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While many of you have buried your faces in your mobiles throwing poke balls aimlessly at Pikachus, whilst mocking you; a lot forget where it all stemmed from. The video games have always been stemmed from portable Nintendo devices, which makes it understandable that it moves on to mobile phones.

The new update of Pokemon Sun & Moon has been released, and with every update more brave than the last. Pokemon has never been afraid of pushing the boat out, with the introduction of 'mega evolutions' in Pokemon X & Y. This time, giving original Pokemon new forms, that make you question common sense. Exeggutor (yes the palm tree) has been given a new form, along with new Pokemon type. I never questioned the logic to begin with, giving him a side type of Psychic because, hey. It's a palm tree. The new form has wiped that and given it Dragon.

That cartoon was quick enough to hit internet without my input as I'm clearly not the only one who finds it ridiculous. The other Pokemon to receive alternate forms are Vulpix and Ninetales. Vulpix ridding of his fire type to Ice, and Ninetales to Ice and Fairy. Although aesthetically they're more pleasing, I can't say it makes them anymore desirable. Ice type to me is THE worst in the game. It has the highest amount of weaknesses, and the types it is powerful against, doesn't make it a valuable asset to your arsenal. The others to have their types stripped from them are Sandshrew and Sandslash, going from ground to Ice and Steel. Again. I'm not a massive fan on Steel type for the similar reason. However, bask in their glory.

I digAlong with the update came new Pokemon for 7th generation. As these come, I take them for face value as I don't really know what to make of them until I see their evolutions from start to finish. The birds, otherwise known as 'Oricorio' have been given different forms in accordance to which island you catch them on. Their type differ along with their colours too. The star shaped rock, otherwise known as 'Mirior' takes a different form along with the damage taken. The other Pokemon are either evolved forms of previous announcements, or prevo's (pre-evolutions). As this announcement flowed through, it made me wonder what kind of LSD trip are the designers going through to come up with these designs and premonitions to where it'll lead.

​I digress. Along with these announcements and how bitter I might sound to how radical and silly they look, I'll most definitely be up at the video game merchants buying a copy, play and complete in one evening. 

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