My flight back home is booked and I am leaving May 7th, I am so excited to be home 💛 Right now I am on my way to Las Vegas for a few days. Road trips are always fun!

If anyone knows of any good photographers in Norway please write it in the comment below with where they are based.

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What an amazing night. I was invited to the Sixteen Antlers at the Pullman hotel in Brisbane City for an evening with some drinks and food with some friends. I had such a good time. We ended up staying for over three hours. They got their first star in the book when I noticed they had my favorite wine. It is so hard to find it in bars because it´s more of a dessert wine and they normally don´t have it. But this place did, yeey. #moscatolover .They got a good amount of drinks to choose between and the people that works there are so friendly and nice! I love it when you can just stand there and talk forever with someone you don´t even know, but feels like you´ve known forever. The location was great and had a very nice view especially at night! The food too was so good. Do you see the mini burgers on the picture above, so juicy and tasty! And not to forget the fries, yum. It is a perfect portion of snacks while you´re enjoying some delicious drinks and a good company! The music there was great too 💛❤ If you are ever in Brisbane I would recommend going to this rooftop bar. You can check them out here. They are open from 2/3pm every day until late so it´s a perfect place to go after work for a catch up with friends.




Dubai Marina 2014

Baby Veronica from 2012 in Key West, Florida

Taj Mahal, India 2015

Paris 2015

Thailand, Bangkok 2016

Zaya Nurai 2016.

This question is always in my inbox either on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or even my email. I will give you an answer guys. This time in a blog post that you can always go back to if you have any questions. I was thinking to also make a blog post of how to save money in the daily life, what do you guys think about that?

I started working at the age of 13. It was a cleaning job at a doctors office, and I still have this job until this day. It is now my family that does it, but whenever I have a chance too and I am home, I do it as well. All the money I can make when I am home helps.

I had lots of jobs by the time I was 16, sometimes up to three at a time. It was very exhausting. Straight from one job to another. I worked almost every weekend, and also two- three times in the weekdays as well while going full-time to school. I was standing up for 6 hours at one job helping costumers with whatever they needed in the store, then I had to go straight to another job, and barely had time to eat in between- and go to watch some kids at a gym while their parents wore working out. It wasn´t all glamours, not at all. It was exhausting, but I was happy- happy to see my bank account grow. I never bought new clothes unless I actually needed it- not just wanted it. I saved everything I could. I had friends who went out to eat multiple times per week, and sometimes I said no, other times I went there and just had something to drink because I ate before I came and other times I ate with them as well. All the stuff I could save money on I did. I filled gass on Sunday nights/ Monday mornings on my scooter because I saved a couple of $ because it was cheaper. Things like that.

I started helping out at home when I was 13 as well, and I got a monthly salary from my mom. Now, keep in mind, I did live at home (obviously) and my mom paid for all the food and everything. It was just a way for me to learn how to spend my money right, and I can´t thank her enough!

When that´s said, as you might understand I have been working really hard, and I have been saving money since I was 13. I am now about to be 23 in August. I have been blessed to have a mom who always helped out with my money and told me how to spend it. I think it helped a lot that she gave me a monthly salary that was supposed to go to birthdays, clothes, the movies etc. That way I was able to make sure I never spent all the money I had, and saved as much as possible .. Sometimes I saved everything because I decided to stay at home instead of going out with friends. Other times I spent it all. Don´t misunderstand, if I needed more money and it was for the right reason, of course my mom would help me, but she did this for me to learn how to spend money the right way, and that money doesn´t grow on trees(unfortunately..)

I taught to spend money the right way. I taught not to buy things that I necessary didn´t need.. There was often things I wanted, but did I get it? No, because I didn´t need it. If I felt like I really wanted it and couldn´t keep my eyes of it, I would buy it- bring it home, try it on, and 99% of the time I returned it the next day because I realized I didn´t need it, and I can go travel for that money instead. It all depends on your goals. You can still look good on a budget 😉

How I saved money while being young is I never went out to parties, I still don´t. I am not a big fan of partying, going out to clubs, drinking etc.. It´s just not me. I would much rather stay at home, eat some good food and watch a movie instead. I don´t really like alcohol anyway, so that was big savings for me. I saved money on making food at home to bring to school for lunch instead of buying lunch every day. I saved about 15$ a day. I ate lunch once in a while at school and in the cafeteria etc, but not often. If I bought lunch everyday and spent around 15$ (130NOK) I would spend 300$(2588NOK) a month, and that´s only Monday-Friday. You´re welcome. I just helped you save up for a plane ticket somewhere in a month. Imagine if you did this for 3 months- you save 900$ (7764NOK). A trip somewhere with not just plane tickets, but also hotel and food.

I have been very lucky with all my traveling. I am a very open minded person and I absolutely love to meet new people. I have made so many friends around the world and I know people in so may places. Here is just a few of them; London, LA, Atlanta, Dallas, Alabama, NYC, Paris, Barcelona, Dubai, India, Germany, Sweden, Amsterdam, Kuwait, Thailand, Mexico, Monaco, etc etc. I know that I can stay on a couch in almost all of these places, and maybe even get my own room. Every time I travel, I mostly stay for free. I make most of the food at my friends place like breakfast and lunch, and then I go out to eat, other times I eat everything at their house. I save so much on making the food at home!

The plane tickets doesn't have to be that expensive if you travel when there´s no high season. We all know everyone travels when it´s school holidays, Easter, Christmas etc. Don´t travel at that time, but when there is no high seasons like Mid May or in beginning of March. If you´re able to be flexible, you can save a lot of money. A lot!!! I hope this answered some of your questions. And if you want me to make a blog post of how to save money in the daily life as well, I will!




Hi lovelies 💛 Hope everyone is doing fine! I was thinking to have a Q/A and answer you guys with a video blog. Let me know in the comments below if you got any questions and I will do my best to answer on everything!

My heart is reaching out to the whole world for the tragedy that happened today in Stockholm. So sad!





I have had a YouTube channel for a while, but haven´t really been using it, and the videos I did post there I have gotten a lot of good response and so many people are asking me if I could do some more videos, so I just made this one for the beautiful apartments in Sydney- Veriu Suites Camperdown. What an amazing apartment. I went there and I definitely got the best motivation ever now to buy my own place. I will definitely be working on getting my own place, or at least once I find the one I want, I will be able to buy it without thinking about my saving$.

For best quality go to setting- 1440P.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video & pictures! I mean, isn´t this apartment just stunning? Can´t wait to get my own place one day.

This place is a four 🌟 apartment hotel, and if it was me I would give it a 5 🌟 no doubt. This place is so beautiful, and you really feel at home here. It is super close to the city, only a 10 min bus ride, and the busses leaves every 5-7minute, so often, and you can take at least 4 different buses going towards the city, so you won´t ever have to stand there for a long time to wait for the bus. The location is great! The kitchen has all the equipments you need to make any kind of food, and the beds are so comfortable! I really loved this place. Thank you so much for having me Veriu Suites Camperdown.

In a collaboration with Veriu Suites Camperdown. All options are my own.




What an amazing experience. Thank you Whitsundaybliss (adlink) for taking me there, and showing me an amazing time. You can see my trip with them more in details (here).

I came to Australia and I heard the Great Barrier Reef is dying, and I got so sad. I was so scared that I was not going to be able to see it, but I was lucky enough to see it. I mean, they said it has been dying for years because people put chemicals in the water and take stuff from the reef etc. People step on the reefs? Like seriously tourists, stay away from it.

It was an amazing experience, we wore stingray suits, snorkeling mask, and the things you put on your feet. I was just lying there with my face down in the water, swimming slowly around and looking at all the amazing colors. It was so many different color fishes, the reef was green, purple, blue, yellow, pinkish. Oh so beautiful! I am so happy I dealt with my fear and went out in the water. I had a few “omg moments, where I started freaking out in my head cause I thought too much about what was living in the sea, but I just stayed there and told my self “ you´re strong, you can do this!” It might sound weird to you guys, but when you are truly scared of something you get that “ I can do this moment and when you stil stay there and don´t go onboard the boat, you feel strong!

I would tell everyone who goes to Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef. I mean, you can´t go to Australia without seeing it? It´s like going to Los Angeles and not see the Hollywood Sign or Beverly Hills, g to China and not see the Great Wall of China or even go to London and not see Big Ben! And Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower. You know what I mean! Just do me a favor and go see the Great Barrier Reef. It is truly amazing. Full of colors 💛💜💙




Here you see me just getting out of the water looking so fresh and so clean! ( not really, more like a mess) but wanted to show you the stingray suit, and above here you can see I look even more crazy! But those fish in the back though, how beautiful isn´t it?

Oh my! What an amazing experience. I have never been on a sail boat before, yet slept on one, and my dream definitely came true here thanks to whitsundaybliss. First of all, we wore so lucky with the weather! The day after we got home it was a storm and the weather was absolutely a nightmare! So thank you whoever is up there that decide how the weather is going to be.. The trip lasted for two nights and three days and it wasn´t just on a normal boat, it was a luxury sail boat. The boat had three cabins so it means 4 other people wore on board with us. One couple from the UK- British & South African. Two friends from China. My girlfriend from Germany & me from Norway.

We got on board and got shown our room- we got the master suite! The cutest room I have ever seen, it was like a little dream knowing I would wake up there, turn around and then look outside on the water from the two windows we had in our room. The bathroom had a very good size to to be onboard a boat as well.

The food on board the vessel was amazing. We had a chef on board that put together three meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between we had some fruits. The first day the chef put together a fruit platter and I was so in love, the animal he made with the banana looked so real, like it was looking at us. Can you see what animal it looks like? 💙And just to tell you how good he was, I do NOT eat duck, but the one he made, truly heaven! I asked for chicken instead of meat since I don´t really eat red meat, but on that trip I wish I didn´t say anything. So whatever you normally don´t like you will on this trip! And coffee lovers, as you can see on the picture above- you can drink all the coffee you want.

We went snorkling, tanning, saw the whitsunday island, saw lemon sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, many fish with different colors, big and small and even more snorkling in Great Barrier Reef. I delt with my fair on that trip, and I am so proud of my self. I have always been afraid of being on a big open sea where I can´t see the bottom as I watched to many “ Shark Summer” movies when I was little. But it´s not everyday you jump out to go snorkeling after you have a 1 meter long shark underneath you, is there?

The staff, food, and the trip was amazing! I am definitely buying snorkeling equipment and a go pro before heading to the Maldives in a few weeks. This trip will be rated 10/10, no doubt! If I was allowed to, I would rate it a 12!

Thank you so much to Whitsundaybliss for this opportunity! If you want to check them out, just push here to get to their website. All options are my own.




The Ghetty Museum in Los Angeles has an amazing view. You guys should definitely check it out. It´s free too, unless you come with a car it is around 10$ to park.


Dress from Zara
Shoes from Michael Kors

Have you ever been to the Ghetty Museum or Los Angeles before?




This was going to be our beautiful view to wake up too before this little creature came as you can see in the picture below.

This is the craziest adventure I have ever been on. I so wish I had a camera team with me documenting this trip. It would've been the funniest video ever. I promise you would´ve laughed you ass off! Dingos ruining our camping, dingos eating our food, mosquitos eating us up, too much water so we get stuck in the sand with our 4x4 car, getting lost in the woods of Fraser Island and ending up driving for 4 hours more than we had to. Oh lord, so much stuff happened! But what a fun adventure 😊

Yes, we ended up at the King Fisher Island Resort at the end of the night as you can see at the last picture. And at the second last picture you can see how dirty I was from our adventures. No makeup of course.

You might wonder what to pack for camping in Australia? I will make sure to make a list to you guys later on.

Have you ever done camping and had to leave just because of an animal? The Dingo ( dog look alike) might not look scary, but they are NOT friendly. They have eaten human beings before .. Better to be safe than sorry, right?