Across Australia. People call Fraser home.

What an amazing stay. We were greeted by a complimentary drink while we waited for our room to get ready as we arrived very early. The first impression of the hotel was definitely amazing, and so was the whole stay. We got breakfast included as well, and after being in Australia for two weeks being very disappointed with the food, we were so happy when we realized the food was that good. Like I have never had breakfast that good in my life, probably a reason because it´s Paleo inspired. The food is healthy and organic, and it taste so good! I never liked avocado before, but every morning I had a toast with avocado on it. It was heaven. They made it taste so good!

As far as the stay at the hotel, the bed was huge. It could easily fit in 4 people in the bed, so me and my friend were very happy with that as the days before we literately hit each other in our sleep. This is definitely a hotel I would like to come back to next time I am visiting Australia. The other good thing is you got your own fridge, plates/ glasses and microwave, which is great for leftovers or if you want to heat up some food. I hate every time I travel, and you need to throw away the food because you don´t have anywhere to heat it up.

They also have a Club Lounge which you can see on the last picture above exclusive for Capri Club Room guests serving complimentary breakfast, evening beverages and canapès. You can enjoy a Rugby game on TV which is what I did with a glass coke in my hand. Yum!

They got the most beautiful spa areas as well as you can see on the pi All in all, this 5 star hotel is definitely rated the right way.cture above. How beautiful isn´t it? I felt a sudden calm once I entered, and it felt so good. I have not been so relaxed in so long and I did not want to leave. They also have an amazing gym where you can work out 24/7.

If you are ever visiting Brisbane, you should really take a look at this hotel. It is so central, the food is amazing and so is the staff! Lauren was helping us and she was so friendly and nice, and not to forget how beautiful she was! All in all, this 5 star hotel is definitely rated the right way.


80 Albert Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
Toll-Free: 1800 110 800 (within Australia)
Phone: +61 7 3013 0088

In a collaboration with Capri By Fraser, Brisbane, but as always! All options are my own.

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Everyone who goes to Australia and Fraser Island you have to see Lake McKenzie, it is so beautiful 💙




Here is a list of apps you need as a traveller.


That is no surprise is it? Who doesn´t want to share their beautiful journey around the world?


There is nothing else I use when I am looking at flights. Skyscanner has it all! It let you track flights and compare them based on price and duration. You can have a 18 hour layover somewhere or you can chose a direct flight. So many options! You can set alerts so that you receive emails whenever flight prices drop or when they are projected to increase.


No doubt that you need google translate. If theres´any language difficulties, just go to the app and tada! Problem solved.


I love this app. You can put in all the countries/ states you have been in around the world, such an easy way to keep up with your travels.


Simply for those times you have no idea how much you’re paying for in the currency you normally use.


The best app ever. Tells you when the best time to travel.




Hotel Address Marina in Dubai.

I remember the first time I visited Dubai with my girlfriend we went for a nightswim with some friends and they took us to this hotel. I don´t think I had ever seen anything as beautiful as this place. So I had to share some pictures that I took there. They are now over two years old, and I am sure you have seen the first picture all over the internet!




At Lake McKenzie.

Look at this clear water, it´s pretty isn´t it? I love clear water, blue skies and the sun. Nothing makes me happier.

If you ever go to Fraser island, make sure to check out Lake McKenzie. I will make another post about it soon where you can see the pictures from above the water, it is truly stunning!





What a nice rain forest. It was actually pretty amazing walking there. I have never been to a rainforest in my life, but it was so relaxing and nice. The feeling of hearing the peaceful birds

I went there to go to Kondalilla waterfall, it was about a 4km both ways.

Unfortunately it hasen´t been that much rain here, so it was pretty dry, but you wore still able to swim in it. There was a few people who did, but I decided to wait until I got back to the hotel to go for a swim at the beach instead :)

I would recommend going there if you want to go for a nice little walk in a rain forest coming down to a water fall, and on the way back you can stop for a picnic! That´s what I did. It was really nice, and I loved it.




Flying over the City of Brisbane!

I took these pictures with my iPhone 7+. I mean how good isn´t these photos? It should be reposted and published in magazines, right? Ok, well. No need to get over my self, but I just love these photos! And to be honest, I have never been a person who takes photos when I sit on the plane. But I felt like I had to try out my new phone since I never used it from a plane before. Yes, it might sound stupid to you! But I love trying out new places to take photos and try out different lighting etc..




Indoor area.

How beautiful isn´t the sunsets?


What an amazing place. The feeling of waking up to beach breeze and here the waves splash every morning once you opened the balcony door was just amazing. A few steps and I was down at the beach feeling the sand between my toes.. Sounds like a dream right? It was.

We had a two bedroom condo at floor level. Two bedroom, three bathrooms. It had a huge kitchen with everything you would need to cook plus a lot more, a dining area, and also a washing machine for clothes. It was a like a huge vacation apartment with more than you could ever need!

The pool and outdoor area was really nice as well. I loved lying in the hammock. It was like a dream!

The only thing you need to think about if you go here is you would want to rent a car or stop at the grocery store and buy lots of food for the time you are there. There was a small town like 10 minutes away, but with taxi it will end up being very expensive if you go often. It is kind of secluded out there, and it is 45 minutes away from Los Cabos so if you would want to go out and party every day this might not be the hotel, but if you want to go on a relaxing vacation with your love/ friends of family this place is more than perfect! I went with my girlfriend and we had a blast.

You can see more pictures and look at booking prices here.

In a collaboration with Sol Pacifico Cerritos. All options and pictures are my own!

Mexico, Cabo.




AUSTRALIA. I am finally here ❤ 14hours and 30minutes later.

One of the destinations I have been longing to visit for many many years, and I can´t believe it. I am here!! You are truly beautiful.

I have not been here for that long, actually less than 24hours so may I remind you some of this might change. But I would like to start making posts about the first impressions I got of the country without being here for too long. I thought that might fun to see what kind of impressions I get once I get to a place, and see if any of you feel the same, or even if some of them change.

  • The families are very good at getting together and hang out
  • They love BBQ and hanging out with friend
  • They all surf, and they learn from a very early age. Is there actually someone that was born in Australia that never tried?
  • They all seem so happy! It´s all smile and laughter.
  • The sunsets are AMAZING! How beautiful isn´t is to see the sky reflecting the water? Truly heaven.
  • I do not think I am capable of learning this way of speaking English, or even understand. I am definitely struggling if they speak fast.
  • The food portions are the smallest I have ever seen. I ordered a salat and I have never seen a salad that small. No wonder people are tiny down under! I know I´ll probably loose some weight too.

    Have you ever been to Australia? 🌴🐬🐠🐙✨