It´s time for a new week and new possibilities!
It will be hard to beat the last week which was amazing, I will tell you more about my weekend in Savannah (have 191 edited photos) and about Thursdays special event. Stay tuned

My week 42 looks as follows:


Alice dragged me up for a early morning workout. After having survived that I had a presentation about the Grapevine, the informal network, in organizations. Today I have classes all day long and will probably fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow after my Psychology class 6:30-9. I do a lot of fun things but when I am in school it´s a 12 hour work day.  

SIDE NOTE:   I bought  a "extra strong coffee" this morning to get something closer to the Swedish coffee. The American girl next to me looked concerned  and said "bless your heart".  

Haha crazy Swede


Study Study Study and then have a game night with my suite mates. I have 4 small essays to write before Sunday and some other projects. Writing in english is the hardest part for me but I get encouraged when i see my progress. It helps a lot to be good at writing in Swedish and I am glad that my high school teachers challenged me in that.


I have a mentor meeting and will decide what classes I want to take next semester. Decision agony!
I have classes until 5pm (17) and will then head to the cinema with Tehara. The school give us free tickets to the movie Geostorm!


More studies and go to the international office. They will help me do paperwork for taxes and for a trip I have planned. I will leave the US over New Years! Can anyone guess where I will go?

I will go to an event with the Grizzly Leadership Academy in the evening.


My weekend plans are not decided yet. I can either go to a climbing trip in Alabama, to the Gold rush festival in Dahlonega or hang out in Lawrenceville to tailgate and watch the Homecoming soccer game.

Have a good week friends, I´ll talk to you soon

Hugs Victoria

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I had an amazing Thursday and got an opportunity to experience something I could have never dreamt of. It requires an separate blogpost and I have to work on putting it together in a way that honors the event. I give you a little teaser... You know of the seven handshakes theory? That you are seven handshakes/connections away from Barack Obama. Let´s just say that if you have shaken my hand you are way closer now.

First - Let´s talk about the next event I was to yesterday - The Cumming Fair

It was a happy Victoria who slided in at the fair.

I have lots of photos to show you so you better be prepared. At 5:30 Teharas host mother picked us up at GGC. Can you imagine a Swede going for a 2 hour ride to pick someone they barely know up and get them where they want to go? Our host families are so kind and do it all the time! Yesterdays destination was the Fair in Cumming. Our GRSP friend Meg had tickets so we met up with her, her college friends and some other GRSP students there.

We enjoyed the evening light and I have to give Alice photo cred for this picture. You are getting better!


We were very hungry and this box contained a typical southern BBQ. Pulled pork, fries/beans and Mac n Cheese

We stolled around for two hours, ate food, talked and tried the wheel and the loop roller coaster

This Carousel was faster than it looks and we got angry glances from the couple next to us when we screamed (I can see that though)


This light!

Hugs Victoria



Charleston South Carolina 
Savannah Georgia
Aspen Colorado
Surf in Florida
Gran Canyon
The Appalachian trail
Washington D.C.
New Orleans during Mardi Gras
New York

There are a lot of more places to visit so let´s see what time, imagination and budget allows me to do

Tips? Hit me!
Hugs Victoria



Hello friends

Me and Ulrika shared my little dorm room and 90cm bed tonight. We woke up to a good Tuesday, made breakfast in the apartment and got ready for the day. We had a Starbucks coffee and met up with Alice at 9 to go to Mall of Georgia. It was a 20 minute ride in Ulrika´s car and we sang along to Veronica Maggio and Petter.

Good start of a good day

Alice had to sort things out with her computer in the Apple store so me and Ulrika strolled around on our own. This is a very happy me ready for my first shopping day in the US. Clothes is in general cheeper and they have a more varied clothing style compared to Sweden. Me like!

Ulrika took snap shots of me trying on clothes. She says I am the most photogenic person she knows - what a compliment! Have never heard something like that before. However, I loved Forever21 and brought a full Fall outfit (not this one though). Then someone in the staff started asking Ulrika about her life and if she dates American guys... a weird question according to us but just one among others so we are not surprised anymore.

We left

Sushi for lunch, of course! We take every chance we have here to get some seafood

Sippin my coffee, having after-shopping-FIKA at the Cheesecake Factory

I am impressed by Ulrika who took a Georgia License, invested in a car and drive here in the crazy Atlanta traffic!

A bad quality picture in my hang on mirror on my wardrobe door. Wearing my new favorite assessory, the "Skepparmössa" I brought today. You will see this one again.

Ulrika dropped me of at college and headed back to her University. I will see her again on the Cumming fair on Thursday - Longing to see my GRSP friends!

Before that I have a test, a few meetings and the Governors Luncheon to attend. I spent the rest of my evening in the library studying and in the apartment where I ironed my blouse for tomorrow. I will probably have to borrow "pointy business heels" and a blazer to qualify at wearing Business attire to Governor Nathan Deal´s Environmental Address and luncheon.

 I received an interesting email this evening asking me to play a role in starting a NOW chapter on GGC. NOW is the National Organization for Women and I am honored for being asked. But, since I will only stay here this year and have other obligations to prioritize, I said no tanks to   being anything more than  a member. However, I do think it is important to start this organization since human and women´s rights are being attacked. For example, women do not have equal rights under the US Constitution and the last ratification was overruled.

Sleep well.

Hugs Victoria



I spent my weekend at college for the first time. 13000 students go here but most are commuters so the campus is pretty dead during the weekend, especially on Sundays. I took the opportunity to sleep more (9 hours instead of 7 hours) and got some studies done. I finally watched the last Game of Thrones episode, ate popcorn, exercised, talked to my friends and family back in Sweden and had some time to just be, listen to good music and think. This was not a very productive weekend in my measurements, something I have to learn to feel okey with. I have so many things I want to do here so I have to start picking my priorities.

The focus on the coming week will be to have energy for the fun social events; hanging out with Ulrika, the Governors luncheon, The fair in Cumming and the Student weekend in Savannah. Does that mean I should study and exercise less while sleeping more when I have time over? Not always the easiest do decide.

I sat outside with a fellow Scandinavian friend on Friday night, watched the sunset and talked about life in America.

Got some studies done, but a lot of time was spent on Youtube, Pinterest and Nouw. Is that okey? :)))

Beautiful Ulrika came here yesterday evening but security for housing told us she was not allowed to sleep here unless we had signed a form earlier that week. We had to call around to people we know and look for a place to stay at. It turned out well and we could spend an hour together and just hang out before she left. She will come back today.

Fall is coming to Georgia, if it can be considered to be fall when the next weekend will be spent on the beach of Savannah? It is something about the light and the leaves, so I start to challenge the relatively warm October by wearing the few fall-ish clothes I have in my wardrobe.

Hugs Victoria



MONDAY: Classes and go to the Tutoring center to get help with the Applied Management Report I wrote this weekend. It is a paper about the Harvard Business Review "The art of giving and receiving advice". Interesting! I hope to have time over to go to my bank so I finally can have an American card.

TUESDAY: Go to Mall of Georgia with Ulrika <3 It is time to update my wardrobe for fall.

WEDNESDAY: Classes, study and go to the Georgia Governor´s luncheon in Atlanta

THURSDAY: Study and go to the Cumming fair with my fellow GRSP s

FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY: GRSP Student weekend in Savannah. We will meet up and go together by bus there. The invitation says that we will explore the River Street, go a Ghost Tour (Savannah is said to be one of the most haunted cities in the United States), go to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, climb up the Tybee Island Lighthouse and spend Saturday evening on the beach.

Such a dreamy week :)))

So thankful for all these experiences.

Have a good week everyone

Hugs Victoria



-Ma life ain´t follow any speed limit rn-

It´s now exactly two months since I left Landvetter and arrived at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport. It was a happy and not nervous enough Victoria who left Sweden. She probably did not realize what she was actually doing: - Exchanged safe little Falköping with the suburb area of Atlanta, for Gwinnett County, one of the most diverse and fast growing districts in America. I instead found the safety in myself. That however is a continuously ongoing process and considering how much I have developed in two months it will be exciting to see who goes backs to Sweden in 8 months. Probably the same Victoria but with more Victoria if that makes sense?

Here is a list with SOME of the things I have done so far. I will share parts of my Bucket list with you next week . Stay tuned!

Went Camping
White Water rafting
Paddle boarding
Watched a rodeo
Shot a gun
Went to a Crawfish party
Watched Florida State Seminoles play North Carolina State Wolfpack
Volunteer worked
Went to a festival
Watched the Eclipse
Got Belay certified
Learnt playing Tennis
Built a boat of paperboard
Went to a high school football game
Had dinner with the president of GGC
Had four Rotary presentations

Three photos from a weekend in Madison County I have not showed you

Hugs Victoria



You can now call me Björn Borg

- Or not...
I decided that it was time to pick up my Tennis skills this semester and today I finished my Tennis class. I can now play Tennis, or at least hit the ball over the net in a decent way and I am looking forward to play with my friends soon.

Right Now: I just finished classes for today and for this week. I will celebrate by going to the gym and try the "Core and more" class. This evening will be spent on looking up future travel destinations. I then have a whole weekend of studies ahead of me.

​Edit:   Turned  out that I    have a   mandatory floor   meeting with  the girls I live with
PS. Tomorrow is it two months since I arrived in America. I will post a text about what have happened so far. Stay Tuned
Hugs Victoria



Considering what just happened in Las Vegas  it will be interesting to see what we talk about in todays American Government class. We are supposed to talk about prisons and whether they are obsolete or not but there will probably be a discussion about the Second Amendment (The right to bear arms).

My thoughts go to those affected and their families.

I started my week with an exercise. I have my last Tennis class today with a skill assessment in singles and doubles play and a Psychology test this evening so it will be a long day.


Go to the Rotary club of Franklin and have my last presentation for fall.


Go to classes and an event about responsible social networking. Get things done on my to do list and make plans for New Years Eve.


We have an assignment in my sociology class to write an Resume. I will work on mine and have a scheduled meeting with my professor. We will talk about what words to use and how to put your qualities forward. The schools Honors program have a "Meet and Greet" event and I am excited to hang out with them.
Thursday evening is Climbing evening.


Like I have said before; my weeks are somewhat upside down here. I will go to events during the week and study during the weekend and I am all fine with that. This will be my first weekend on campus and it will be nice to sit in the quiet library. I will probably focus on writing my Applied Management Report and a paper about The Equal Rights Amendment. Or maybe I should change topic and write about the right to bear arms, Trump´s travel ban, trafficking in Atlanta or about the DOCA? So many interesting topics to write about for my American Governments class.

I hope y´all have a terrific week
Hugs Victoria

Hugs Victoria



Hey yáll

This weekend is a real girls weekend and it is well needed. It has been some intense weeks and there are more intense weeks to come - and I love it! But I sometime need a paus. I started the weekend by falling into my bed 6:30pm on Thursday and woke up 8am on Friday. You can make the counting on your own. Me, Alice and Tehara went with Alice´s host mother Kristen for lunch at a Chinese restaurant. My host sister Katie picked me up and I am now in Elberton with my host family the Kubas. It is homecoming weekend and I watched the homecoming football game yesterday. The Blue Devils won (They always plays a bad team for homecoming ). They go to a high school football game every Friday and it is more to hang out with friends than to actually watch the game. My sister Anna was cute when she said that it was fun to have me there - it made her cool. Well I don´t think she would have problem with being cool on her own because she knew everyone.

It is now Saturday and I eat snacks, watch the Florida - Georgia game and write this blogpost. The high school girls are upstairs preparing themselves for the bal while singing along with Taylor Swift´s " I knew you were trouble". It makes me happy. My other sister Katie, who is my age, brought me to a hairdresser and to do some shopping this morning. My mother Susan made us pancakes for breakfast and I Face Timed with my real mother earlier today. I have three mothers and two sisters taking care of me this weekend.

Tonight will be a girls night.

Hugs Victoria

Chinese Poké Bowl

Theme of the night was Glitter

The bal queen was crowned

Me and my beautiful sisters Katie and Anna

Hugs Victoria

Hugs Victoria