rich understanding of another culture, and it’ll help you understand your own culture better as well. One of the most noticeable changes in returned exchange students is their self-development and awareness leading to enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem. You only gain experience and maturity through the challenges you face during an exchange year. The tremendous sense of accomplishment upon completion encourages students to make informed decisions, develop independent opinions and strive to attain fresh goals. Also people that do an exchange year have a huge benefit when it comes to further studies. Prospective employers look favorably upon the experience that is gained while living in another country and learning another culture and language. You will be different from the other candidates because you can demonstrate the skills you acquired in meeting the challenges of the exchange experience.

I would say that if you like learning about other cultures, learning another language and meeting new people, exchange is most certainly something for you. You achieve so much during an exchange year, and it is most definitely something you won’t regret. A saying says: Exchange isn’t a year in your life, it’s a life in a year. And that is most definitely true, exchange is a life in a year, you experience just so much in a year as some experience in a lifetime.


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Hi guys,

As a part of the application we have to make a student video to our future host family, we have to make this video so that they can get to know us better. I filmed my video in August and thought I'd share it with you guys. Making this video I got a lot of inspiration in other student videos and that's why I thought I'd share it, so that it can inspire future exchange students when they have to make their video. Hope you enjoy it!




Hi guys,

So it's been a long time since I last uploaded a blogpost, but there isn't really any update on my exchange year. I'm still waiting to get my host family. It's still really early so it might take some time before I get to know them. Most of the other students haven't gotten theirs either. There is only a couple that have, and I'm really excited for them. One of my greatest friends that I have gotten from this exchange recently got her family, and she is going to spend her year in Florida! I'm so excited for her and I can't wait to meet her and maybe even visit her in Florida next year!

Anyway there isn't much going on right now with the exchange and everything, I just have to be patient and wait to get my family. Right now I have fall break and it's really good to relax a little and not think about school.

Well I just thought I should update you guys a little. Have a great week.




Hi there, today I decided to do the exchange student tag which I've seen a lot of other exchange students do.

What is your name, age and nationality?

My name is Vilde, I'm 16 years old and I'm from Norway.

Which organization are you going with?

I'm going with the organization EF!

How long are you going to be on exchange?

I'm going to be on exchange for 10 months.

Where are you spending your exchange year?

I'm spending my exchange year in the United States of America. I haven't gotten my placement yet, so I don't know exactly where I'm staying.


Have you gotten your host family yet?

No, I haven't gotten my host family yet, because it is still really early and most students get their family someday after Christmas, but they just sent my application over to America 3 weeks ago so they have started to look for a host family for me.

When are you leaving for your exchange?

I don't really know yet, but my guess is sometime between the middle of July and the end of August.

Are you going to the Welcome Days?

No, I'm going to the EF Camp instead. So instead of 3 days in New York, I get 10 days where we have school and after school activities and do a lot of fun different thing to get us ready for the year in the USA.


What are you looking forward to the most?

I'm really looking forward to meeting my host family for the first time. And also all the first time experiences I will have, like the first time at my american high school, first BBQ, first bonfire, first american football game etc. But I'm also really looking forward to camp, thanksgiving, homecoming, christmas and prom etc.

Which places do you want to visit while you're in the USA?

There is so many places I want to go, but mostly I just want to experience as much as possible with my host family.

Is it many days until you leave?

Yes, as I mentioned I don't know when I'm going, but I leave right under a year from now.

Something you're looking forward to when it comes to school?

I'm really excited about the High School Spirit, but also to try something new, sign up for extra curricular activities and all the classes I'll take.

Do you think you'll get homesick?

Of course I will, but that is just the price you have to pay to experience all of this.




As most of you probably already know I'm going to the USA as an exchange student next school year, and that I'm traveling with the organization EF, Education First.

When I decided to do the exchange year, my parents and I wanted to find a good organization to go to the US with. We started looking up and ordering brochures from a lot of different organizations. I read through all of the brochures and since EF was going to have an information meeting in Stavanger a couple of weeks later, I decided to sign up for the meeting to hear a little bit more of what they had to say. During the meeting they told us everything we had to know about the exchange year. There were also a couple of ambassadors at the meeting, telling us about their experience in the US. After the meeting we had the chance to ask all the questions we had and we also had the chance to have our interview.

At this time I was 98% sure that I wanted to go with EF, but I wasn't really that ready for the interview, first of all because I'm a bit shy and second of all I hadn't really prepared anything for it. But when they came up to us and they had answered all of our questions, they asked if I wanted to do the interview. I wasn't at all ready, but I did it anyway because my friend dragged me to it. The interview was ok, and the woman that interviewed me told me that I didn't have anything to worry about, and that it sounded like I was really ready for this journey. I left the hotel where the meeting where with a ton of good impressions, and a lot of excitement, and that hasn't changed at all since that day.

During your interview you have to talk about yourself a little bit. They use this to see if you fit into their program. The interview starts with you talking in your native language, and when you're half way through it you switch over to talking in English. After the interview you also have to write in English, some people have to write a letter to their future host family, and others, like me for example, have to answer easy questions in English.

A couple of days later I got a call from EF and they told me that they had accepted me into their program. At this time I was really excited and I decided that I wanted to go with EF. One of the reasons was all the good impressions they gave me, and another reason was because they have this EF Camp in New York for 10 days, which is something that sounds perfect for me to get my year started.


What I really like about EF so far:

1. Support: there is always someone that will help you out if you have any questions. Other than that you get student handbooks that are really helpful when your getting ready for your exchange and also when your working on your application.

2. Events: EF really does a great job in organizing events, this summer they organized an event in Oslo for all the Norwegian exchange students that are traveling with them 17/18, sadly I couldn't go to it since I was on vacation. They're also going to have another "pizza-party" before the year starts so that we can get to know other exchange student that are traveling with them the same year.

3. Employees: Everyone I've meet, who works for EF has always been so nice and helpful.

4. Connecting students: There is not only an exchange camp as I mentioned above, that brings students from all over the world together, EF even has its own social network, which is called myEF. Here you can meet other people from all over the world going on exchange the same time as you are. This is also the site where you find your application and fill it out.

5. Merchandise: You get a bag, a t-shirt which says "EF class of '18", or at least that is what mine says because that's when I'm traveling, you also get a passport protector which also says "EF class of '18, and other cool stuff!

All in all I think that EF is a really good organization, and I'm so excited to be a part of the EF community! I'm really happy that I chose EF, and to all the future exchange students out there, I really recommend EF for your exchange year!

Here is the link to my EF AMBASSADOR site, where you can order a free brochure to get to know more about EF and also read about my experience!

You can also read more about EF HERE!




Hey! My name is Vilde Gribbestad Moltu, and I'm going on an exchange year to America next year. EF Class of '18!

Age: 16 years old

Home: Sola, Norway

Family: Two older brothers, two younger brothers, and my mom and dad

Destination: United States of America

So I'm going on an exchange to the USA the school year 2017/2018 and I'm going with the organization EF. I've always wanted to live in America so this is really a dream come true for me. I love traveling, seeing all the beautiful places in the world, meeting new people and experiencing new things. I'm really excited to go to America, to experience a lot and have a really good time. This is really a once in a lifetime experience and I'm really excited to start this new chapter in my life.

I've made this blog mainly to update my friends and family at home. But also so that I'll have some memories to look back on when I'm older, and also to reach out to and help future exchange students. I love reading exchange blogs myself and it has helped me very much into this journey. I will mainly be writing in English, so that both my family and friends back home can keep up with my year, and so that my international friends and the people I meet in America can read as well.

My goal is to upload a blogpost every month when I'm in America, but I may even upload more than that if I've got the time for it. Right now there won't be to many blogposts because there isn't really that much going on before the exchange actually starts.

I hope you want to follow me and my year in the USA.