Firstly, in my opinion,children should not have access to the internet till they are old enough tounderstand what they should not do or post, and who they should not talk to.Things like that the parents should learn them before giving them any type ofmobile or computer where they are going to have access to the internet.

Furthermore, if your children alreadyhave a phone you can for example help them downloading what you mean it isright for them to use, for example games. And after having downloading that youcould take away the internet of their phone by an application the parents canhave on their phone where they can turn the internet on and off, of their children’smobile. Because the person that pays the mobiles bill can have this app andchoose to take off the internet of the other phones.

Moreover, they can buy applicationsthat they can put on their children’s mobile so they do not log into pages thattheir parents do not want them to enter.

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I thinkfrom the children are born and up to they are ten years, that the parents shouldalways be near when they source through the media. After ten years, I wouldstart let them source alone, but having a talk about the consequences and thesecurity they need to have. Then I would also buy this app, so I can always seewhat my children do. After they’re 15 birthday, and from then on I would letthem do whatever they want, as long they know the consequences and that they shouldnever talk to strangers, or upload intimate photos/videos of no one.

Every child as some rights, but controllingthem to much it’s just not a good idea, cause then the child will feel ashamedof their parents, and don’t have the same trust on them.



Through a long period, Englishhas been an important language to Norwegian people. From the kids are smallthey are watching the television in English, and as they grow up they learn totalk in English, most of them, really good. Furthermore, English is animportant language for understanding post that we see all around the socialmedias. Every day Norwegians are reading English, so in my opinion it is suchan important language to them.

After some years of learningEnglish as a foreign language we have started to borrow some words from thelanguage. As for example Spaniards has started borrowing English words, it hasdeveloped in a new variety of English called Spanglish. As time goes onNorwegian people borrow more and more words from the English language, andmaybe one day there will also develop in to a new variety of English calledNorwglish?

I believe that after someyears Norwegian will be developing this variety of English, since with theyears Norwegians are borrowing more and more words from English and using theyin their daily speech.

- Claudia



We all know that English already has a big impact in our language. I believe that in the near future there will be more English words incorporated in the Norwegian language. You can already see how affected it is today. The reason so, is that the new generation is much more surrounded by English. We have more international access than ever before. Today we have the social media, we watch English speaking movies and series, and we do mostly listen to English music.

So the big question is: will English take over Norwegian? 

Well I hope so. .I do not feel that Norwegian is an important language. I think that we will have much more opportunities with English and that we will reach further with it. So I do hope that Norway will someday develop its form of English. But my biggest wish is that Norwegian will disappear forever, and we will only be speaking English. 

Xoxo Silje 

Bilderesultat for vil engelsk ta over norsk




Walter walked wearily while wondering where Wallywas.

Devin’s dog dove deep in the dam, drinking dirtywater as he dove.


Her hair were golden

He was swimming in an ocean of his own tears


The stars were dancing elegantly in the sky.

Time flew by, and suddenly it had been a wholeyear since the incident.


He was as brave as a lion.

She was as beautiful as a rose.



Homework –Couplets

He was a little tense

The notice made no sense

Twinkle Twinkle little whore

Close your legs its not a door

Lightening, thunder, all around

Soon the rain falls on the ground

- Silje




There was a man, his name was Sam,  he always told himself that he can,  but we all know it was scam.

She knew how to blow

and dance on a pole

she knew how to live and run down a hill

I hate lime

I really suck at rimes

I wish sometimes

homework didn't exist.



Lyric expresses the thoughts and feelings of the poet. Lyric was used in poems back in the past, but it's also very popular in today's society. Rappers use lyric very much, and also people who write songs. *

Methapor is very much used in books for you to imagine the surroundings more. "She smelled like a bouquet of roses" makes you imagine that she smells very good when you read about it, right? That's what methapores is all about! Two things are compared, usually by saying one thing is another.

A refrain is a phrase that is repeatet through a poem. Most of the time it is a way to make the point of the poem stand out.


Personification is a figure of speech thatgives nonhuman things human attributes, examples for this can be “The roof wasas high as the sky”, or “The wind was howling as a wolf”.


The definition of onomatopoeia is that aword phonetically describes, imitates, suggests or resembles the source of thesound that it makes. Examples of onomatopoeic words can be such as “buzz”, “meow”,“oink”,” roar”, and “beep”.


Narrative is the use of a written or spokencommentary to convey a story to an audience. For example, a narrator is apersonal character or a non personal voice that the author uses is their storyto deliver information to the audience.