Yo, I’m sitting in the flight to New Zealand right now. It’s 10am Swedish time. I went from my house 5am and it took 1 hour to get to Arlanda. I’m going to New Zealand to take pictures and because I’m eighteen I think I can handle myself so I can travel alone. I had to stress so that I could get into the flight, because the boarding ended at 8:45am. I’ve looked up the flight time and it’s gonna take 38 hours! I have to stop at 2 different airports untill I’m at my final destination, Wellington. The first stop is at Dubai and after that it’s Melbourne. I have to wait about 12 and a half hour at the Melbourne airport and after that I have to take the flight to Wellington which takes about 3 and a half hour. It’s kind of annoying that you’ll have to wait that long just for a flight from Australia to New Zealand. It’s about 12 hours between the time zones from Sweden to New Zealand, so when it’s 12am in Sweden it’s 12pm in New Zealand so it’s a big readjustment. The clock is 11am now and I feel that I have to get some sleep, I’m really tired. I’ll sleep so early so I can be able to adjust the time zones, I’ll try to sleep atleast six hours and then eat something. It’s 6:30pm right now, I slept nearly 8 hours! But I got no battery left on my phone so I’ll blog later when I’m at my hotel!

Finally at my hotel

Almost 32 hours later. I’m at the hotel, finally! The flights have been so boring just sitting on the flights without any Internet and on the Dubai airport they didn’t even have any outlet so I couldn’t charge my phone. It was exactly the same at Malbourne where I had to wait 12 hours untill the next flight, so I ate 2 times and drank alot of coffee. But atleast I’m at the hotel now, it’s so hot here it’s like 35 degrees but it feels like 40! It's really hot here because that the country is located close to the equator and it got warm ocean currents. But I’m lucky I got aircondition in my hotel room.

My school, Otaga

Otago is a school for health and medicine sciences, and I've only been here a week and the teachers have learned me so much! The other students said that they would be missing me when I'm gone, and my best mate here, Jake said that he would move to Sweden with me. I'm not sure about that though, but if he did, it would be awesome! It cost 3500$ to go 2 weeks in school here, atleast for me because I'm from Sweden.

The secound day

The clock is about 11am here in New Zealand. I've finally got some sleep, it took about 3 hours untill I could sleep yesterday. I've slept about 7 hours atleast so I'm happy about that. Today I’m gonna go out and discover the beatiful nature, then I’m gonna go into the capital of New Zealand, Wellington. Well, I’m in Wellington right now but not in the city but closer to the beach. When I drove into the city I was first very uncomfortable driving on the left side of the road instead of the right side that I’m used to. The first thing that I spotted was that they had alot of Rugby fields around the schools and all of them had alot of clubs. What I’ve heard they liked Rugby in New Zealand but I didn’t think it was this popular. The climate is very damp and hot. It’s February so it’s peak season for the tourists to visit the country because it’s the warmest period of the year here. Wellington is a really nice city, it got a lot of food restaurants and alot of beautiful statues, beaches and rainforests. A dish that I've eaten that's typical for New Zealand is Pākehä cuisine and the key ingredients included sweet potato, fern root, taro, birds and fish. The dish is cooked and roasted in earth ovens, and I could really feel that in the consistence of the cooked bird. I've talked to some locals here and they told me that they've got a special culture which name is Maori. The Maori people live throughout New Zealand, and many are actively involved with keeping their culture and language alive. Within any Maori community, the marae provides a focus for social, cultural and spiritual life. The term marae describes a communal 'plaza' area that includes a wharenui (meeting house) and wharekai (dining room).

My last day here

Now it’s my last day here, I’m going to one of the best beaches in New Zealand, Oriental Bay. It’s a really nice beach, it’s really shallow so you can go out really far and surf at the waves there, they can be up to 7 meters long! I would really recommend going to that beach because you can just sit there, enjoying the heat and the view and just take yourself an nice drink whilst listening to the waves hitting the hot sand and hear the birds sing in the rainforest behind you. I can really understand why so many peoples spend their money to visit New Zealand, it’s such an amazing and beautiful country! I would really recommend all of you that read my blog to visit New Zealand atleast ones, because you will never forget or regret it!

The airport

​Because I couldn't take any pictures because my phone was dead I'm gonna do it now! The airport of Wellington is really famous because of the Hobbit themed flying statues. I took a picture of Gandalf riding on a Eagle. Now I have to travel 37 hours to get home, not very satisfied or happy about it but it was worth every minute because of the amazing country of New Zealand.