A new year just around the corner and you want to look at the budget to see where you can put the money to its best use. ’If your marketing and sales strategies didn’t work up to the mark you need to consider adding video to the mix’ says experts of best SEO company in India.

In 2016, use of video shifted from the optional marketing tactic to the essential one.

Forbes also mentions the importance of video, reported that 65% of business executives visit a vendor’s website after watching a video and more than 80% of them are watching a more online video today than a year ago.

The video will continue to become driving marketing force in 2017 also. If your business isn’t leveraging the power of video yet, you are missing out a big advantage.

Whether your company is new to using video or you want to take your video marketing efforts to the next level, here are some ways businesses will be using video in 2017.

#1.Facebook video will continue to increase

Facebook, the most popular social media network, heavily invested in the video in 2016, launching its own video feature, Facebook Live.

Since introducing this feature, Facebook has seen its daily views increases from 1 billion to 8 billion. At the same time, text only status updates continue to lessen.

The video makes a more interactive medium and companies who are already using Live video have seen a great success in building trust among their customers.

It is predicted that more and more video will be posted and seen on Facebook in 2017.

Using video status updates on your business Facebook page will grab more attention of your potential customers.

#2. More Live Video

Facebook is not the only social media platform the have live video feature. In 2016, Twitter joined forces with Periscope that let the users embed broadcasts directly into their tweets. These l9ive broadcasts are only added once which drives urgency to watch them. It is estimated that over 80% of users watch videos on a regular basis which means that tweets with embedded videos will be able to reach more people than before. In 2017, more and more videos will become the norm.

#3. Multi-Channel Marketing

The video is a valuable business marketing asset that won’t reach its potential unless it is shared on various social media channels. People want to watch videos and you can’t reach them all if you only post the video on only one social media or video network.

As the video continues to grab consumers’ attention, expect the multi-channel video marketing trend to increase in 2017.

It is also important to consider that most people watch videos on mobile devices. Be aware of how your videos will be displayed on the mobile version of each social media network.

#4. Increase in Video Apps

In the age of mobile devices, smartphones have replaced the computers in many ways. People can watch the videos or browse the Internet on their cellphones. In fact, there is the whole generation of consumers who grew up with this technology. They also love apps. The increase in the use of apps has created a thriving app development field.

Apps get already available online information in front of user’s eye immediately. Consumers don’t want to go looking for it.

Two successful video apps are already out there- Instagram and Snapchat.These video apps are favored by the consumers of Generation Z population(age 13-24). This consumer population watches 10 billion Snapchat videos per day and Instagram is gradually incorporating more and more videos in its newly launched Instagram Stories.

Whether this is your business’s targeted audience or not, there will be an increase in the use of video apps in 2017.

#5. VR will become a must-have

Virtual Reality is still a new technology that has not yet been adopted by many companies. However, VR headsets are becoming more accessible to consumers and some marketers are already grabbing this opportunity.

The popularity and prevalence of virtual reality will increase in 2017, making it a must-have technology.

#6. The Era of ‘Infotainment’

Successful video marketing will incorporate both information and entertainment, thus ‘infotainment.’Information only videos or fun videos with no valuable substance will not succeed in today’s business world.

Your videos need to be informative and provide relevant content. This is how you can build brand awareness and authority.

Consumers also want to be entertained. If you don’t make your video interesting, consumers will be quick to click away.

#7. Video meets Web Design

Most of the big brands feature videos on their website, Though it faced criticism from the SEO crowds and developers in the past, people loves it. The video is a powerful way to tell stories and reward companies who efficiently utilize its power.

Customers who watch a video on a company’s website will be more trusting of the company and will be more likely to purchase the company’s product.

It has also been shown that videos on a business website decreases the bounce rate and improves SEO.

While too many videos can slow your web page's load time, using selective videos on strategic pages of your website can greatly benefit your business.

Marketers will continue to look for more ways to incorporate video into their websites in 2017.

To improve your SEO efforts and grow your brand visibility online you can consider hiring experts from the best SEO company in Bangalore.



Getting an idea is difficult, but turning that idea into success with the right approaches is even more difficult. Developing an app successfully is a challenge enough, but entrepreneur should also navigate app approval process, that will make your app stand out of the crowd differently.

And that’s the only reason you should have right strategy in your mind since from day one. Here’s few phases that every small business must consider while developing an app for their business. Let’s have a look:

#phase 1: App development

Outsourcing the app development is quite a tricky process, and especially when you have a developer who is not from your page. iPhone App Development in jaipur suggests to treat your project as freelancer one, give the brief description, set the time limit and track the progress often.

Before getting started, consider which factors are necessary? What are the goals you want to achieve?

#phase 2: App Approval

Make sure to prepare for the submission. Review the guidelines for submission. Take sufficient time to understand the rules and policies. Failure to get the approval for your app, will unnecessarily delay the launch of your app.For example, if you avoid to look the policy for the maximum size requirement, which is 100mb, and your app exceeds the limit, you could offer the secondary download option.

#phase3: Apps download

App Store Optimization, or ASO for short, allows you to boost the ranking of your app to rank higher in the app store. And just like Google search results, the higher the visibility it gets, the more are the chances of the downloads. For that purpose, you need to be specific, which audience you are targeting, what are the keywords your target audience will search to get the app.

To make the best use of it, you could also place your keywords in the title. According to ios game development in jaipur, take sufficient time to research your keyword, in fact, focus on two to three keywords and choose the most relevant one.

Keeping all together:

This is no more a secret that we are living in the world of mobile. And according to a research, we usually spend more time on our mobile phones, rather than on desktop. Creating a mobile app could prove as a boon for the success of your business, but choosing the wrong strategy could also prove as a disaster for your business.

Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about the expectation of your app development. Take sufficient time to read all the regulations and policies of your app. Once your app gets approved, try to maximize the visibility by choosing the appropriate optimization technique. Remember, you could cross all the hurdles and by keeping the right strategy in mind from day one.