Hey there! Now is the time where the last chances to get accepted to the Uni. Use your time good, so you can come to beautiful Budapest this fall semester. If you already have been accepted - congratulations! I hope everything with the payment of the deposit and everything else is under control.

Now that you have gotten accepted - or ar pretty sure you will be, there is a few things you have to keep in mind. You have to find a place to stay, and you have to do some preparations before you come here. First of all, I would like to inform you about the Facebook groups which is a good idea to start looking for apartments. You will find several ones, just search: Budapest flats/apartments rental. Here you can find whatever you are looking for, and of course also post an get some feedback. This is the easiest ways.

When finding apartments, I would personally find an apartment from a private person. The reason for this is I feel there is easier to keep in touch with the owner/your landlord if you happen to have any problems. But I will also say that if you feel like you have found the perfect apartment in the perfect area, but there is a company that rents it out, you should go for it. I have just read from earlier students that they have had the best experience with private people.

I found the apartment I am living in now by just "googleling" 'Budapest apartment long term student'. Here you have several websites, and most of them are companies. Here you have to make up your mind what suits you the best.

If you are unsure about which area you should find your apartment, I will recommend to find something in the area of district V, VI, VII or VIII. The closest ones and the "nicest" areas are in district VI and VII. The university is in district VII, so if you would like something close you should go for district VII.

If you have any other questions about finding apartments, or anything else, please let me know in the comments below and I will give you my best answer.

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Hi guys!

First of all, I want to introduce myself. Kind of. I think I will remain anonymous on this blog, because then I can write things and be brutal honest without having any trouble about it later.I will be anonymous at least for now. So, hi! I'm a girl who is studying for veterinary medicine in Budapest. I do not have English as my main language, so if there is anything that seems a bit weird about my writing that is the reason.

On this blog, I will try to help out upcoming students, or if you already are a student but are a bit lost, maybe this can help you out too. Here I will write about my journey, my point of view. That1s all I can give you for now, maybe later there will be more. I don't know yet. I hope this will be successful, and that I can help out at least a few upcoming students.

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That is all for this first post, I hope to see you again in my later posts!